Feb 27, 2009

Dog Fish Messiah

I had a whacked dream last night:

We were at Hood Canal, standing on the beach, looking out at the water. A submarine car (maybe a Cadillac?) was approaching us, slowly surfacing. We became aware that Oliver (our oztralian terrier) was swimming and playing right in front of the oncoming car, and he was run over! (or run under?). We began a rescue mission to find him, which involved lots of swimming and diving under the water, looking for him. Eventually, we noticed a really colorful and exotic looking fish that was hanging around, trying to catch our attention, and finally I took a good look at it, and the fish was Oliver! Oliver was now a fish! I was happy for him.

Considering all the Dagon (fish, maritime), Sirius (dog) synchs going down, the dream streams oddly appropriate. Hood Canal is actually full of dogfish... a despised creature for local fishermen.

Notes: Cadillac is associated with Shiva the submarine destroyer (in Michael's subconscious) because Bob, the Sawzall (Trident) wielding Shiva impersonator from Shiva Makes a House Call, drives a pearl white Cadillac SUV, which also happens to be my most hated and despised car, so really quite appropriate.

"He was despised." Handel's Messiah. By the Brooklyn Tabernacle Choir.

Feb 26, 2009

Sit 'n Spin

Here at the Gosporn Kitchen, we love our salads. So much so that we consider a salad spinner an essential tool, no mere luxury. We literally pulled the handle off our previous Zyliss "Easy-spin" spinner, so Var brought home a new one recently - the OXO brand version.

As long time Gosporn readers may know (see The Min in Me), lettuce (or rather, its milky white sap) is a symbol of Min, the pre-dynastic Egyptian Creator God - the dude who master-baited BEING (Ego) into existence. His other symbol is the bull. (We'll note that Zeus took the form of a bull to court Europa).

The interesting thing about the OXO brand lettuce spinner is that it utilizes a piston-like pumping action to spin the wheel, which sounds exactly like the TARDIS starting up! So we have lettuce (semen) of the OXO (bull) inseminated into a spinning container (Gaia, Europa, Mary, TARDIS, etc.) Tasty!

Another tasty treat, via our favorite 80's drag queen, Pete Burns: You Spin Me Round

Feb 24, 2009

Signs in the Road

"When he would lean against the door frame his package would hang down his left leg. When he stood upright, his meat quite obviously pointed between his legs and to the center of the earth." The Salt, by Rdyroger

Allow me to introduce to you my latest symbol. I don't even know it's official name, I'll just call it 'Mary's Box', because I first became consciously curious about it when I saw it adorning St. Mary's Star of the Sea parish in Port Townsend (see The Star of the Sea). It is made of four crossing lines surrounded by a circle, and in the center creates a perfect square. The symbol is found adorning Catholic parishes the world over, and now I see it everywhere, including Holy Family in Kirkland. Here is Holy Family's logo from their site:

I'm wondering, is the Catholic Mary also known as Gaia... Mother Earth?

The cuboid center pings with the Borg cube and the Kaaba and Kirby's Cosmic Cube. It also resonates the enormous cuboid wish-fulfilling machine of the Krell - the former rulers of Altair IV - the Forbidden Planet. See The Quest, Part III for various cubic connections.

"Mary" (the earth), was divinely inseminated (or raped, depending on your point of view), which leads us easily to the myth of Europa, divinely inseminated by Zeus in the form of a bull. Europa is also the moon of Jupiter "divinely inseminated" by the black monolithic (masculine) intelligence in Arthur C. Clark's Space Odyssey opus. Europa was declared strictly taboo in 2010: Odyssey Two:


Is that a rocket in your pocket, or are you just happy to see me?

It doesn't take a rocket scientist to muse that mythically, Europa = Forbidden Planet = Mary = Earth. AKA the Holy Grail. Curiously we have myths of antediluvian beings forbidden to meddle with "her", but did so... anyway.

Anyhow, while all this was tumbling around in my head, I stumbled upon this interesting "manhole" while walking the dogs, which features the same tic-tac-toe insignia within a circle. M O N? Didn't mean much, but the fact that it was made in Sultan, WA did. Sultans were the rich Arabic kings in the land of the Jinn. Wasn't Princess Jasmine the daughter of a Sultan? And wasn't Barbara EDEN, of I Dream of Jeannie, a 'wish fulfillment machine'?

