Nov 29, 2007

Dreams of Future Past

Part I

I was aboard the star ship Enterprise, in the corridors of the vessel. The ship didn't actually resemble the Enterprise, but it was she, I can assure you. Dreams are funny that way.

The ship was under alien attack. I observed events as if via a remote-controlled camera on a dolly - detached but present - a Watcher. The battle was intense, and the corridor walls of the vessel would glow bright white from the energy beam attack, and then dissolve away. The crew (with whom I identified) was losing the battle, and the aliens had boarded, and I could see them moving in the corridors.

Then, I became aware of being present in my body. Suddenly, I felt a sense of dread, and it was known that the alien commander was aboard. He was called "Being" and I never saw him, but I knew that he was just up ahead - in the bridge. And then I heard him say "Hello" to me (telepathically), as if he knew everything about me - and that wasn't a good thing. My sense of anxiety spiked, and then I woke up.

I tossed and turned for a long time, and I was afraid to go back to sleep, because I felt I would meet him again. I finally gave myself a pep talk (It's only a fuckin' dream!) and drifted back to sleep - maybe an hour later.

Part II

This time I was in the lobby of an elaborate old movie house of neo-classic style. It was amazingly vivid - carved wooden columns and arches, red velvet and chandeliers. I moved through the silent hallways of the movie house (it was totally empty) like a camera on a dolly - present, but again - not in my body. I felt wary but very calm, the anxiety had not returned. The detailed clarity of the "movie" was remarkable. Definitely HDTV.

A figure approached me from behind, I turned to face him, and I was in my body. I saw a man dressed in a style to fit the theatre - the 1920's? He wore a red satin vest - an usher? The proprietor? Whoever he was, he wasn't exactly human. Not a freakin' alien, but all the proportions were just a bit off. He appeared about 5'-6" tall, medium build. His skin was sallow, with a look of ill health, and though he was beardless, he was very, very old. Ancient. His eyes were yellow and black, and there was no warmth in them.

I said, "It's you" (meaning Satan, the adversary) and he confirmed my statement with the expression in his eyes. He said, "Its the neck" and his head suddenly morphed into a monster - a half snake thing and his mouth yawned wide (as only a snake can) to reveal hundreds of needle sharp fangs, and the mouth lunged for my throat. Immediately I shouted, "No!" and the creature fled as if it was sucked down a trans-dimensional drain. I felt no fear at all. It was a strange combo of horror movie and silent zen tranquility.

Part III

Then I woke up. It was morning, and golden sunlight beamed on the white comforter, even the air was beautiful and golden. I was in bed with my lover, and I was telling him about my dreams. He was lying on his back, and I was straddling him, sitting facing him. He was absolutely beautiful - skin like milk, black hair, perfect body, gorgeous... everything. He didn't actually look like V, but it was he, I can assure you. Dreams are funny that way.

I was feeling great warmth and affection for him. Then while I watched, his head transformed into the snake monster. I wasn't afraid, and my affection for him remained constant. I touched the head gently but firmly on the center of the forehead, and immediately the snake monster vanished and my lover's head returned, and then he spontaneously ejaculated. --Dream 4/08/06

I've long pondered this dream, because it was by far the most vivid I've ever experienced, and because the memory lingers, it hasn't faded like so many dreams do. I appreciate how it was a tale told in three parts, that it had "dream within a dream" elements, and how it began in battle, defeat and fear, but ended in bed, victory, and orgasm. Happy endings are always nice.

I've shared this dream with a few others before you, and one of the comments was concerning the timing of the three "acts". The first dream set in the future, the second in the past, and the last in the present. Yet after The Quest articles, and the revelation that we may be fallen angels from the War of Heaven, then it makes more sense that the dream acts were performed in chronological sequence. Which to me is a fabulous thing - to consider that Star Trek isn't a vision of the future, but a memory of Ages past.

Nov 26, 2007

Drawing Breath

I've fallen in love with these drawings by Angel de Castro. It's as if young Leonardo Da Vinci took notes during his 'Summer of Love' tour through California, and between orgasms, he got the Laguna Beach boys to pose for his sketch book.

"Castro" is from the verb "castrar" - to castrate. Which makes perfect sense, considering it is the San Francisco neighborhood of born again eunuchs.

