Dec 3, 2008


A few weeks ago I attempted to describe my ongoing foul mood - Gone Fishin'. From the comments section I stated on Nov 18: "I seem to have lost my rudder for now, and that is always disconcerting." My sense of unease amped up after the election and the latest atrocity in India has only fed it.

India, the fabled land of the Vedas and the most ancient of spiritual traditions. Many say we are in the Kali Yuga, the Indian name for the End Times. Trident wielding Shiva is the active archetype, AKA the Destroyer. The Trident symbolism abounds in the Mumbai attacks, see Through the Looking Glass for more. You can bet the symbolism won't be lost on the Indians either. The Mumbai Massacre is likened already to 911, and this is the reason: the Indians will see the mighty hand of Shiva in it. Read 'Little Shop of Miracles' for my strange experience of Shiva in a high school musical production.

We went out to the family beach cabin for Thanksgiving, just us and the terriers this time. The cabin is on Hood Canal, the "gateway" to the Olympic Mountains, and also home base to the Trident nuclear submarine fleet.

On a parallel course, I committed myself to learn a free 3D program called Google Sketchup over the long (internet free) Thanksgiving weekend. I proceeded to create a rudderless sailboat. (for those who don't know, I spend a considerable amount of time "messing about with boats" - mostly small ones) I was inspired by Frederic "Fritz" Fenger, who back in 1911 sailed Yakaboo, a diminutive 17' sailing canoe through the Lesser Antilles on a voyage from Grenada to St. Thomas, a distance of 500 nautical miles. Yakaboo ("good-bye" in one of the Polynesian dialects) was a rudderless canoe, balance was achieved by shifting the centerboard fore and aft, and adjusting the rig.

Home again from Thanksgiving isolation I read Ben Fairhall's take on Mumbai (The Dark Tower), and his intuition that the Goddess may indeed be invoked: "The criteria of a true occult vortex, however, or so I believe, is an affinity not merely with the Grail/goddess, but also to water and towers: as I have attempted to demonstrate repeatedly at BTB."

You will already know that I consider any vehicle of transportation to be symbolic of the Grail, and most especially those that travel on the sea. All boats are feminine, and sailboats seem particularly "alive". My own version of Yakaboo was a schooner rigged catamaran - twin hulls and masts.

But this is what really got my synch wheels spinning, via Loren Coleman's blog, The Copycat Effect:

Two other American individuals have been identified as Alan Scherr, 58, and his daughter Naomi, 13, both there on a spiritual trip with a group called the Synchronicity Foundation. Alan Scherr was a Vedic astrologer.

It was that spiritual journey that led the former art professor at the University of Maryland to be in Mumbai Wednesday evening, eating a late dinner with his 13-year-old daughter at the Oberoi Hotel, when armed gunmen attacked. Both Alan and Naomi Scherr were killed.

...Garvey identified those from the group who were injured in the shooting as Helen Connolly of Toronto, who was grazed by a bullet; Rudrani Devi and Linda Ragsdale, both of Nashville, who both underwent surgery for bullet wounds; and MICHAEL RUDDER of Montreal, who remains in intensive care after being shot three times. Other members of the mission narrowly escaped the attack.

The Oberoi, as Ben Fairhall suggests, is synched with Oberon - the Lord of the Elves. I became aware of Oberon via research into Tim Burton's remake of The Planet of the Apes. The Oberon is the space station that carries the genetic researchers (Nephilim) around their Saturnian orbit. See 'Marky's Mark'. Interestingly, Burton imagines captured humans made to take a brand from their ape masters: the trident.

Hmmm. The synchronauts nearly lost a Rudder. Named Michael. In a carefully synchronized attack on a city associated with the Goddess (the Grail), and also Oberon (aliens/Nephilim) and through the Trident... Shiva (the god who is half woman). Hood Canal is home base to the Trident Submarine Base. On whose shores a rudderless sailboat/Grail is devised via a free 3D program of the Google - the concretized "I Am".

