Aug 29, 2008

The Min In Me

I've been grooving on MIN lately, the pre-Dynastic Egyptian Creator God. He sounds a lot like YHWH:

As Khem or Min, he was the god of reproduction; as Khnum, he was the creator of all things, "the maker of gods and men". --wikipedia

Ithophallic Gods are shown with full-on erections. For me, they are truer to the idea of Creative GOD POWER than a thousand weepy Catholic icons. God isn't ashamed of his phallus like men are. It's his glory and power, his sword and scepter! Maybe that's why he's always being symbolically castrated - at least by hopeful usurpers. My cock is a Mini-Min, and I'm a MininMan! OK, enough PUNishment!

Find the Min on the Man

Min's sacred animal was a WHITE BULL and his special plant, long LETTUCE, lactuca sativa, (read Lettuce Pray) was believed to have aphrodisiac properties. Lettuce is believed to be associated with him, not due to its vaguely phallic shape, but rather to its white milky sap which is reminiscent of SEMEN.

Church back then sounds like fun: his statue would be taken out of his temple and brought into the fields, where participants would sing praises to Min and play games in the nude. Pharaoh (being Min's representative on earth) would then plant his "seed" in the earth, assuring a good harvest. Talk about performance anxiety!

Taurus IS a great sexual icon - all puffing and pawing, horny and hung... not so smart. The Bull is about as MALE as it gets. Lamborghini - famed Italian exoticar builder, names all its vehicles after prize bulls. The signature colors are "lettuce" GREEN and "semen" WHITE. Lamborghini's most famous product was the Countach (Piedmontese for 'FUCK'), and if Lamborghini isn't channeling Min, then I'm Thoth's uncle.

The flag of Piedmont, white cross noted.

The Lamborghini Countach was designed by Gandini at Bertone in 1971, and is perhaps the most iconic sports car in the world. The design was GROUND breaking (like a plow!) in its day, and still looks fantastic. I remember that it wasn't officially imported into the USA for a long time, because it couldn't meet collision safety regs - too DANGEROUS for Columbia. They finally DID make the Countach comply, but the solution was an outrageously UGLY bumper, thus removing virile sex appeal, and much of the reason for desiring the car in the first place! Male sex sorta likes looking dangerous...

Acting the FOOL for his God. From House of Vader.

Today I was perusing the magazine rack (sounds military, no?) and my BULL'S eye spies the September issue of Sports Car International, featuring the "SUPERCAR SAVIOR" - a white Lambo Gallardo. Page 22! Synch, game and match.

Ferdinand the Bull. One of my childhood favs! Ferdinand was a 'gay' bull who preferred to sit beneath the great cork tree smelling flowers, but was stung by a BEE and momentarily appeared all killer ferocious. He survived the Bull RING by refusing to be provoked... turning the other cheek.

Bully for Bugs. What a gull-a-bull! What a NIN-cow-poop! In this WB classic, Bugs (the trickster) bests the bull, and sets him up with AXLE (axis) grease, sandpaper and TNT, sending him crashing into a shield emblazoned with the Fleur-de-Lis - sign of the Merovingian BEE!

I realize I DO have a tendency to be easily provoked... may the inner Ferdinand win out.


Last week my HONEY was stung TWICE by BEES in the space of five minutes, while mowing the LAWN.

ADMIRE is featuring green this week.

'Ferruccio Lamborghini was a TRACTOR MAKER (used for mechanical SOWING) in Cento (near Ferrara, Italy). Ferruccio became a man with enormous financial resources and a great passion for fast and expensive cars; he owned the most beautiful cars of his time: Morgan, Jaguar, Alfa Romeo, Maserati, Mercedes and, of course, Ferrari. According to legend, the history of the Lamborghini automobile started from frequent clutch problems with a Ferrari 250: Ferruccio sought explanation directly from Ferrari himself. The answer was something like: “A tractor maker like you does not know how to use a clutch of a special car like a Ferrari”.' --Baltic Classic Cars

Ferrari presenting a perfect RED CAPE to the bull.