Larry Hagman was the Masonic astronaut boyfriend of Jeannie, but I always wondered about his commitment. See The Copycat Effect for recent hag man references.

Later I happened upon the same manhole, but from the opposite direction, and I saw N O W. I think Momma's... ready.

A great and wondrous sign appeared in heaven: a woman clothed with the sun, with the moon under her feet and a crown of twelve stars on her head. She was pregnant and cried out in pain as she was about to give birth. --Revelations 12:1-2


I Dream of Jeannie Trivia:

Barbara Eden's (then) real life husband, Michael Ansara, made three appearances on I Dream of Jeannie. (Eden and Ansara were divorced in 1974.)

Happy Anniversary" 9/12/1966 as Blue Djinn (Lord Shiva)

"Battle of Waikiki" 1/2/1968 as King Kamehameha (Lord of Hawaii and Pele)

My Sister the Home Wrecker" 12/9/1969 as Biff Jellico (Jericho. Joshua "wrecked" Jericho.)

Feb 23, 2009

Williams' Bloodline

Grace Jones pushes my Prince William buttons with the hit single from her Hurricane (divine feminine) album: Williams' Blood. The Independent says the song "employs handclaps and choral refrain to build up an almost gospel fervour".

"You can't save a wretch like me"

Grace pioneered the uber-masculine look back in the day, and she reminds me a bit of Eartha Kitt - a black woman with very sharp teeth. I feel a bit castrated just looking at her!

Grace Jones - Williams' Blood

Feb 22, 2009

Three Dog Night

By now we all know about German Shepherds being representative of Shiva here at gosporn, and how little Oliver the transdimensional terrier seems to bring out the worst in them. Well today we went for a walk and we just got back inside when a guy with THREE huge shepherds (wolf dogs) walks by the house and we're like, whew! Thank God we didn't run into them!! Is Cerberus stalking us? I get the feeling that Hades is a gated community really nearby.

Feb 21, 2009

Demon Hunting for Fun and Profit

I've never seen The Exorcist (I don't do well at scary movies - as a kid I hid behind the couch when the wicked witch of the West showed up - I've always been an overly serious child) but I read the book in a college lit class. That's where I read Shelley's 'Frankenstein; or, the Modern Prometheus' and Bram Stokers' 'Dracula' and I loved those... my imagination did a much better job of conjuring up the scenes than any movie ever could. Besides, when I read the story straight from the author, I'm getting the real deal, not some "interpretation".

But I hated The Exorcist. Even in the middle of a lovely spring, this book haunted me like a storm crow, a dark shadow hiding in the margins of a sunny day. And a sunny day it was, because that was the very spring that I came out to myself and the world. I know exactly the scene that did it: where demon-possessed Regan stabs a crucifix into her Rosy Twat while screaming "Fuck me Jesus!". I've always hated William Peter Blatty for that.

And sitting here nearly three decades hence, I still hate him, but from a different perspective, because he turned the Marriage of Christ into a horror. From where I now stand, "Oh Jesus, fuck me!" is a prayer sung by the Saints. Blammo!! Bagged another one.

I wonder what is the bounty on slain demons? Call me a bounty hunter.

Feb 20, 2009

I Hartt Gardeners

Image by Benoit Prevot

Var and I went to the NW Flower and Garden Show yesterday. Var is the gardener, and he is totally into it and goes every year and raves about the displays and I'm like... myeh. However, this is the last year of the show, and he convinced me to go and I enjoyed it more than I thought I would. The flowers were nice but the gardeners are hot! Ponytailed, sun-tanned guys with broad backs and sturdy legs in their Carhartts, with dirt under their fingernails and an earnest love for growing things. Hey, I'm hanging with Adam!

