Aug 28, 2011

When Doves Cry

This was written on August 23.

Today an old Ford Falcon, license plate FALCON passed me. The Falcon is the symbol of Horus, the avenging son of Osiris. This particular Falcon is stored in a garage nearby in Louie Park. Louie, or King Louis, is the Sun King.

A few days ago I walked through the park, and a pair of hawks or perhaps immature eagles circled above me, crying. They were beautiful.

In other news, an earthquake in Virginia cracked the capstone of the Washington Monument. The monument is a “titanic” version of an ancient Egyptian obelisk. The obelisk is also the symbol of Osiris, or Ra, the eternal hard-on, may the Force be with you. Via the Sync Whole:
“The Obelisk had an earlier progenitor in ancient Egypt called the Benben stone. This pillar or mound was the home of the Bennu bird, said to be the soul of Ra, who topped the sacred phallic object. The capstone part of the Obelisk, cracked on 23 August during the Virginia quake, is thus associated to the resting place of the Bennu whose modern parallel is the Phoenix.”

While leaving Orcas Island on Aug. 3, I was for some reason entranced by this piratical looking craft at anchor in the harbor, and I took pic after pic, but only later did I see it’s name was the Phoenix.

It occurs to me that Phoenix/Horus is cracking the shell of the calcified remains of his father. I wonder if the status quo will welcome the son of Isis and Osiris? When the dove becomes the hawk.

When Doves Cry. Prince - Revolution

Aug 23, 2011

Tainted Love

Today’s “destructive” 5.9 earthquake on the Atlantic coast has Twitter all in a twitter. I think Bill in Exile sums it up best:


Via the comments: "...the religious statement that this was god’s punishment for the USA supporting the homosexuals comes in 3.. 2…"

FOX News was quick to suggest that the Washington/Osiris Memorial/Phallus had perhaps been “tilted”:
Fox News anchor Megyn Kelly reported at 2:30 pm their bureau received information from a producer saying that a Captiol Hill Police officer was saying the Washington Monument may actually be tilting as a result of the earthquake. Seismologist John Rundle joined Kelly on her show and confirmed that the Washington Monument could very well be tilting as a result of the earthquake and the structure should be checked out. Two nuclear reactors have reportedly been taken off line near the epicenter of the earthquake.
A tilted phallus? Two testicular reactors off line? That almost sounds as if Osiris is finally losing his hard-on for the good ol’ US of A. The trident strikes again. Looking at that lawn chair pic it reminds me of musical chairs. Who’s the odd man out?

Tainted Love - Soft Cell

Aug 15, 2011

The Peacemaker

I got an email from Var that that said “Make Peace” yesterday. Morning after I get an email from ‘Peacemaker’. OK....

Colt Peacemaker

Convair B-36 Peacemaker

Peace comes via the sword, gun, bomb or light saber. I've seen it a million times but I'm still not convinced. The threat of violence doesn't bring peace, only a sort of truce, welcome as that may be. It just doesn't last.  Knowing that all truth is revealed in 'Back to the Future', I realized that Marty Mcfly took the name Clint Eastwood in BTTF III. Clint carried a Peacemaker in the iconic spaghetti Western 'A Fistful of Dollars', but besides the offensive weapon, he covered his heart in a metallic shield. It saved Clint, and it also saved Marty.

I saw Captain America today, and his weapon is his shield, emblazoned with the star of the Divine Feminine. It's a defensive weapon, able to absorb and defuse all energy. I thought hearts, metal, and realized we're talking about the Tin Man. His heart is protected.

And then he kicks some serious ass.

It's funny because at the Holy Mountain, we all threw the ax. And like the Tin Man, it had a hollow heart. And you know, it was a woman who could hit the target way better than all the men. Damn, I really need to embrace my inner feminine, but I'm not sure I'm man enough!

Aug 11, 2011

Porn Star Jesus

That’s the title of my contribution to The Sync Book (see pic in the right column), so it was very cool to find this image at Bill in Exile on Aug 9, the day after the Sync meet up on the Holy Mountain on 8/8/11.

The Sync Book is a collection of stories by 26 synchromystic bloggers, artists and authors, edited by Alan Abbadessa-Green, who blogs from New Jerusalem (NYC) at Look at All the Happy Creatures. It includes contributions from some heavy hitters in the genre and I feel really honored to have been invited to contribute.

The gospel of erotic salvation certainly comes from out of left field, so pretty perfect that I played left field in Little League. Actually, a baseball broke my nose out there... should learn to stop day dreaming.

Due to a series of fortunate events, Alan and Melissa were in Seattle for a wedding this summer, and they brought the first proof of the book with them. Their visit was the catalyst for a meet up at a rustic cabin on the Skagit River, in the foothills of Mt. Baker, or the Holy Mountain. The gathering drew from Boise, Seattle, Olympia, San Francisco, and it was my first chance to “hobnob with my fellow wizards” so to speak.

All I can say is that it was mind blowing. I dunno, I’m still processing, but it felt like family.
The Skagit (Egyptians) are either of two tribes of the Lushootseed Native American people living in the state of Washington, the Upper Skagit (Upper Nile) and the Lower Skagit (Lower Nile). They speak a subdialect of the Northern dialect of Lushootseed (Alexandria), which is part of the Salishan family. The Skagit River, Skagit Bay, and Skagit County all derive their names from the Skagit people (The People).
The People. 1972. Starring William Shatner.

I have something brewing about who and what 'The People' really are that may evolve into a blog post, but until then, refresh yourselves with Mr. Knowles' Astrognostic: Trapped Here on this Alien World and The Martian Chronicles, which really just gives it all away.

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