Nov 25, 2007

Little Grey Cells

HTML and CSS use hexadecimal notation (hex triplets) to specify colors on web pages. The absence of color is black: 000. All colors together are white: FFF. Midway (the cross) between black and white is grey: 666. Hmmmm.

Alien Greys. Gandalf the Grey. The Moon Temple atop the Tower of Babel:

The actual Ziggurat pyramid of the Tower is just a base for the temple which sat on top. The layers of the ziggurat were painted according to the planet they represented. (Seven layers for the seven luminaries/planets) The foundation layer was painted black for Saturn, and the temple on the top of the ziggurat was painted gray; it was a temple to the Moon god, Nanna. -- The Stygian Port

The Grey Album:

DJ Danger Mouse remixed the vocals from Jay-Z's The Black Album and the Beatles' White Album and called his creation The Grey Album.

Earl Grey Tea:

The Earl Grey blend is named after the 2nd Earl Grey, British Prime Minister in the 1830s, who reputedly received a gift, probably a diplomatic perquisite, of tea flavoured with bergamot (orange) oil.

The tea proved so popular in the Prime Minister's drawing room that his tea merchants, Twinings (more twins) in the Strand, were given a sample and asked to come up with a close match. Twinings sold the first "Earl Grey's tea" in the British market.

Jacksons of Piccadilly claim that it was they who originated Earl Grey's Tea, Lord Grey having given the recipe to Robert Jackson & Co. partner George Charlton in 1830; according to Jacksons the original recipe has been in constant production and has never left their hands. This rivalry between the two brands continues despite both being owned by the same parent company today.

Like the Catholic Church and Freemasonry brands?

Fictional characters who prefer Earl Grey tea include Jean-Luc Picard of Star Trek: The Next Generation, Bruce Wayne in the comic book series Batman, Dr. Eleanor Ann "Ellie" Arroway in Contact, James Bond, Frasier Crane of Frasier, Artemis Fowl of the Eoin Colfer books, Dr. Donald "Ducky" Mallard of NCIS, Piglet, Sir Leigh Teabing from The Da Vinci Code, Trent from Kim Harrison's Dead Witch Walking. Mario Santos, from Los Simuladores, always drinks Earl Grey tea.

That's quite a list.

Nov 24, 2007

A Bee at Sea

This is an illustration I did for Rhisiart, an online friend of mine until 2004. We shared a common interest in multihull sailboats, Oceanic culture, politics and environmental issues, etc. Rhisiart and I decided to enter a short story contest - he'd write, and I'd illustrate. The story would be a distillation of ideas from the novel he was working on - a post apocalyptic tale of how life might be after the Great War - if things turned out well. It was a vision of a semi-nomadic tribal culture who had returned to the old shamanic traditions of ancient Albion, and it also involved bee-keeping and sailing boats and mysterious silent, black triangular flying craft of immense size.

As it so happened, I was going through my own "awakening" at this time, and so we shared many an insight, mostly revolving around mushrooms and Robert Anton Wilson type things. And then in early 2004 I told him that Prince William was the anti-christ, and I never heard from him again.

In hindsight, I understand. You can't say something like that without betraying an underlying belief system. But since then, I've come to think that the last thing anyone wants to hear is that an archetype can be personified. As in touchy-feely flesh and blood. That Satan is more than an idea, but might be an idea that desires 3-D physical expression - an idea who is a person. Just like God is personified in Jesus, and you and I are personified in you and I. We have over six billion personified ideas walking around on the planet right now, and that's only including the human ones.

God is a person. Someone who has feelings too.

Nov 21, 2007

Marky's Mark

Marky Mark and Kate Moss - beauty and the beastess.

Back in the day, Mark Wahlberg was Marky Mark, the sexy, shirtless, and white rapper. After that, he became a Calvin Klein icon, and after that, an actor. This week, I caught Mark in Tim Burton's 2001 "vision" of Planet of the Apes, and though his physique is better than ever, as an actor, he's no Charlton Heston. Which leads me to a rant, because Heston (who I suppose was fine beefcake for his day), rode around practically naked in the original Planet of the Apes, while Wahlberg, who's only ace is his studboy body, never, ever, EVER even takes his shirt off. Was Burton afraid that the sight of all that hunky muscle might distract from his performance? Christ, if only.