And then I met a mason, and pretty much fell in love, wouldn't you know it. Not a Freemason - a REAL mason - a guy who actually lifts and arranges rocks for a living. Big and strong, open and proud of his work. His landscaping company had built a Roman arch at the show with no mortar, just stone upon stone, artfully placed, all 5 tons of it. He was telling us how last year they'd built a Gothic arch that was 11 tons! He also started to share his ideas about masonry, how the stones are used over and over through the centuries, by armies and farmers, and it was like I was getting a glimpse into something very profound to this man.

These mini-megaliths are built in the Seattle Convention Center which spans the I-5 freeway, so it's like arches upon arches, which somehow reminded me of "Turtles all the way down".

Feb 18, 2009

Why the Red Star?

I posted about the synchy association of the red star with faggots in the 'Go West' post, AKA the Red Star Brewing Co. and in a strange case of life imitating synchs, the gay star seems to be catching on. 'Red Star' is Kitsap County's queer night (which happens to contain the Bremerton Naval base AND the TRIDENT sub base). Shiva Central, or perhaps - the underground Old Navy.

One of the oldest gay bars in Seattle is now the War Room, with appropriate Red Star insignia.

Consulting the Google gives up the Red Star Coven - gay bros in Glasgow! And what is the subject of a recent post? An attack on the massive "gay conspiracy" by the Catholic Bishop of MOTHERwell. It seems that the church is perturbed by recent gay tendencies to see ourselves as the latest "holocaust" survivors. Go figure. I wonder where we might come up with THAT idea?

"ONE of Scotland's most senior Catholics has launched an attack on the "gay lobby" in Scotland, claiming there is a "huge and well-orchestrated conspiracy" against Christian values. The Rt Rev Joseph Devine, Bishop of Motherwell and president of the Catholic Education Commission, said gay rights organisations aligned themselves with minority groups, such as Holocaust survivors, to project an "image of a group of people under persecution". He warned that the gay lobby – which he labelled "the opposition" – had mounted "a giant conspiracy" to shape public policy." --the Scotsman

I wish there was a gay conspiracy to stamp out Christianity, but unfortunately there isn't. What he says is outrageous, considering that gays and lesbians were persecuted in the Holocaust, the Catholic Church has a lot more power than any marginalised gay lobby, and especially since he's speaking in the name of a church that has a two thousand year track record of setting up and protecting networks of paedophiles.

Hardly in a position to lecture anyone else, then. --Red Star Coven

Which of course, is absolutely perfect. Onward, Gay Commie Christian Macy's soldiers...

The Pet's Go West. Pet shops, dogs, stairways to heaven. A blast from the past/present/future?

Feb 17, 2009

Would I Recognize the Lord my God...

No matter how he's dressed?

Feb 16, 2009

The Star of the Sea

Var and I spent the weekend (Eros Day) out at the beach cabin on Hood Canal. No internet, no TV. Really great. We had some wonderfully clear nights - Venus was stunningly bright while Orion was stunningly obvious.

We decided to make a day trip up to Port Townsend, so we passed the Trident (Shiva the Destroyer) submarine base in Bremerton on our way north. Once there, we decided to drive around a bit and get a feeling for the place, and we came upon an amazing temple: a Catholic Church called St. Mary Star of the Sea! I've never seen Mary officially referred to in such deliberately maritime fashion, though it makes sense, Port Townsend's seafaring heritage runs deep.

UPDATE: Todd Campbell reminds me through his excellent post: "I Can't Get it Out of My Head": The Maritime Signals Revisited, that 'Stella Maris' and 'Star of the Sea' are in common usage for maritime churches.

The Star of the Sea

We walked some docks, looking at boats, and I spied a trimaran (trident spear) so I wandered down to take a better look. This boat was a Corsair brand (which leads us to tales of France and Piracy that I must take up at a later date), but what caught my eye were the tourists on the dock - Destroyer's dock.

They were pointing out the underwater fauna to their kids, which happened to be giant Sea Stars. In the Pacific NW, sea stars come in the common five limbed variety, but also as giant, orange and purple hued monsters with dozens of tentacles! They are called Sunflower Sea Stars, natch.

Sea stars eat crab. In fact, they are the sworn enemy of crabbers. I've seen crabbers take sea stars and cut them up into pieces in order to help remove the threat from their prized fisheries, but I think sea stars always grow back their legs.