Aug 22, 2008

Lettuce Pray

Today I cleared a small space in the back yard to plant a garden... specifically spinach and lettuce. My reply to the latest FDA missive permitting unmarked, irradiated spinach and lettuce into the USA food chain. Irradiation destroys the delicate vitamins and phytochemicals within vegetables, the sorts of things your body might find useful in a fight against cancer or any number of pathogens. Sorry, now lettuce is nutritionally equivalent to green cardboard.

My feelings of utter contempt for the FDA and the betrayal of their mandate has reached a new burning level, and I'm not sure exactly why, but this is the straw that broke THIS camel's back. I guess I've always loved salad, and it's always been the one thing I ate that I knew was good for me.

Lest we forget, spinach was last years' media scarecrow - the E. coli boogyman. There are those who believe that Big Pharma and the FDA are in cahoots - sickening the general public slowly but surely - so that the drug companies can offer their high-priced "cures" and suck every last feeble dollar out of us before we die.

It almost makes me think there really IS some kind of conspiracy. A few months ago, tomatoes got the same E. coli "treatment". I wonder are they next on the irradiation hit list?

To the ancient Egyptians, lettuce was associated with Min, the ithyphallic God of fertility and creation - the "Chief of Heaven". Irradiating lettuce is symbolically castrating Min! Columbia (or Isis) is spurning her husband for profit, which lines her right up with the Whore of Babylon. John the Revelator has a few things to say about her.

John the Revelator - Depeche Mode


When I was a young man in my middle twenties, I was a member of a small-town gym that offered massages. I only ever got one, but I remember it. The Masseur was an "old guy", white hair but very fit, and he told me that the key to longevity and health was to eat a green salad every day! This gym was like the most amazing gym in the whole world, because it was the one where I actually made visible progress, and it had a giant (Nephilim) fiberglass statue of a muscle man in the parking lot! The small town was MARYSVILLE, so a synch home run on that one.

Aug 16, 2008

The Moses Channel

I finally watched 'Soulmaid' last week:

Moses' chronic seizures take the form of religious visions, a goddess named Glintentica. But when Moses meets David, the vengeful goddess attempts to come between the two, possess David's soul, and bring about the extinction of gays forever. Can a way to defeat Glinny's evil scheme be found? 2007.

Soulmaid Trailer

OK, I hated it... at first. mainly because it was trampling over ground that I had sort of personally peed on, and I didn't like the trespassing. That said, it's clear that I'm not the only homo with apocalyptic dreams. Those pinko beams of VALIS are definitely getting around. Like a funky bad dream, I couldn't get it out of my head.

Manhattan Moses is employed as a "Male maid". He cleans your apartment in nothing but his tighty whities - while you watch. Some kind of kinky NYC cottage industry. Moses is always cleaning, cleaning... sponges, sponges. I'm deliberately avoiding Sponge Bob Square Pants synchs for now, because I fear Bob is a ravenous synch hole of epic proportions, and my time is short.

So anyhoo, the very next day my honey asked me to clean the kitchen floor, which I admit was several weeks past due. So I'm on the floor, sponge in hand, and I'm thinking, this is SO weird, I'm acting out "Moses". I scrub and I scrub, all the way around the kitchen and the breakfast nook, and I'm especially diligent, because this is like MOSES doing the cleaning.

I get everything spotless, except there's the round table in the breakfast nook, and I decide to clean underneath it. The table has a cruciform base, and when I slide it away, I see the major CROSS shaped stain beneath, tinged with RED from God only knows what. OK, a filthy RED CROSS on the floor of my pristine breakfast nook! No match for the SPONGE of MOSES!!!

The Bloody Cross is the sign of the Templars, and in my synchropinion, a fabulous candidate for the infamous Mark of the Beast. It flashed on me: Holy Fuck! Is THAT what we're supposed to do? Make the RED cross WHITE? How is THAT supposed to happen?