Planet of the Apes is best understood if we see the "apes" as the humans, and the humans as the "angels". Thus we have Wahlberg playing Leo Davidson (sun god, son of David) and his angelic host (all dressed in space-aged white) circling Saturn in the Oberon (Merovingian King of the Elves), with bio-engineered proto-humans/servants aboard. Something goes terribly awry, and the space station crashes down on a planet with twin moons (like Tatooin), where the proto-humans revolt against their masters, and eventually evolve into... us. A heartwarming tale of Illuminati inspired Panspermia.

On Tim's planet, the gorillas are big, black and brutish, and they sound black. While the "enlightened" chimps (Ari and family) are light skinned, and somehow speak with an English public school accent, and since Helena Bonham Carter plays the Princess Chimp, that would make sense. The humans playing humans are blond and beautiful (though in dire need of a bath). The apes follow a superstitious religion based on Semos - the first ape - a sort of Adam/Jesus hybrid.

The apes make the human slaves take a brand - a "mark" - which happens to be the symbol of the trident - Poseidon/Prince Namor/Dagon. See The Trident Strikes Again at Through the Looking Glass, and Adam Star at Inside the Cosmic Cube has more (much more) on the comic book incarnation of Poseidon - The Submariner.

When Leo departs the planet, he kisses Ari goodbye, which I take as symbolic of the angel/human genome project.

At the climax of the final battle between men and apes on the plains of Calima (Armageddon)... "a familiar vehicle descends from the sky and is identified immediately by Leo. It is the pod piloted by Pericles, the chimp astronaut. Apparently, Pericles got pushed forward in time just like Leo and has just now found his way to the planet. When Pericles lands, the apes interpret his landing as the arrival of Semos, the first ape, who is their god. They bow, and hostilities between humans and apes immediately cease." --wikipedia

I swear, if "aliens" pretending to be Jesus don't land on earth in 2012, I will be so fucking disappointed.

Marky Mark and the Funky Bunch - Good Vibrations

Nov 19, 2007

The Animation of Matter

It is the spirit that quickeneth; the flesh profiteth nothing: the words that I speak unto you, they are spirit, and they are life. --John 6:63

In our dimension, the animation of matter follows strict laws of biology and physics, which of course instantly tempts mad scientist Dr. Frankenstein to overcome them - to attempt "The re-animation of matter!!!" Horror films are all over the frightening consequences of the unauthorized animation of matter, but oddly enough, "animated" cartoons are full of examples of this same phenomena: the animation of normally inanimate matter, The Sorcerer's Apprentice in Disney's Fantasia being the classic example.

Mrs. Pott-er?

In Bedknobs and Broomsticks, budding witch Angela Lansbury animates (enchants) formerly inanimate objects, giving them sentience and the ability to move (act).

Naive Mrs. Potts and her two guardians: Lumiere and Cogsworth.

In Disney's Beauty and the Beast, Angela voices Mrs. Potts... an animated (sentient) teapot in an enchanted castle. The enchanter becomes the enchanted. I always thought that the Beast's enchanted castle was cool, and wished that I lived in a place like that, with all the vessels serving themselves, and even cleaning up afterwards.

Children are the target market for movies about improbable animations, and when you think about it, the concept of inanimate objects come to life might make a kid a bit paranoid, but it doesn't. Kids seem to know that the animated objects are friendly. Maybe they're re-membering how things are in Imagination Land.

Angela! Are you in there?

However, children aren't the only ones with animated fastasies. The star ship Enterprise, thanks to her ginormous computer, is essentially a flying, enchanted "castle" in the sky, whose only desire is to serve the humans within. "Tea. Earl Grey. Hot!" Apparently Dame Lansbury lives on as a Replicator.

Harry Potter's Alma Mater, Hogwarts, is kept in tip-top running order by House Elves, who seem to desire nothing more than to be used as servants. For a time, Hermione even attempts to organize them for better working conditions, but gives up when they can't see their forced labor as anything but the greatest happiness. They're sort of like enchanted dishes, but not quit as elementally cool.

