Jun 30, 2013

The Fifth Element

I wore my Captain America shirt this Saturday. I wear my t-shirts on a vary random schedule, but for some reason I was wearing it on Saturn Day, also the start of Gay Pride weekend. I usually wear the shirt and nobody even notices. Not today!

Starting at 9 in the morning, walked to the coop for milk, bread and eggs and some guy points to me and says "Hey, Captain America!"

Later, walking downtown to dinner, we passed our neighbors, Jim and Nacho. Jim was wearing HIS Captain America t-shirt, and Nacho was wearing his red devil pentagram t-shirt, which is more or less the same thing, being a 5 pointed star. Nacho gets extra points for the cool lightning flash pointing at the pentagram. That and the fact that he's actually a vet.

We ate at the Khu Larb, the Thai restaurant named after "the rose". The menu says the name comes from the symbol of beauty and perfection. Let us not forget the rose is quintradially symmetrical. Like Venus.

So rainbowy

After sitting down at "The Rose", our waiter points out that the bartender is wearing the same -t-shirt. Jesus, we're all Captain America today?

Icing on the cake, the bill came to a nickel over $25, and so Var placed a 5 cent piece over the cash, to make it clear we wanted back even bills for change. Walking home, the Bank of America clock was stuck at 5:00, even thought it was well past 8:30.

I suppose this syncs with the Fifth Element I found last "super moon" weekend.

Nice box

Jun 24, 2013

The Starship and the Canoe

Kon-Tiki is a 2012 Norwegian historical drama film directed by Joachim Rønning and Espen Sandberg about the 1947 Kon-Tiki expedition. The role of Thor Heyerdahl is played by Pål Sverre Valheim Hagen. It was the highest-grossing film of 2012 in Norway.

I loved it. I mean, six muscular, tanned, half-naked Norwegians on a raft, drifting in an equatorial current towards Polynesia... what's not to like? Abercrombie and Fitch meets Jacques Cousteau. But that's not what I'm writing about today. I'm writing about the idea that the 2012 film, and the original 1947 expedition, were thinly veiled ancient astronaut theory. What does a primitive balsa raft drifting from South America to Polynesia have to with space travel? Well, maybe everything.

The Solar God

Let's begin with Thor Heyerdahl, the leader of the expedition. Thor is a hammer-wielding god associated with thunder, lightning, storms, oak trees, strength, the protection of mankind, and also hallowing, healing and fertility.

Thor Heyerdahl named his expedition Kon-Tiki, after a supposed Inca Sun God. He hand paints an image of his solar deity on the sail - note the beard. The beard is odd since it represents the deity of a people who grew no beards, but then you get into the meat of the matter, because Thor's Tiki God is actually a "white man". Let us not forget the solar symbols painted onto the sails of the Santa Maria, another vessel that crossed from east to west with the sun, and discovered the "New World".
Heyerdahl claimed that in Incan legend there was a sun-god named Con-Tici Viracocha who was the supreme head of the mythical fair-skinned people in Peru. The original name for Viracocha was Kon-Tiki or Illa-Tiki, which means Sun-Tiki or Fire-Tiki. Kon-Tiki was high priest and sun-king of these legendary "white men" who left enormous ruins on the shores of Lake Titicaca. The legend continues with the mysterious bearded white men being attacked by a chief named Cari who came from the Coquimbo Valley. They had a battle on an island in Lake Titicaca, and the fair race was massacred. However, Kon-Tiki and his closest companions managed to escape and later arrived on the Pacific coast. The legend ends with Kon-Tiki and his companions disappearing westward out to sea.
There is a magical scene in Kon-Tiki where the camera starts with the voyagers on the raft, arranged in a 6 pointed star, and then zooms out to the Pacific ocean, and then to outer space where we see the stars and the curve of the earth, the moon, and then back again. It's never said outright, but you certainly get the the symbolism of ocean=space, and island=planet.
"The ancients saw the ocean not as a barrier, but a road." ~Heyerdahl
The thing about Thor is that his theory of Inca migration to Polynesia is still highly controversial. The well-considered and scientific theory is that Oceania was populated from the west. It almost seems as if he were looking for a good Sun God story, and he invented an eastern Pacific migration theory to support it.

In Kon-Tiki, Heyerdahl is constantly telling his fellow sailors to "Have faith in Tiki" and finally the engineer calls him on it: "Thor, this isn't a religion". But obviously, it is - the oldest Cargo Cult on earth.

Route 101

The Kon-Tiki Expedition lasted 101 days, a highly charged number at Gosporn.

101 in her many guises

101 represents the Divine Feminine, or Shekinah, in graphic form - The "0" is she, guarded by twin masculine pillars. We see this representation over and over again in Masonic architecture and symbolism. I was intrigued, because the 101 represents not only atomic bombs, but also stargates, time travel and warp speed.