I have some funky Moses synchs, Burning Bush and all. The strangest one was last summer, when a Jehovah's Witness lady came to the door, evangelizing. As usual, I told her that I was a Christian and that I was QUEER, and she was completely unperturbed by that news. She got out her bible in her best 'Church Lady' way and it plops open to Numbers 20:9-12 which is the tale of why Moses never made it across the River Jordan to the Promised Land. She reads the verse, tells me in no uncertain terms the moral of the story, and then she turns on her heels and leaves, and I had the feeling that verse was the WHOLE REASON she came to my door.

I was like, WTF?!!

The opposite of the Templar cross is a white cross in a red field, which synchs up with the sacrificial Red Shirts. It is the sign of the LIFEGUARD - the GUARDIAN of the beach - the eternally bronze sex symbol. The first gay porn I ever bought featured a lifeguard. And then there's BAYWATCH.

According to the Guinness Book of World Records, Baywatch is the most watched TV show in the world of all time, with over 1.1 billion viewers. That pesky 11 again.

David Hasselhoff was never my cup of tea, but I sure envied his job. He was King of the Beach, and he hired only the hottest of the Hottentots.

Before Baywatch, David was Michael KNIGHT:

Michael Knight, a former police detective... is recruited into the secret organization FLAG (Foundation for Law And Government) after nearly being killed during a botched investigation. Knight is provided with the use of KITT, an ultra sophisticated autonomic car which enables him to travel across the United States fighting crime.

Alrighty then. Michael (the angel/archetype) drives around the New World (Atlantis) in a self-aware chariot/grail (human being) that is voiced by William Daniels, who plays the car/grail like a flaming QUEEN!

The reverse Templar cross also happens to be the Swiss FLAG - an odd little country. Land of chalets, Toblerone, cuckoo clocks and Swatches, fondue, secreted wealth, the Matterhorn and the infamous CERN in Geneva. Most importantly, it was the HAVEN to which Julie Andrews FLED from the Nazis in The Sound of Music!

One wonders what kind of secret leverage the Swiss have held all these years that prevented them from being absorbed into this or that European empire.

The Swiss GUARD are the ceremonial protectors of St. Peter's - AKA GUARDIANS of the Key Bearer. I doubt if the Vatican has anything besides money and reputation left to guard, but the symbolic point is made.

Swiss Guards is the name that has been given to Swiss mercenary soldiers who have served as bodyguards, ceremonial guards, and palace guards at foreign European courts from the late 15th century until the present day. --wikipedia

Dig those funky silks. Strangely, those were the colors I chose for the sail of my second little yacht - a SOL cat.

A boy and his solar powered Grail, at rest.

Anyway, back to Moses. Moses didn't make it across the River Jordan on the first go, because he didn't give God the credit for his acts. A copyright infringement. Maybe he'll make it across the second time around, as long as he gives due credit:

"By the power of the Great Phallic Sky God!"

That should play well in Peoria!

Aug 8, 2008

Why So Serious?

The Dark Knight was reviewed recently by Christopher L Knowles at The Secret Sun. I quote him extensively below. In his review, Chris mentions a few previous incarnations of Gotham's Joker and their motivations.

As with the villains in the first Sin City series, Miller's mincing, effeminate Joker is evil precisely because of his sexuality (Miller's work could keep an entire GLAAD office busy if anyone outside of geekdom bothered to read it). --CLK

Wow. Gay is Evil - the Unoriginal Sin. How many times have I heard that? Let's see... minister, army, comic books and even Walt Disney! From Snow White to Sleeping Beauty to Aladdin to The Lion King to Enchanted, the wicked influence in Disney films is always a Queen. Was Walt a "self-hating homo"?

Even Cesar Romero's Joker in the Batman TV series has a queer vibe going, and his wikipedia entry is fascinating:

While Romero's homosexuality was an "open secret" in Hollywood, the movie-going public was unaware of his sexual proclivities and there was never any embarrassing scandal surrounding his male liaisons, which shows the care and finesse with which he conducted his private life for more than 60 years.