"Our collective conclusion seems to be that nature, both in whole and in many parts, is magically self-reflecting and aware E N T I T I E S"

Terrance McKenna claimed to meet the "machine elves" on his DMT trips. Machine elves were tiny, friendly, shape-shifting entities. They greeted him as if they already knew him. Maybe machine elves are like House Elves that BECOME the Animated Matter! How cool is that?

The Lady in Red: Jessica Rabbit

In Who Framed Roger Rabbit? Animated characters are visualized as "separate but equal" life forms. They live in their own ghetto(dimension) called Toontown(heaven?), and they're essentially immortal. Toons are allowed to break the laws of physics if the result is humorous, sorta like Super Funny Heroes. Toontown is apparently a wholly owned subsidiary of Marvin Acme - the pinnacle. Toons can't normally be killed, however, they're subject to the "Dip" - a mixture concocted of acetone, benzene, and turpentine, which is the only sure way to kill a Toon (spirit). Dip = Lake of Fire?

Prince Valiant? Veritas. And wouldn't you know it, he's a Templar. Click image to enlarge crest.

An extremely animated yellow checker cab in Toontown.

Toontown would make a pretty nice place to live, except I'd want to live in the red light district - Porntown - where the laws of physics can be broken, as long as it's erotic. I'd work for cheap to be a cartoon muscleboy... very cheap. Like a horny Pornhouse Elf.

Guardians of the Cube, from Class Comics. The week's very best find.

Nov 17, 2007

The Quest, Part V

What strange creatures we are. The spirit of fire - Elohim, crossed with the dust of earth - Man. A crazier half-breed won't be found, not even in secret Monsanto/alien labs. Enoch spoke of the angels taking wives and begetting children. If we are the spirits of angels "born of water" (incarnated on earth), then the fact is (and with apologies to David Icke), WE are the dreaded "Nephilim" - the angel/alien/reptilian and human "crossbreed". They are here, and we are them.

"We have met the enemy, and he is us". --Pogo

If we are soldiers in some kind of bizarre cosmic battle, then the battle really IS within - against our own wicked, angel spirits. That is so totally fucked. How does a character "act" against the actor? It doesn't happen. The Devil made me do it.

Unless... the two party system has a third party. If the Creator is Love (yea, he really is) then he wouldn't leave us characters defenseless. Maybe the spirit of the Creator - the Holy Spirit - is hidden within. The Trojan Horse. The Holy Virus.

There may or may not be a Cosmic Cube buried somewhere under "Paris", but what is certain is that every person on the planet is a "holy grail" - a vessel of "clay" filled and activated by spirit - an oyster making a pearl. Satan is the suitor, and Jesus, through the Holy Spirit, is the bridegroom. What totally amazes me is that it's our own weakness - our experience of mortality and suffering, and our faith in spite of it, that saves us - along WITH our sorry rebel angel asses. It's as if the roles are reversed, and the character saves the actor. It's not all about us. It's about the angels - the Prodigal Sons.

Are we there yet?

Kinda like the decrepit actors in Galaxy Quest - who are saved by their characters. The angels aren't coming to save us. We've come to save the angels.

Samson destroying the Temple of Dagon

In a way, I see humanity as Samson, chained to two pillars - one is the pillar of the Rebel Angel, the other of the Holy Spirit. When we find our motivation and act in character, may we be like Samson, and bring down the house.

Nov 13, 2007

Viva Las Vegas

In Michael Bay's Transformers, the Allspark/Cosmic Cube was said to be hidden beneath Hoover Dam, which is both profound and hilarious, because the cube represents a black hole - the "vacuum", which is also a power source... like the dam. It's also sorta cool, because Hoover Dam is one of those places that oozes occult megalithic energy. It's a stronghold - like Helm's Deep or Minas Tirith. On the day I visited, they were washing off the blood from another jumper - the dam is a suicide magnet.

