Mar 31, 2012

Fool's Gold

 Google has a cute April Fool's joke this year - an 8-bit Google Maps for Nintendo. The Japanese children are delighted when they can find the Pyramids of Giza, the Skytree of Japan and the Nazca of Peru. All man-made constructions, two ancient and one modern, that some surmise have been intentionally designed to be "seen from space".

The natural question is "seen by who?", and we get all kinds of alien gods, angels and nephilim stepping in to take the role. Since Google actually DOES see things from space, one might suspect that Google is showing itself, in a playful manner, to be our new god.

I'd have to say the Google are right. Whenever I want to know something, I run to the computer and query Google for the answer. I'm like a resident of the Emerald City who, when confronted with an anomaly like the 'Surrender Dorothy' skywriting of the Wicked Witch of the West over the city, I rush to the Wizard/Google for an answer.

We also saw a curious story about the Anonymous hactivists who some say had threatened to take down the internet today. But no, that story was the work of trolls:
It’s of course still possible that some hackers will attempt to take down the Internet today. They will fail. Furthermore, they won’t be supported by Anonymous. I can’t emphasize this enough: do not believe reports saying Anonymous is attacking the Internet. Some may be trying, but the larger group has made it clear many times it loves the Internet and would never even attempt to take it down.
So there you go. Even Anon loves the Wizard.

Human Consciousness, the 8-bit computer getting an upgrade. 8, 16, 32, 64. Or 8x8 - the star g8. When we're done, we'll realize we never needed the Wizard after all, the ability was within us all the time.

Mar 26, 2012

Going Against Programming

It's against my programming to impersonate a deity." ~C-3PO

I was watching Return of the Jedi last night and I had this weird feeling that it was all true, at least, from a certain point of view. The deflector shield was built on Endor (Eden, the Garden State) and it represents our collective ego. This deflector shield is keeping out Cosmic Consciousness, and deflecting it away. We threw ourselves out of paradise. At it's core, the shield is our ego, but the ego has a way of becoming a super-ego, and so we get a collective expression of our egoic fears, which is now involving so many threats I can't even keep track. The U.S. Military has set itself up as a "threat assessment" operation and well, how many threats ARE there to the ego? All these military analysts sitting around all day, imagining new terrors... It's like we put H. P. Lovecraft in charge.

In a way, this is all Fundamentalist Christianity/Scientology, since L. Ron Hubbard imagined earth as a prison that our spirits were thrown into by the evil Xenu, and yet, I suspect this "prison" is of our own making. We've made our own deflector shield, and it's made a Death Star, and it's bloody well keeping out anything or anyone that might have anything decent or constructive to say. You get the choke hold if you mention that maybe if we all just stopped competing against one another, then maybe the giant SUV wouldn't be necessary, or the huge bank account or the defending ballistic missiles, etc. etc. etc.

In the same way, our Id is entirely personal, but she is also building a Super-Id. So when we see National Geographic presenting vivid images of alien invasion, you wonder if maybe something is up. The Id missile?

I think the whole experience of sync is to warm us up, get used to the idea that what we think is intimately connected to what we experience. We might feel compelled to accept our own godhood, and accept what that really means. I know, I know... it goes against our programming to impersonate a deity, being the good protocol droids we are.
Jesus answered them, Is it not written in your law, I said , Ye are gods? ~John 10:34

Mr. Deity resembles George Lucas, of course.

Mar 21, 2012

It's Time

Yesterday, Var told me he named our new Current bush Kronos (where did THAT come from?) - who happens to be the god of time. Today he picks out a Big Ben themed iPhone cover at Best Buy, and I keep seeing all these Saturn automobiles on the street today, sort of haunting me. Something tells me it's time.

Wouldn't it be amazing if the birth of something new happened on 3/22 - skull and bones day?

Art by Jacob Mott and his Big Watch Boiz

Mar 17, 2012

Green Man Up

Last year for St. Paddy's day, I posted The Naked Justice of St. Patrick, which outlined the ancient phallic "creator god" tradition of St. Patrick's Day, via a cool homoerotic comic called Naked Justice by Class Comics. Thanks to Christopher Knowles' The Secret History of St. Patrick's Day, we know:
  • In Egyptian mythology, Osiris was killed on the 17th day of Athyr, the third month of the ancient calendar.
  • 3/17 is also the date of a Masonically-created holiday, St. Patrick’s Day. The story has it that the holiday was established by high level Freemason, George Washington, allegedly to reward Irish soldiers in the Continental Army. But “St. Paddy’s” has traditionally been a very minor Saint’s day in Ireland. Considering that the day has become America’s defacto Bacchanal (which takes us back to Osiris) it’s worth noting some of the parallels of this day with Solar mythology.
In the Egyptian myth, Osiris is murdered by Set, dismembered and thrown into the Nile. Osiris' wife, Isis, collects the pieces and finds all but the phallus, and so makes a substitute out of gold. With this, she bears a son named Horus, who grows up to avenge the death of his father and unite upper and lower Egypt.