Romero believed in 'liberation theology,' a political system combining Marxism with Catholicism, which purports that, despite the fact that Karl Marx called religion 'the opiate of the masses,' religion and communism are still compatible. Romero was very Christian yet still believed in a utopian society whose belief is that Christ's kingdom would be very similar to Marx's envisionment of communism, and held to this belief until his death."

Cesar and I are on the same page with that - we both drink Red Star beer.

Heath Ledger is something of a gay Saint, and in synchromystic (the dreaming mind) terms I'm free to associate all of Heath's characters with gay archetypes, even when he plays them totally straight.

The Joker is so emotionally involved with Batman that he prevents his "outing" on TV by blowing up a hospital. The fact that Ennis Del Mar is the Joker and that Maggie Gyllenhaal (sister of Ledger's Brokeback Mountain co-star) plays one of the Joker's victims might be telling us something about the character not made explicit in the script. --CLK

Del Mar = Of the Sea = Born of MARY

As to metatext, the Templar symbology we recently looked at weaves in and out of the plotline. It's interesting to note that the Joker blows up a hospital to preserve Batman's secret identity. The Knights Hospitaller were the Templars' primary rivals. --CLK

H = 11 = Hospital = Hospitaller

Hospitality (giving shelter to a stranger) is close to the ultimate virtue of the Old Testament. Inhospitality was the sin for which Sodom was destroyed (besides the sex with angels thing). I've had some extremely personal H Hospital synchs recently, the most recent was a visit to the VIRGINIA MASON Hospital emergency room.

There were lots of little Easter eggs for the Synchromystic crowd (all 38 or so of us). The bus the Joker uses to make his first getaway is marked "District 22". This calls to mind the Fool trump of the Tarot (the predecessor of the Joker card in modern playing decks) which is numbered as 22 in esoteric circles. --CLK

Gavin of Altantean Times, who has studied the archetypes represented by Heath Ledger in depth, associates The Fool trump with Jesus.

The Fool is sometimes known as the most worthless card, yet also as the most valuable one. ...the first and the last, the alpha and the omega... the Negative space above the Tree of Life, the source of all things... the Qabalistic Zero, the Equation of the Universe, the initial and final balance of the opposites, both the father and the mother - male and female. --June Kaminski

The Rider-Waite-Smith version of The Fool trump

The Fool = 22 = 11:11 = HH

I have plenty of personal 22 syncs, the most important being that I was 22 years old when I came out. I think coming out is a pretty good example of playing the Fool - publicly declaring I'd rather suck cock that receive all the blessings of the hetero status quo. What an ultramaroon! A recent one is that I found out I live in Kirkland's Fire District 22!

Which brings me to the recent ritual murder/sacrifice of Canadian Tim McClean, alter ego = JoKAwiLd. Tim was 22. Todd has a great post at Through the Looking Glass about this bizarre death and it's Batman/Joker syncs. Looking at The Fool tarot, we can find a few more:

The Fool is accompanied by a small dog, synching up with SIRIUS, the dog star. Tim was attacked on a GreyHOUND bus, and we see the Joker asking, Why so SIRIUS?

The Fool is shown carrying a rucksack, showing his status as a traveler - a "sojourner" in this world, implying that his true home is NOT of this world. The Fool is a friend of hobos, tramps, hitchhikers, backpackers and Gypsies the world over, and the greyhound bus syncs up here as well - definitely traveling coach, and hospitality is always welcome.

The Fool's planet is Uranus, which syncs him up with the Loyalists in the War of Heaven.

Uranus (the Greek Ouranos) was the first child of Gaia (Mother Earth). As the original sky god, Ouranos became the first heavenly father when he poured water in the form of rain onto his mother earth below so that she would flourish with plant life. Ouranos also impregnated his mother to produce the first race of gods that ruled over mankind. Only when Ouranos became a tyrant did his mother plot with their son Cronos (Saturn) to wrest power from his father Ouranos by castrating him with a sickle.

I figure it takes a sirius joker to to align his planet with your anus. Ben Dover!

