Mar 2, 2012

Project X

Well... here we are, the spring of apocalypse is upon on us. To the Romans, March was the first day of spring, and an excellent day to begin some siege or conquest or something. Mars is "On the March". Hoo-rah!

I found this peace t-shirt at Sir Plus recently. Can peace go to war? Something about the Duality of Mankind.

Today, 2/2 we have the release of Project X - the world's greatest party gone bad. Note the protagonist is holding the grail, and the dog "star" is hovering above. As a side note, Terrence McKenna felt that the collective consciousness was simply seeking a good experience. Jeff Fairhall thought so, too. "Let's get this party started" has become a bit of a personal mantra.

Oddly, I was actually involved in a "secret" product development initiative that was code named "Project X", back in the 80's.

Also, The Avengers trailer is released. Terrified people, running in the streets, etc.

Tomorrow, 2/3 is the release of Chronicle, about a trio of young men who are suddenly "gifted" with telekinetic powers. More terrified people, running in the streets. Like The 4400, it's set in Seattle. I don't know why they think that the next evolutionary leap of human consciousness will manifest from the Pacific Northwest, but I figure they know something I don't. Maybe there's some ancient alien codex that points to this region as being the birthplace, or something.

So with all that in mind, I thought I'd do a quick "Avenger Code" for those in the PNW who are suddenly gifted with strange powers.

1. Hide them.
2. Don't go to the local news or the Department of Homeland Security and tell them that you have the ability to move objects by the power of your mind. They will perceive this as a threat.
3. No flying in daylight.
4. Do not rip-off convenience stores for cash. Think big!

That is all, for now.

1 comment:

Alan Abbadessa-Green said...

There's def something going on. Something happened last night that syncs real heavy with this post.
I have to process for a bit then I'm going to send you an email.

Thanks for the "Code" might come in handy.

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