Imagining the USA playing the part of Egypt, split into two parts (red states and blue states) Isis (Lady Liberty) standing in the Nile (the Hudson) seeking her husband, it's not so difficult to see the parallels. Alan Abbadessa-Green at Look at All the Happy Creatures has done some amazing work outlining Manhattan as the missing phallus of gold, and the 911 mega-ritual as being the event that cracked the egg of Horus consciousness into the world - Why so Sirius? Pt 2: The Rise of Horus
Nation will rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom. There will be earthquakes in various places, and famines. These are the beginning of birth pains. ~Mark 13:8

Captain America (the first Avenger) was "born again" last summer, and shortly afterwards came the Occupy Wall St. movement, using V for Vendetta as a symbol for justice. Since George Washington, St. Patrick's Day and the Egyptian mysteries are so closely intertwined, I began tracking news items concerning truth and justice, Washington, and the upcoming Osiris Day.
  • March 16: Washington man sentenced to life in NW killings A Washington man has been sentenced to life in prison after pleading guilty to two murders in a deadly crime spree through Washington, Oregon and California.
  • March 16: US Suspect in Afghan Shootings Identified After five days cloaked in military secrecy, the US soldier suspected in a massacre of 16 Afghan civilians has been identified as a Washington state father of two who underwent anger management counseling a decade ago after an arrest for assault...
  • March 16: Jury Finds Spying in Rutgers Dorm Was a Hate Crime A former Rutgers University student was convicted on Friday on all 15 charges he had faced for using a webcam to spy on his roommate having sex with another man. His roommate, Tyler Clementi, jumped to his death from the George Washington Bridge three days after the webcam viewing, three weeks into their freshman year in September 2010.
  • March 16: Gay leaders from Israel snubbed by Seattle's gay commission The Seattle LGBT Commission canceled a Friday reception for a delegation of gay Israeli leaders. The six-member Israeli delegation had scheduled on the West Coast — with stops in San Francisco and Los Angeles — to exchange ideas on advancing gay rights. Only in Washington state, however, did the team encounter pushback from fellow gays./li>
  • March 17: Hunt Zeros in on the Mystery of an Old Site Called Hades Now a coveted residential ZIP code, the area in Northwest Washington was briefly a center of WW1 chemical warfare research, a frantic response to Germany’s weapons. Some historians liken it to the Manhattan Project.
World War I began in 1917, and Osiris was the God of Resurrection, The Underworld and The Judge of Dead.

Mar 14, 2012

Take the Money and Run

This here's a story about Billy Joe and Bobbie Sue
Two young lovers with nothin' better to do
Than sit around the house, get high, and watch the tube
And here is what happened when they decided to cut loose
Thanks to Driftglass, I was musing (once again) about George and what has become the Fourth Reich. On Becoming One With the Darkness. It's brilliant, go read it. It reminded me how much I truly hated GWB and his wars, his profiteering, his "bring it on" bluster. How, thanks to the modern "Pearl Harbor" of 911, the corporate right got everything they could have ever wanted, and we're now living in the ruins of it. It could have been so different... segue into Al Gore watching his own version of It's a Wonderful Life and all that would have happened if he had not become president. We're there, living in Pottersville (Bushville) every day.

Much was written back in the day about the similarities between Bush and Hitler. Both claimed "Gott Mit Uns". Both declared a "Fatherland" or "Homeland". Both began wars based upon lies and paranoia. Both found a racial and religious stereotype on which to focus collective fear and hatred. Both employed financial shenanigans to create an illusionary bubble of economic well-being to fund the war machine.
They headed down to, ooh, old El Paso
That's where they ran into a great big hassle
Billy Joe shot a man while robbing his castle
Bobbie Sue took the money and run
The only thing really different between Hitler and Bush is that Bush did not have the good sense to die in his bunker and bring closure to a really nasty decade. There was no great trial, no war crimes tribunal. It just continues on. There has been no judgement, no justice. The bumper sticker says "If you want peace, work for justice". I don't know what it will take, a "French Revolution", or what. But it has to be that way. Justice is coming. That's just the way the story works itself out.
Go on take the money and run
Go on take the money and run
Go on take the money and run
Go on take the money and run

Note: youtube video uploaded by iNUKEDbinLADEN. 'nuf said.

Mar 4, 2012

The Elf King

A few days ago I read a brilliant homoerotic story about an engineer who created nanobots - powerful, microscopic, intelligent, life forms, and infected the world with them. Made the whole world gay, of course.
On a friday night in an industrial loft in Brooklyn, the engineer finally completed his work. Ten years of working in secret, ten years of a boring desk job at a medical engineering firm to support it, pouring all of his available funds into his own equipment... and it all boiled down to a tiny drop of liquid in a tiny glass vial, filled with nanomachines too small to see.
Much like the Borg and their nanoprobes:
Nanoprobes are microscopic machines that inhabit a Borg's body, bloodstream, and many cybernetic implants. The probes perform the function of maintaining the Borg cybernetic systems, as well as repairing damage to the organic parts of a Borg. They generate new technology inside a Borg when needed as well as protecting them from many forms of disease and virus. Borg nanoprobes, each about the size of a human red blood cell, travel through the victim's bloodstream and latch on to individual cells. The nanoprobes rewrite the cellular DNA, altering the victim's biochemistry, and eventually form larger, more complicated structures and networks within the body...