The murder occurred in Winnipeg, Canada, and thanks to Jake Kotze's recent post Galactic Center Temple at the Blog we know that Winnipeg is at the geographic center of North America (AKA Atlantis) which represents the Axis Mundi and Galactic Center.

The Fool is the ultimate "Free Spirit" - this card represents the self-actualized person, free from societal constraints, someone who is able to let go of outmoded beliefs and ideals with the courage to pursue their own special path. --June Kaminski

But if the Joker is meant to be a neo-Assassin, then Batman is by implication a new Templar. So is his sacrifice- to be disgraced to protect Two-Face's reputation- meant as an analogy to the Templars' own disgrace in the eyes of the public? Interesting that both Batman and Two-Face represent duality but the Joker represents singularity. He has no other identity other than as an agent of death and chaos. --CLK

Apparently, The Fool is a FIEND in the New Templar Order, and it makes me wonder... why? Was Lucifer the victim of some cosmic practical joke, and was that the catalyst for the War of Heaven? They say pride goeth before a FALL, and Lucifer's pride was mythic. Is Lucifer - the most glorious of God's creation - incapable of laughing at himself? Maybe he just doesn't know how to take a joke.

Why so serious?

Aug 1, 2008

The Free Monty

Fremont is a Seattle neighborhood known for it's funky, post-hippie vibe - even after the gentrification. It's home to the Solstice Parade, and about as Pagan as they come: Head shops, bicycle shops, bookstores that are always full of the latest Bush whacker, even a statue of Lenin! I've become perfectly comfortable there. It's also the place where I was "initiated" into the Mysteries.

Fremont calls itself "The Center of the Universe", which may very well be true. It's central signpost points to Atlantis and the Milky Way, among other interesting destinations. This Galactic Center - (Lodge No. 11?) even has a rocket ship stargate idling at "ground zero". In the Shadow of Giants, I note it even has an El Camino restaurant, named after "the Road", or the Rainbow Bridge.

Fremont itself sits across a deep and narrow watery channel from Seattle proper - called the ship canal, or "the cut" for short. Seattle might represent the busy and self-important egocentric left brain, while Fremont represents the All creative, All knowing right side. Fremont is accessed from Seattle by the Fremont Bridge, a narrow, (and oftentimes traffic choked) draw bridge over the Cut. It's blue and orange. But there is another way...

Over-arching this small bridge is the great AURORA Bridge, resonating rainbows and toroid radiation belts. Grail energy! The Aurora Bridge is a suicide MAGNET, its stargate resonating power obvious to all. Just beneath the Aurora Bridge in Fremont lies a great troll that is ready to devour you and your chariot as you cross the great DIVIDE. It has a VW BEETLE(Juice) in it's grip.

The CUT leads to Lake UNION (with the Divine), and way out West we have many train stations named UNION STATION - after the Union Pacific Railroad. Here's one in Tacoma, and here's one in Seattle - both fine temples/dynamos.

My personal initiation ritual took place inside this building - currently occupied by the Theo Chocolate Factory. Yes, Charlie, Fremont even has a chocolate factory (organic and fair trade certified, of course).

At the time (four summers ago) the building was in transition, the former home of the Red HOOK Ale Brewery (note the Giza-ish pyramidal pines in the logo) and before that the old Fremont Trolley Barn. By rail, beer, chocolate or Fly Agaric (all Foods of the Gods), this building has always been a symbolic stargate.

How and why these symbolic buildings exist is a matter of opinion, and yes, Freemasons built them. The Seattle Union Station was designed by the same architect as Grand Central Station! Considering my personal history and resonance with occult architectural shamanism, I think these dudes were seriously tuned in - like Solomon.

And yet... I can't help but think these great architects somehow missed the point. The Temple of God is NOT a building of brick and mortar. It is a MAN. We are the holy temple/chariot/grail/edifice of the ALL. My BODY is the Temple/Battery of Solomon.

A spiritual battery - just like Solomon's Temple. Holy Fuck!

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