Nov 29, 2007

Dreams of Future Past

Part I

I was aboard the star ship Enterprise, in the corridors of the vessel. The ship didn't actually resemble the Enterprise, but it was she, I can assure you. Dreams are funny that way.

The ship was under alien attack. I observed events as if via a remote-controlled camera on a dolly - detached but present - a Watcher. The battle was intense, and the corridor walls of the vessel would glow bright white from the energy beam attack, and then dissolve away. The crew (with whom I identified) was losing the battle, and the aliens had boarded, and I could see them moving in the corridors.

Then, I became aware of being present in my body. Suddenly, I felt a sense of dread, and it was known that the alien commander was aboard. He was called "Being" and I never saw him, but I knew that he was just up ahead - in the bridge. And then I heard him say "Hello" to me (telepathically), as if he knew everything about me - and that wasn't a good thing. My sense of anxiety spiked, and then I woke up.

I tossed and turned for a long time, and I was afraid to go back to sleep, because I felt I would meet him again. I finally gave myself a pep talk (It's only a fuckin' dream!) and drifted back to sleep - maybe an hour later.

Part II

This time I was in the lobby of an elaborate old movie house of neo-classic style. It was amazingly vivid - carved wooden columns and arches, red velvet and chandeliers. I moved through the silent hallways of the movie house (it was totally empty) like a camera on a dolly - present, but again - not in my body. I felt wary but very calm, the anxiety had not returned. The detailed clarity of the "movie" was remarkable. Definitely HDTV.

A figure approached me from behind, I turned to face him, and I was in my body. I saw a man dressed in a style to fit the theatre - the 1920's? He wore a red satin vest - an usher? The proprietor? Whoever he was, he wasn't exactly human. Not a freakin' alien, but all the proportions were just a bit off. He appeared about 5'-6" tall, medium build. His skin was sallow, with a look of ill health, and though he was beardless, he was very, very old. Ancient. His eyes were yellow and black, and there was no warmth in them.

I said, "It's you" (meaning Satan, the adversary) and he confirmed my statement with the expression in his eyes. He said, "Its the neck" and his head suddenly morphed into a monster - a half snake thing and his mouth yawned wide (as only a snake can) to reveal hundreds of needle sharp fangs, and the mouth lunged for my throat. Immediately I shouted, "No!" and the creature fled as if it was sucked down a trans-dimensional drain. I felt no fear at all. It was a strange combo of horror movie and silent zen tranquility.

Part III

Then I woke up. It was morning, and golden sunlight beamed on the white comforter, even the air was beautiful and golden. I was in bed with my lover, and I was telling him about my dreams. He was lying on his back, and I was straddling him, sitting facing him. He was absolutely beautiful - skin like milk, black hair, perfect body, gorgeous... everything. He didn't actually look like V, but it was he, I can assure you. Dreams are funny that way.

I was feeling great warmth and affection for him. Then while I watched, his head transformed into the snake monster. I wasn't afraid, and my affection for him remained constant. I touched the head gently but firmly on the center of the forehead, and immediately the snake monster vanished and my lover's head returned, and then he spontaneously ejaculated. --Dream 4/08/06

I've long pondered this dream, because it was by far the most vivid I've ever experienced, and because the memory lingers, it hasn't faded like so many dreams do. I appreciate how it was a tale told in three parts, that it had "dream within a dream" elements, and how it began in battle, defeat and fear, but ended in bed, victory, and orgasm. Happy endings are always nice.

I've shared this dream with a few others before you, and one of the comments was concerning the timing of the three "acts". The first dream set in the future, the second in the past, and the last in the present. Yet after The Quest articles, and the revelation that we may be fallen angels from the War of Heaven, then it makes more sense that the dream acts were performed in chronological sequence. Which to me is a fabulous thing - to consider that Star Trek isn't a vision of the future, but a memory of Ages past.


JB said...

You're a fallen angel who dreams of being a man, and I'm King Kong/The Beast/The Anti-Christ wishing he was still living in the past (as explained on my sight). How fitting.

Adam Star said...

I am so envious of other people's vivid, story dreams it's not even funny. If you haven't already seen them, has been recounting some mesmerizing dreams on her blog lately. I'm not by nature a Trekkie (nor am I an anti-Trekkie, and I'd like to think I'm a Friend of Spock), but there is something really lovely about thinking of it in the past tense, like Star Wars, a long time ago.

Michael said...

JB - "but you ARE in that wheel chair (current incarnation), Blanche, you ARE!!" --Whatever Happened to Baby Jane

Adam Star (which, if I haven't said so before, is a most excellent name) - My story dreams are few and far between, but I began writing them down a few years ago, and this one did indeed stand out.

I'm a Trekkie by marriage, not birth. They're all in-laws to me.

Anonymous said...

You're a fallen angel...really !??? For God's sake man, wake are a spirit and this tosh about being intrinsically bad (fallen angel) is nonsense. If you are here then, yes, you are trapped here but you also have the possibility to get out. Your memories are wiped out but, this is the critical point, you have to find them again !!!

Your recent article on King Kong [KK] has to be seen in a different sense.
KK (in the poster image)has the WOMAN in his hand and he stands between the Twin (King) Towers - as per a lintel on a dolmen arch. Your reference to lameness (Achilles) puts you as a Twin King and it is you that needs the love of the beast/KK/WOMAN - WOMAN will always be characterised in an offensive/derogeratory way and will be fought by (controlled) authority, related by the fighter planes on the poster.

Michael said...

Anon - "You're a fallen angel...really !???"

Well, as you say, I'm a spirit who's memory has been reformatted. I don't really know what I was - I'm a freakin' amnesiac! There's no end to religions, myths, preachers, channelers and mystics who are happy to tell me exactly who I am and why I'm here (mostly for a price). So I'm just blindly feeling my way, with a few visions and dreams of my own.

The fallen angel thing may be complete tosh, as you say, but it's a way to look at the cosmic narrative from a refreshing perspective. Besides, fallen angels aren't 'intrinsically' bad - that really would be nonsense. :-)

JB said...

Michael, I've just written a new article in your honor, this one may answer a very important question you brought up in your "The Quest" saga. Its entitled "God has a baby by his side", I am looking foward to your comments.

Anonymous said...


You are near...but oh so far away !
Bi-sexuality has nothing to do with it - that's only a confusion of both the Mother/Father stance and the refusal to show the importance of the Mother (due to the takeover by the Father).

Hermes/Achilles and various other dieties have been seen in this 'bi' perspective and this issue really should be seen through.

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