With hindsight, I see that I have been in the Dreaming Mind for weeks, the experience of disquiet and unease are the signs. If I were to interpret my "dream", I would say that Shiva is taking our collective rudder, which I interpret to mean our left brain, logical, book-learned mind. The rudder might even represent the illusion of autonomous free will. Common sense says that a rudderless ship is doomed, and yet...

Perhaps Yakaboo knows another way?


Devin said...

Michael, I hope you are doing better. Thanks for this great post!
I will have to read the Fairhall article. At times I am afflicted by a deep sense of melancholy-and sometimes it gets vicious indeed. Two of my most recent letdowns have been the election of Obama-I was so excited at first-but now I am feeling strange about it. I think my relationship with my on/off again boyfriend is finally sinking like the Titanic-I am lucky to have people in my life who care about me-as I feel I really don't deserve it at times.
I really just wanted to come over here and read your great article and say 'hi'-if I can ever help you with anything-I will do everything within my feeble powers to do so. I hope these words find you at peace and happy-a faithful reader of yours-Devin

FilmNoir23 said...

Michael...just remember you will always be Captain of your own vessel until someone attempts to take it away from you by force...until that time sail on my friend.

No God, Government or the like can say that you aren't exactly who you were meant to be.

Michael said...

Dev - I'm doing all right, writing seems to help a bit, but I understand the pervading sense of melancholy.

Todd - Your fighting spirit always does help pick me up! :-) My vessel... the ship of fools?

One of the things I struggle with is anger, often a result of seeing a little of the mediated, ritualized, symbolic chess going on under our noses all the time, with no apparent concern whatsoever for the living chess pieces (us) these people (or reptilians) play with. But it's hard on my to stay angry all the time, hard on my body and hard on those close to me who get the brunt of my misdirected anger and frustration. Exercise helps.

FilmNoir23 said...

I understand your anger issue, and sometimes it does leak into my personal life but I try to use it like fuel, and burn it off in my research and writing.

It usually allows me to enjoy downtime as much as possible when I step away.

Perhaps we all captain our own ship of fools...But as any good captain should, I will go down with my ship with my head held high and my heart full of love for world, as miserable as it may be.

The Secret Sun said...

Anger is the necessary byproduct of deeper knowledge. As to the Mumbai situation, I can't imagine an event like that in a country as old as India that wouldn't be drenched in synchs.

And as to the feeling of helplessness, realize that by doing what you do on the blog you are partaking in the process- doing your part to raise awareness.

keep the faith, brother...

aferrismoon said...

In this weeks Simpsons , Homer contacts the 'dreaming mind' in his search for truth.


Leon Basin said...

How are you?

Thuth said...

What's up brother. Long time no comment. Looks like I hit your blog at just the right time.

The anger and sadness will pass. It always does. You are not your emotions. They are just chemical reactions. Eat more vegtables. . .but you know all this, already.

I feel your pain, though. First an attack on the gays, then an attack on the synchronicity foundation. It's like THEY got you nailed!

Perhaps it's to symbolize a phoenix rebirth for you?

Your rudderless article is great. As always I agree with everything your laying out. The synchs are getting stronger and much more personal - which when we began this crazy journey, I did not expect.

It's like THE UNIVERSE, Valis, or what Goro's calling Enki is speaking to us louder and more directly than it ever has. I've had some AMAZING ones over the past few weeks. They literally said to me and my wife. . .be patient, it's coming.

What, I do not know. The powers of the synchronicity's at the time the universe told me this were incredible, so this makes me both excited and nervous.

I've started articles and have a TON of notes about the past two months, but haven't been inspired to go further - alot about Steve Fossett and Michael Crichton.

I wanted to touch base and say high. Perhaps tell you. . Be patient, it's coming.

Bliss and Bliss,


Michael said...

Thuth - glad you surfaced! Been wondering what you're up to. Great comments, thanks.

Homer - the Dreaming Mind and beer - an Odyssey?

Devin said...

Well I last commented here about 4 years ago.
for an update I just had to add that mum and me parked next to a real live Maserati Quattroporte (dont know if that is sp correctly:-)at Mimi's of all places about a week b4 Halloween!
that was my first 'live one' as far as that car goes!
atb my friend!

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