The crab represents the Catholic Church (see You're Invited to an Exclusive Preview Night), while the Sea Star represents Mary. Synch logic dictates: Mary will devour the church!? Perhaps she never got over Paul defiling her temple in Ephesus - hell hath no fury like a woman scorned. How clever of The Queen of Heaven to 'shyly' make her way into the church as the servant of Christ.

Curiously, the Sunflower Sea Star is eaten by the King Crab.

Feb 11, 2009

Life is but a Dream

The frequency of personal novelty has ramped up a bit lately, and I was wondering if anyone else has noticed something similar? It seems like since the new year, something a bit odd or strange happens about every two weeks. Like on Christmas day the coincidence that we received an e-card from friends telling us they had named their new German Shepherd SHIVA, and within the hour we were attacked by a pair of German Shepherds. See Christmas Morning Goes to the Dogs.

And the Trident (Sawzall) wielding neighbor in blue who I wrote about in Shiva Makes a Housecall.

And a few weeks ago a guy with serious Down's Syndrome walks off the street and into the house!? No ID or intelligible speech, literally drooling on the carpet! He turned out to have escaped the adult "home" a few block away, and for some reason he chose OUR place for a visit. Which isn't anything outrageously strange, just.... odd.

He was wearing black and silver athletic shoes with a prominent "bow tie" emblem on them - made me think of the constellation Orion. Canis Major and Minor are "Orion's dogs". Two dogs. He was also dressed like Starfleet - blue velour sweats with a red shoulder yoke. Werk?!

Meanwhile, Var has been on a "quest" for the terriers favorite doggie treats, which have been oddly sold out in store after store. The brand? Castor and Pollux.

And yesterday, we decided to take the terriers out for a quick poop run at dusk. We passed our neighbor's house, and Paul must have seen us because he opened his front door to yell something to us, but I wasn't really paying attention, because at that moment Var and I both saw two huge off-leash German Shepherds at full trot running straight at us!! They were still about a block away, and we both skedaddled into Paul's house with the terriers in tow, slamming the door behind us!

Paul was a bit surprised by that, until he saw the wolfish creatures run by, slowing slightly to sniff us, and then off at a gallop. We felt like hobbits hiding from Ring Wraiths! These were the same dogs who had attacked us on Christmas Day, now roaming the streets at will!? If Paul hadn't happened to open his door at that exact moment, those hounds of hell would have been upon us.

Paul is Roman Catholic, and his family is the only Catholic family in our immediate neighborhood though there's a Catholic church only about two blocks away from us. We have "pet" names for all the dog walking routes we take, the one that goes by 'Holy Family' is dubbed the Jesus Loop. A church is traditionally a place of refuge - perhaps from the Shiva dogs.

These odd events have a dreamlike quality to them, as if they are gateways to symbolic contemplation and a deeper understanding. Perhaps they are witness to an ever thinning layer between the Ego and the Id, between conscious 3D experience and Imagination Land/Oz. Which might be a really great thing, or it might not...

Thanks to Thuth at Conspiracy Grimoire for his inspiration:

The massive UFO sightings as of late in the US and especially southern South America - plasma balls coming through ‘the veil’ - might be a result of this veil thinning - as are the synchs and the power of archetypes that we have been experiencing with greater and greater veracity as of late.

The Fool

This is a bawdy tale. Herein you will find gratuitous shagging, murder, spanking, maiming, treason, and heretofore unexplored heights of vulgarity and profanity, as well as nontraditional grammar, split infinitives, and the odd wank . . . If that's the sort of thing you think you might enjoy, then you have happened upon the perfect story! --Christopher Moore

Available Feb. 10. Perfect timing after the Joker's latest Poker Run. Nice to see the Fool playing the hero. Oh yea, the hero always plays the fool. The Fool: a Novel.

Feb 8, 2009

William Tell

Will the real solar god please stand up?