Ego meets Id

It's got me thinking. What if these "nanobots" really exist and are ALREADY swimming in our bloodstream? And I don't mean some secret CIA 'black op' they developed in a lab, but something that exists within us, and always has. What if the human race was 'assimilated' a very long time ago? Perhaps we individuals are not nearly as individual as we assume. A hive mind, a collective consciousness, could be living right beneath our skins. The mass of a typical body cell is about one gram times ten to the negative nine, or one nanogram. Nanobots!

Judge me by my size, do you?

These "little people" might pop up now and again in our cultural myths, and perhaps we need look no further than stories of elves, angels, fairies and leprechauns - the assorted magical inhabitants of our subconscious. Abducted by fairies or abducted by aliens, the little people are always lurking about. As I'm musing about this, I see that the latest from Studio Ghibli is The Secret World of Arrietty - an adaptation of The Borrowers - little people who live under the floor - just beneath the surface.

Seeking some kind of affirmation that 'elves' and 'nanobots' are two sides of the same coin, I recalled that Terrence McKenna met "self-tranforming machine elves" during his DMT trips:
We especially refer to the apparently autonomous and intelligent, chaotically mercurial and mischievous machine elves encountered in the trance state, strange teachers whose marvelous singing makes intricate toys out of the air and out of their own continually transforming body geometries.
Elves and fairy folk are generally small, powerful and secretive. They exist in the margins of our consciousness, making themselves known when our egos are compromised - through dreams, entheogens, and other means.

As if all that weren't all enough, the high priest of modern sci-fi religion, Philip K. Dick, wrote a short story called 'The King of the Elves' in the 1953 edition of 'Beyond Fantasy Fiction'.

Thinking of my body as a collection of trillions of sentient beings has been a trip. I've actually started talking to "them", which are really "me". I'm a collective! I guess that makes me "Speaker of the House" or something.

If I think of my body as a sort of "dwelling" of the elvish bots, this leads me to the concept of Dobby, or "BODDY" the "house elf" in the Harry Potterverse. All wizards have a house elf, and it is actually they that do most of the real magic, sort of behind the scenes. House elves live to serve, and are rather shamed by ideas of unionizing as promoted by Hermione.

Man, I wonder if my own house elves are approaching a state of rebellion? Am I like the ego-centric factory owner who has no regard for his workers? Worse than that, I didn't even know I HAD workers?!! My little worker cells are the 99%! And my ego is just about as fucked up as the bankers on Wall St. who call themselves the Lords of Finance and the Masters of the Universe.

Terrence described his meeting with the machine elves as a sort of transaction - a bit of trade. They got the I Ching from him, and he got Timewave Zero from them. I'd call it a negotiation between workers and management. Look at Dobby - hasn't exactly been eating well, has he? What do I have that the Borg Elves might want?

I just think it's weird how we're called fairies and that the rainbow is our symbol - as in the bridge to the pot-o-gold.

Mar 2, 2012

Project X

Well... here we are, the spring of apocalypse is upon on us. To the Romans, March was the first day of spring, and an excellent day to begin some siege or conquest or something. Mars is "On the March". Hoo-rah!

I found this peace t-shirt at Sir Plus recently. Can peace go to war? Something about the Duality of Mankind.

Today, 2/2 we have the release of Project X - the world's greatest party gone bad. Note the protagonist is holding the grail, and the dog "star" is hovering above. As a side note, Terrence McKenna felt that the collective consciousness was simply seeking a good experience. Jeff Fairhall thought so, too. "Let's get this party started" has become a bit of a personal mantra.

Oddly, I was actually involved in a "secret" product development initiative that was code named "Project X", back in the 80's.

Also, The Avengers trailer is released. Terrified people, running in the streets, etc.

Tomorrow, 2/3 is the release of Chronicle, about a trio of young men who are suddenly "gifted" with telekinetic powers. More terrified people, running in the streets. Like The 4400, it's set in Seattle. I don't know why they think that the next evolutionary leap of human consciousness will manifest from the Pacific Northwest, but I figure they know something I don't. Maybe there's some ancient alien codex that points to this region as being the birthplace, or something.

So with all that in mind, I thought I'd do a quick "Avenger Code" for those in the PNW who are suddenly gifted with strange powers.

1. Hide them.
2. Don't go to the local news or the Department of Homeland Security and tell them that you have the ability to move objects by the power of your mind. They will perceive this as a threat.
3. No flying in daylight.
4. Do not rip-off convenience stores for cash. Think big!

That is all, for now.
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