Electromagnetic Genesis
"One of the most interesting facts about the Hoover Dam is that it contains more masonry than the Pyramid of Giza".
Interesting phrasing, that. Hoover Dam is in Boulder City, Nevada, which is a stone's throw from Las Vegas, and If ever there was a city on earth worth calling Sodom, it is Las Vegas. From the slot machines in the airport debarkation ramps to its grand casinos, this city stands above all others in its commitment to fleecing the sheep. Vegas is synchromystically always in the news, but especially lately, with Richard Branson's recent stunt, see The Show Must Go On at Through the Looking Glass.
Vega was the pole star, when the Egyptians named it Ma'at, the Vulture-star. The Assyrians named this pole star Dayan-same, the "Judge of Heaven", while in Akkadian it was Tir-anna, "Life of Heaven". In Babylonian astronomy, Vega was one of the stars named Dilgan, "the Messenger of Light". For the Roman Empire, the start of Autumn was based upon the hour at which Vega set below the horizon. --Wikipedia

The Prol Star?
But far more interesting is that the Chevy Vega was the first car named after a star - which is like naming the pot after the kettle. Las Vegas implies two... twin stars?

Nice halo
Casinos and gambling have always been at the center of media glamour. From Monte Carlo to Las Vegas, James Bond is there. His boss is "M" (played by a woman, most recently) and his secretary is Money Penny. Hmmm. James is routinely found at the roulette wheel - gambling with the Queen Bee's money. Diamond's Are Forever is the Vegas Bond movie, which is a very poor movie, but rich in synchs.
Bond is only the tip of the Vegas pyramid scheme, which encompasses Elvis (see Ben Fairhall's latest: E.P Phone Home), Liberace, Howard Hughes, The Rat Pack, Ocean's Eleven, and even the great pyramid itself: Luxor - site of the most powerful light (Lucifer) on the planet.

A 3D model of a Vegas model of a Giza model of an archetype (model)
However what I find most interesting about Las Vegas is that it stands in the desert (Egypt, Arrakis), like the climactic scene in Dune, when the great Houses all land on the desert planet, and set up their "tents" - representing their respective planets.
The casinos, which all represent archetypes, lend their symbolic power to the town, which somehow, takes on the aura of the archetypes, even though they are total fabrications. We have Stardust, Pirates, Egypt, Rome, Excalibur, New York, the great cities of Europe, all represented in heraldic form, flags a waving.
According to Jung, the "gods" are personified archetypes, and I see the casinos as temples to the archetypes - to the gods - which have, for some reason, all assembled on the plains of Nevada (Giza, Cydonia, Arrakis, Tatooin).
What do they want? Not money, surely. Gods aren't interested in greenbacks except as a vehicle of human control. What IS "currency" to a god? Jake Kotze's comment "X marks the spot" got me to wondering about the X's that might be "hiding in plain site" in Vegas, and what to my googling eye in the sky should appear, but a great X - a grand casino in the form of a cross-quarter Templar Cross - the Paris Casino.

The Grail is "under" Paris. If the Grail ain't in Vegas, it aughta be.

The Epcot Cube. Amazing.
Disney's Epcot Center in Orlando, Florida is similar, with all the archetypes of the world represented by little mock-ups, a "World's Fair", surrounding the great Bucky dome (Cosmic Cube/Sphere/Divine Feminine).

Golden Gothic arches of science
Seattle was put on the cultural map by a world's fair, the Century 21 Exhibition of 1962, which spectacularly presented the Space Needle, and which even now, 40+ years later, still serves as the city's occult/cultural symbol, which is maybe yet another re-presentation of the same dam thing.

"Google released some very high resolution (3 inches/pixel) imagery for a part of Las Vegas. You can see an example here of the Luxor Hotel (a pyramid with mirrored windows). If you visit the Luxor Hotel in Google Earth, and lower yourself (or zoom) to see in detail, you can easily read advertisements on the side of the building, see cars reflected in the windows, and if you look around the area you can not only make out car types, but can even see people (and their shadows). Google didn't give any reason for why they released this new high res imagery for Las Vegas. Maybe they are taking a gamble?" --Google Earth Blog

Nov 8, 2007

Playing Daniel

NASA has always been at the center of the conspiracy whirlwind, no doubt rightfully so.

I was nine years old when the USA landed a man on the moon (according to the media, but I wasn't there, so I don't really know for sure) and on that July 20, my father turned to me and said, "Mike, you remember this day", and I always have. At the time, I'm sure we never thought to consider the naming of the enterprise - Saturn, Apollo, and in hindsight, the significance of the number 11 as a bellwether of change. But hindsight is 20/20.