The Dogon

But this is where it gets strange, when the film creates a crab "stowaway" character. Thor finds the crab hiding between the balsa logs at the start of the voyage, and he welcomes it along for the ride. All through the voyage, Thor is checking on the well-being of the crab, and at the end of the voyage, the raft wrecked on the outer reef of Raroia atoll in the Tuamotu group, the crab jumps safely ashore.

Coincidentally, I've also been reading VALIS, by Philip K. Dick:

In VALIS, Phillip K. Dick claims that Horselover Fat (his alter ego) experienced DNA memories of his ancestors voyaging from another star. That star was Sirius, which is also the brightest star in the earth's heavens, and also, the one most revered by Masonry.
The primordial source of all our religions lies with the ancestors of the Dogon tribe, who got their cosmogony and cosmology directly from the three-eyed invaders who visited long ago. The three-eyed invaders are mute and deaf and telepathic, could not breathe our atmosphere, had the elongated misshapen skull of Ikhnaton, and emanated from a planet in the star system Sirius. Although they had no hands, but had, instead, pincer claws such as a crab has, they were great builders. They covertly influence our history toward a fruitful end. ~P.K. Dick
A curious sync is that the traditional Polynesian sail is called a "crab claw", by its characteristic shape. The shape makes little aerodynamic sense, but all kinds of religious sense. If crab clawed aliens really did visit this island earth in chariots of the gods, we might find evidence in our unconscious repetition of certain symbols.

Jun 16, 2013

This Lotus Must Be Eaten

1. A few weeks ago, a bright green 1974 Lotus Europa followed me up the road for a while.
2. Last week, a friend emailed me a cool Lotus concept car.
3. Yesterday, I saw an article about a motor yacht named Lotus in the paper.
4. A few hours later, I met the owner of a green Lotus Super 7 that happened to pull into the Safeway parking lot as my mom was buying some groceries.

The interesting thing about Lotus is that Colin Chapman, Lotus founder and CEO, was hired by John DeLorean to design the DeLorean motor car, which is... the time machine.

The irony is that DeLorean didn't have "time" to design his own sports car from scratch, so he hired Chapman to do it PDQ. The only way Chapman could do it, was by using an existing Lotus design - the Lotus Esprit - as the basic platform.

In sync logic, it is the Sacred Lotus that is the guts of the time machine.

Where we're going, we don't need roads.

Jun 12, 2013

The DNA Legacy

I'm reading VALIS, by Philip K. Dick, and one of the core principles of Dickian religion is that the hyper-universe is made of information, and that the phenomenal world is derived from that. No info - no rocks, planets or people - the info comes first. The modern computer is a microcosm of the macrocosm - where 1's and 0's combine in complex forms of "to be" or "not to be", yin and yang, and thus everything is created from the Word, or as I like to say, the Code.

Human Beings are also microcosms of this basic "as above, so below" architecture. The human organized system (organism) is made of info encoded into the spiral helix of the DNA molecule, and it's possible to clone an entirely new "you" from just one DNA molecule, which is also encoded into every cell of your body. It's as if the schematic blueprint of your car was microscopically embedded into every single nut and bolt of the automobile.

This creates the tantalizing idea that it should be possible to monkey around (hack) the DNA code, which Big Pharma is successfully doing, for profit. Never mind they are putting us all in grave peril in the process, the fact is, they proved it. DNA really IS the code that commands our meat puppet selves.

This is not to say that DNA is God. DNA is "like" God, in a fractal sort of way. The DNA mad scientists aren't accused of "playing God" for nothing.

PKD supposed that there could be a level of information organization that is above even DNA, and this level PKD called VALIS, or Zebra. The ones and zeroes that evolved into DNA, that evolved into humans who can learn to read and write with letters, and eventually learn to read and write DNA, and finally read and write the ones and zeroes. You know... that "God Particle".

Anyhoo, I've long been interested in the idea that both DNA and 1-0 writing can be approached and manipulated by symbolic means - in other words... magic. Its the Holy Grail. That's how writing works anyway - a few scratched symbols on page, that we interpret into words, meaning, entire novels. I mean, if a human author can conjure up an entire world with the use of 26 symbols, what might a god get up to?

I suspect the only difference between a man and a god is the quality of his symbols - good penmanship still counts.

So... all this is whirling about lately, and out of the blue, I get an illustration job from Nordic Tugs. The illustration is a drawing for a newly updated model, but George (the president of NT) called and told me it was really important to "preserve the Nordic Tug DNA" in the illustration. He said it twice.


It occurred to me that much of my DNA is in fact... Nordic/Germanic. However, I don't know much about Nordic myths, in fact, I've avoided them because I dunno, they just seem so barbaric. Helloooo... maybe my DNA only speaks "Barbarian"? It occurs to me that if one is trying to contact one’s DNA, one should use the symbolic language that it is most likely to understand.

The Nordic Tugs commission came on Thursday, or Thor's Day. A day later, I'm walking around town, and I see that Kon-Tiki is playing, which is about the famous Nordic iconoclast Thor Heyerdahl. Hmmm... maybe I should look a bit more into my DNA heritage.
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