Matthew Delooze has done a big 'Diana Edition' this week, apparently the first time he's ever written about her. IMHO, Diana is still 'Ground Zero' - the ultimate celebrity, occult mega-ritual and human emotional energy extractor the world has ever seen. Madonna and Britney are rank amateurs compared to her - the Queen of Hearts, Black Madonna, Scarlet Woman ne plus ultra.

Diana was quite literally the reincarnation of Artemis - the Goddess. A reptilian shapeshifter in haute couture drag. She was the daughter of Zeus and the mother of Apollo, thus Prince William arrived with impeccable solar cred, born on the summer solstice, and with middle names that include Arthur (the Lionheart, Leo) and Louis (Sun King). There is little remaining doubt concerning the pivotal role he is destined to play on the global stage - curtain rising 2012, the grand finale. Get your tickets now!

Apollo is "the beardless youth", and it is interesting to find our English Apollo sporting a beard lately, definitely not Starfleet standard. Yet his father, Charles, has been beardless all his life. Perhaps Charles is now symbolically the "beardless youth" and William is now "Zeus" - in other words, a symbolic "passing over" of Charles in favor of his son - the new Sun King.

UPDATE: PAUL from the UK sent in a pic of Charles sporting a beard in his youth - in full on naval regalia. I sit corrected.

Which makes me wonder... what of our own Apollo? Obama seems to be following the Diana template - step by step. He has identified his archetypes (Lincoln, Kennedy, Akhenhaten) and the solar imagery can't be more blatant. He was presented as the "answer to our prayers", yet he follows the bankster script. His appointees are tax evaders (pirates). He is born in Hawaii - the 5-0 (Venus/Goddess on the Mountain/Pele) state - but his career was built in Chicago (the Heart-land). Diana was the Queen of hearts, and the literal "taking of her heart" ritual is rumored to be the reason for her over lengthy ride to hospital from the automobile (Mercedes Benz/Tripura) "accident".

Aztecs are famous for the removal of hearts in conjunction with solar worship atop their pyramids, and there is one more New World synch: Corn. Beefy Chicago boys are "corn fed", and the heartland is America's "breadbasket". The religious and solar signage can hardly be more explicit: a "good harvest" is desired after a long eight year drought. The Harvest King. The Children of the Corn. The Wicker Man.

On the weekend of Seattle's own near death experience via a character named "Lam", I was confronted by an amazing sign: a gigantic multi-story Lion King banner on the 5th Ave. theater, a venue noted for its red dragon symbolism. Is the Lion King the Wicker Man?

Feb 7, 2009

Phone Home

In the too strange for words department, Microsoft has announced its latest bid for global domination with: the My Phone. This on the heels of Dell announcing working on its bid for global domination via the Dell Me Phone. All obviously designed to tear us away from our iPhones. I wonder if me, myself and I can get a message to/from my SELF?

Me, myself and I.

Feb 6, 2009

Victory is Risen

Under swirling clouds, its four-story hull illuminated by lanterns tied to its masts, the massive warship sinks beneath the waves. For more than two centuries, Peter Monamy's dramatic painting was one of the few images available of the tragic end of HMS Victory, which mysteriously disappeared, along with its crew of 1,100 men, one stormy night in 1744. Now, however, shipwreck salvage company Odyssey promises to fill out the picture. On Feb. 2, the Florida-based company announced it had recovered the Victory's remains. --Lisa Abend, Time Magazine

Given the recurring theme of the Goddess Victoria/Nike in the noosphere, I find it particularly interesting that the wreck of the HMS Victory has been discovered by Florida "treasure hunters": Odyssey Marine Exploration. I note the 11, 17, 44 and the 22 (Feb. 2).

Victor/Victoria seems to be hovering around this occulted and recently very busy intersection of Maritime signals: Mary, Shiva, and the Trident. The Trident submarine is the world's deadliest weapon - oddly based in the mouth of Hood Canal, my boyhood playground, also home to the Dungeness crab (symbol of my mother, and perhaps of the Catholic church) - and gateway to the Olympic mountains.

I've seen an Ohio Class submarine (known as Tridents because of the missiles they carry) in the flesh a few times, the most memorable was on a ferry ride to Port Townsend. It was heading south toward its subase - an ominous black torpedo of destruction. I couldn't help but feel a shiver as this dreadnaught of potential global annihilation passed by - leaving its atomic wake astern.

