Aug 15, 2011

The Peacemaker

I got an email from Var that that said “Make Peace” yesterday. Morning after I get an email from ‘Peacemaker’. OK....

Colt Peacemaker

Convair B-36 Peacemaker

Peace comes via the sword, gun, bomb or light saber. I've seen it a million times but I'm still not convinced. The threat of violence doesn't bring peace, only a sort of truce, welcome as that may be. It just doesn't last.  Knowing that all truth is revealed in 'Back to the Future', I realized that Marty Mcfly took the name Clint Eastwood in BTTF III. Clint carried a Peacemaker in the iconic spaghetti Western 'A Fistful of Dollars', but besides the offensive weapon, he covered his heart in a metallic shield. It saved Clint, and it also saved Marty.

I saw Captain America today, and his weapon is his shield, emblazoned with the star of the Divine Feminine. It's a defensive weapon, able to absorb and defuse all energy. I thought hearts, metal, and realized we're talking about the Tin Man. His heart is protected.

And then he kicks some serious ass.

It's funny because at the Holy Mountain, we all threw the ax. And like the Tin Man, it had a hollow heart. And you know, it was a woman who could hit the target way better than all the men. Damn, I really need to embrace my inner feminine, but I'm not sure I'm man enough!

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Anadæ Quenyan Effro said...

So … Tin Man, ay? … Don't forget the SyFy channel's miniseries of the same name … nor that the vulture, one of my totem animals, is called by Native Americans the peace eagle. Hope you & Var & the petite fée dogs are having a good summertime ~ (•8-D

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