The Saturn V booster is named after Saturn, the God of Ancient Rome (It is his Saturnalia that we in the USA most fervently celebrate, though wrapped in Christian drag). So it makes sense that modern Rome would understand the power on which it is based, and honor her most mighty totem with his Roman name.

"Let us build ourselves a tower..."

The Apollo moon mission was the child of JFK, his short reign alluded to as "Camelot". JFK, the once and (not quite yet) future king. Kennedy's boyish charm was legendary, and Jackie "O" (ummm, enough said) was certainly the most gorgeous and glamorous First Lady/Consort the world had ever seen, perhaps eclipsed only by Diana - "the Diana of her time". Apollo was the unbearded youth, a Greek (homo)erotic ideal. He was Peter Pan, the boy who never grows up, who captivated Wendy and took her to the Island of Lost Boys, to be their Mother/Mary/Grail - straight on 'til morning.

Now THAT'S a Stargate!

The Saturn rocket had three stages. The first was the mightiest, and each one less so as it climbed toward heaven, until the ziggurat (Tower of Babel) was topped with a triangular capsule - the Capstone, the Ben-Ben stone. Three stages represent the Three Ages - Gods, Heroes, and Man - each stage ascending to a certain height, but then falling back. The capsule represents Man Ascended, the Pinnacle of Creation and the Capstone, literally "standing on the shoulders of giants", (Titans, angels), to be The One to break free the bonds, whether gravitational or spiritual in nature.

Hexagonal spheres in a supporting role

The V represents the descent of the Divine, Kingdom of God on earth, New Jerusalem, Zion. The Apollo V capsule lands on water, and as such, is spectacularly baptized, born of water. Saturn, Apollo, the Eagle, has... landed.

At least, that's how I interpret the most iconic event of my childhood. Or was it just a dream?

Nov 7, 2007

The Car Go Cult

In my dreams

When I was a teenager, all I really wanted were 18" guns and a Ferrari - a 246 Dino to be exact, which isn't even a "real" Ferrari, but to me, it was absolutely gorgeous. I was in lust with that car from the moment I saw it (and as fate/genes would have it, I never got the 18" arms either).

I admit I've been suckered into the great Car Go Cult along with the rest of the world, though I don't totally blame the corporations. It IS better to ride than to walk. What got me started on this jag was the Transformers movie, and how the robots/Titans were cars (vessels, cups, grails). But they were like, sentient cars.

I think about Disney's Herbie, and Ian Flemming's Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, and the talking Chevron Oil cars and KITT the talking Trans Am in Knight Rider, and the Disney/Pixar movie - Cars. And how Harry Potter and crew escape from muggle land in a flying, sentient car.

And of course, the Batmobile, and even the Popemobile. The Great Auto Fetish is kinda boggling my mind right now. If aliens were to examine the cultural record, they would be hard pressed to determine which was the dominant species on earth - the automobile, or homo sapiens. We have literally terra-formed the planet to accommodate them, destroying our own ecosystem to favor theirs. And why? Because we love them. We fucking love our cars.

And now, even the Brothers Wachowski are getting into the act, with Speed Racer - the Movie.

Like a virgin...

The photo is via I Watch Stuff, and the comments speak for themselves:

"There was absolutely no way they could screw this up. Any addition to this car would have been blasphemy."

"Must. Suppress. Fanboy-erection."

"If and when this car goes up for auction, I swear I will defraud the Swedish bank system if I have to, I will bid on it."

"Speed is a pansy. The badass one is Rex (Racer-X), his older brother. And his #9 car is the ultimate ass kicker."

"Matrix guys make a speed-racer movie. Hmmmm.... is this going to be good or not?"

Is this going to be good, or not?

Nov 4, 2007

Connecting the Twins

The Western facade of Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris show twin towers creating an "H", with the Rose Window (divine feminine, black hole power source) in the center. The Rose is guarded by another set of twins on either side. Talk about redundancy, those guardians are serious!

I watched The Empire Strikes Back (for the 900th time...) last night, and I noticed how much Bespin's Cloud City resembles enormous flying mushrooms/Cherubim. See Uncovering the Cherub. Cloud City citizens live smurfily inside the flying "mushrooms". In the Cloud City scene, we can see Paris fleeing Sparta with Helen, (the Grail), and the Spartan Army in hot pursuit. (Again? Yes, again! Maybe boredom is part of the cure.)