The Victory was sunk while holding a "King's ransom" of gold coins - potentially the richest treasure ship in history. OMS has previously run afoul of the Spanish:

Currently, the company is locked in a court battle with the country of Spain over ownership of the remains of a ship that experts believe to be the 17th-century Nuestra SeƱora de las Mercedes.

Our Lady of the Tripura? Huh. Curiously, it is attorney James Goold who represents the Spanish government in the case. It is wonderfully piquant for the Spanish to call OMS "piratical" in its approach to seeking ancient artifacts. Spain owes ALL her wealth to stolen gold from the new world - a galleon was a (state sanctioned) pirate ship. Likewise, the Victory was also laden with gold, coerced from the Spanish, who coerced it from the Incas, and God only knows where THEY coerced it from. It's ALL pirate gold.

So we have "Victoria" the treasure ship submarining up from the "deep" (subconscious) in the form of a previous generation's "ultimate weapon". It's interesting to me that my private journal is named "Michael's Odyssey" (begun petulantly on 6/6/06) of which snippets occasionally appear at gosporn.

It makes me wonder... the treasure would never have even been FOUND if not for a certain "treasure seeking" impulse on the part of OMS. No one else was even looking for it, but are quick to stake their claim - based mostly on factors of "noble" inheritance - the sons of pirates.

I think... I am a treasure seeker. I seek a trail long abandoned - the pearl of great price - a track nearly gone cold. I seek for my own reasons... some sublime, and some admittedly piratical in nature. I am Odysseus. I am Ponce de Leon.

Feb 5, 2009

Death and Taxes

Nothing is certain but death and taxes

Well, well, well.... Obama has now nominated/anointed three politicians who are behind in their taxes. Tim Geithner is my synch favorite - the new head of the Treasury Department!?! Maybe I'm alone on this, but I think the guardian of the Treasury should regard paying taxes like Catholics regard tithing!

I guess taxes are only for the little people now. Besides all the perks, bribes and kickbacks, now politicians don't even pay taxes on their HONEST money! Not that I am without sin here so I can't really throw the first stone... maybe a pebble?

The IRS has garnered its share of conspiracy theories over the years, my favorite being that it is secretly infiltrated by agents of Scientology. L. Ron (Elron) Hubbard was fascinated by money and commanded his followers to stop at NOTHING in obtaining it, so it makes perfect sense that Scientology would eventually worm its way into the mother of all money extractors. My own pinging on Scientology is that it is truly an inspired religion - inspired by the devil himself. Scientology is actually a fairly honest religion as far as religions go - very upfront about the exchange of cash for salvation. So it makes me wonder, since the devil exposes himself with every move on Chessboard (Battlefield) Earth...

Maybe there are taxes in heaven? Ten percent seems about right. A flat tax on your ecstatic experience that goes to the house! In fact, maybe that is what MAKES him God - the ability to collect XTC tax. Maybe Earth is like a Duty Free shop that Satan and his space pirates have set up, much like Baron Lando Calrissian in Cloud City, mining tibanna gas from the planet Bespin below:

During the Dark Nest Crisis, Bespin was troubled by the appearance of Tibanna tappers, siphoning gas from floating refineries such as BesGas Three to sell elsewhere. Because of this, Cloud City's profits dropped by at least ten percent. Fortunately, the Jedi made an effort to stop the Tibanna tappers. --Wookieepedia

Maybe these so-called Tibanna Tappers are the church - collecting tithes and offerings all these many years - the spiritual storehouse. To Lando/Satan - tithes to God cut into profit. Better put a stop to that. So following the Scientology model, Satan infiltrates the church/IRS, until the pirates are minding the store.

I note that the only time Jesus really got PISSED OFF was in the temple, overthrowing the tables of the moneychangers. Hmmm... turning the tables.

So I dunno, I almost feel like becoming Catholic! A pirate infested island could use some help. Maybe "secret agent" works both ways.

Abba: Money Money Money. Note the black and white flapper theme, and interestingly, the middle eastern vocals.

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