Flying monkeys! Run Toto, run!

The cops of Cloud City fly Twin Pod Cloud Cars, bridged by the central power source. The cloud cars signify an "H" when viewed from the top. Cloud City has a pronounced "Emerald City" vibe, I think.

Guards of Emerald City

Patches for the troopers stationed at Cloud City Garrison - 501st Legion. Note the H signifying Tie Fighters. They even have an image of what they protect - the holy hexagon/football/death star/grail.

Gay "clones" wear the Levi's 501 "uniform". Looks like the grail is safely in the back pocket, but never trust a Trojan.

Off duty cloning around

I think it's safe to say you won't find many blogs with entries beginning with "Our Lady" and ending with queer clone sex. Syncs, like dreams, have their own weird logic, and sometimes it just cracks me up.

Nov 3, 2007

The Quest, Part IV

The Perps

The War of Heaven happened a long time ago in a galaxy far away, and I wonder, what ever became of the losers? Unlike Star Wars, this war ended with the loyalists victorious, God still in his heaven, and the rebels banished. Banished where?

In the book of Enoch, we meet the Watchers, AKA the Nephilim/Annukaki. What are they doing here? Why are they watching the earth? Why don't they eventually get bored and move on to the next world/channel/dimension? Maybe because the earth is to become the Reform School for Gifted Children. The rebel angels are going to school, and like most delinquents, they're none too happy about it. Which explains why the gods always seem to be in a foul mood.

"All the world's a stage, And all the men and women merely players"

Maybe Shakespeare was being literal. Interestingly, his company built a theatre in the round, called the Globe Theatre. There have been three Globes:

The original Globe Theatre was built in 1599 by the playing company to which Shakespeare belonged, and destroyed by fire on June 29, 1613. The second theatre was rebuilt in June 1614 and closed in 1642. A modern reconstruction of the original Globe, named the "New Globe Theatre," opened in 1997. It is approximately 205 metres from the site of the original theatre off Park Street.

The three globe theatres is an analogue for the Three Ages - Gods, Heroes, and Man. Three Jewish Temples (third one soon to be built).

The Mushroom God does not appreciate being rained upon.

All "spectator" sports are played within a "dome", the more "planetary", the better. Masonic baseball is the American past time, but football is the global passion, the object of which is to kick a black and white checkerboard ball/planet/grail between the twin towers. The peculiar American (Roman) variant is more gladiatorial, with stadiums called "bowls". We have the Rose Bowl, the Orange Bowl, the Super Bowl, and in Washington State, we even have the Apple Cup! I'm starting to understand why the Superdome was so spectacularly defiled - home of the "Saints" - no "marching in" to be goin' on here.

Are "spectator" sports the passion of the world because our spirits (the actors,angels) are "acting out" themselves as "characters" (human beings) on the great stage? They say everyone has a guardian angel, and maybe that's true - our spirits, the Audience, the Watchers. As above so below, indeed.

Jesus answered, "I tell you the truth, no one can enter the kingdom of God unless he is born of water and the Spirit. --John 3:5

Man is the water bearer, and this is the dawning of the Age of Aquarius. To be a human being is to be born of water, incarnated as a mortal. Baptism represents an angel incarnating into flesh. Human beings are incarnated (incarcerated in flesh) angels.

I think that Jesus isn't talking to humans most of the time, he's talking to the angels above (their cloaked space station). Jesus says, get yo' ass down here on the planet (stage/field) and play your parts! Woosies!

Touch down. The voyeur becomes the exhibition.

In Transformers, one of the robots/Titans/angels falls to earth plowing straight away into the middle of (the artful) Dodger football stadium, while Ironhide crashes into a swimming pool of water. Baptized and duly incarnated - into the virtual reality stadium of earth.

Basically, we are the character of the spirit of a rebel angel, with our memories (soul) wiped. We've been created innocent as a babe, even though our spirit is as corrupt as they come. The great game is to see which side the characters will choose. "Who's yer daddy?" The stakes are high, very high. Winner take all.

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