Apr 20, 2014

Easter Mass and Mini Elephants

I attended Easter Mass this morning with Our Lady, the Star of the Sea, whom the Catholics call St. Mary, the Greeks called Aphrodite, the Egyptians called Isis, and the Babylonians called Ishtar. I expect the average Christian isn’t fond of the idea that all their icons are re-booted pagan gods and goddesses, but for me it is a comfort. It helps me keep faith in the archetypes, even as they change their names over the eons.

Anyway, the service itself was straight out of Star Trek: The Return of the Archons episode. A bunch of primates worshipping a computer. They even carry an ornate bible down the center aisle - the Word, you know. Let’s call it a computer chip - the “Code”.

Set in the 23rd century, the series follows the adventures of Captain James T. Kirk (William Shatner) and the crew of the Federation starship Enterprise. In this episode, the crew of the Enterprise encounters a seemingly peaceful world controlled by an unseen religious leader, but discovers that the end of social evils has removed everyone's individuality.

I’m not exactly against the idea of worshipping a computer, as long as it was, you know, God-like. Philip K. Dick called it VALIS (Vast Active Living Intelligence System), and the study of sync certainly reinforces the idea that we are all essentially sub-routines running inside a universal, holographic computer program.

This service was marred by a bad, buzzy speaker, you could barely understand the words being spoken. I took this as a sync metaphor for a lack of communication skills with the mainframe MCP. We’ve lost the code, and all we can do is blindly follow ritual, pushing the Jesus Submit button over and over again but nothing actually happens.

The reason nothing happens is not that the computer isn’t there, but that we simply don’t have the right passwords and protocols anymore. The Elders of Zion don’t just give it away. “In the name of Jesus…” is simply saying the password and expecting results, as if the Jesus was your best app ever. Maybe it really IS the best app ever, but it’s name isn’t Jesus, it’s probably a lot closer to THX 1138.

Sync is the study and re-learning of this ancient protocol, the symbolic language of VALIS. As we learn it, the world is gradually revealed to be a giant Donkey Kong simulation. (see what I did there?) And that’s the fun, because we are learning to push the right buttons on the game console.


I’ve been having extremely vivid earthquake/landslide dreams over the past month. The most recent was last night, where Var and I were driving the VW somewhere, the ground began shaking, and soon every mountain range around us began crumbling, as if the entire world is going down. The dreams feel very real and very troubling, but I don’t fear them anymore. The earthquakes are the result of Poseidon banging his trident upon the ground. Poseidon is the god of the sea, or the subconscious. So quite naturally, the ‘quakes are heard first in the dreamspace holodeck of the subconscious, which then manifest and become our dimension, through a process of 3D printing.
For in him we live and move and have our being
~ Acts 17:28

Mini Elephants

What kind of reality will we create? Mini-elephants is the best we can come up with? For some reason I keep seeing miniature elephants. Stardust, Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow, The Mysterious Island, all feature mini-phants.

Ganesh is the elephant bringer of good luck, but you know, he rides on a mouse. Maybe because he has to obey the click.

Apr 15, 2014

Olympia Sync Summit 2014

On the weekend of August 8th Sync Book Press is organizing The 2014 Olympia Sync Summit.

Please join us as we meet at the summit of Mt. Olympus. Partake in ancient and recently re-discovered Dionysian rites, meet your favorite sync gods, and bring your toga. I'll be there, and so will 10 (and more) authors of the Sync Book Press.

This event will feature...

- A live Radio8Ball Show with The Radio8Band & (Celebrity Guest - TBD).
- A tour of the "Kabbalistic Tree of Olympia" (from the book "Accidental Initiations" by Andras Jones)

& presentations from...

- Alan Green (Sync Book Press)
- Rodney Ascher (Room 237)
- Joe Alexander (Apophenia Productions)
- Marty Leeds (MatheMagic)
- Will Morgan (42 Minutes)
- Scott Onstott (Secrets in Plain Sight)
- James Evan Pilato (Media Monarchy)
- Ezra Sandzer-Bell (Tone Color Alchemy)
- Michael Schacht (Gosporn)
- Andras Jones (Radio8Ball)

But mostly, it's an opportunities to enjoy sync in a magickal town at the most beautiful time of year, in a state where pot and gay marriage are legal, and the death penalty isn't.

We are raising funds to cover travel expenses for our presenters.

In order to produce the best event possible we need great presenters and even those who are willing to contribute their talents and insight for free, still need help with their travel and lodging.

The funds we are raising will cover these costs. Anything left over will pay to document the event so those who are unable to attend will still be able to enjoy the event.

If the experience of synchronicity inspires you, then you're like us, and we'd like to meet you in Olympia this summer. Your participation in this campaign will make it a reality we can all share. Please click here for more info.

Apr 14, 2014


Jewish Gematria N = 40
English Gematria N = 84
Simple Gematria N = 14

I have a long standing sync relationship with the numbers 14 and 41, and a repeating number: 414141… which includes my old school district and my father’s football jersey number. So while everyone goes crazy for 42, I’m very interested in the 41.

BANANA is 214141, which makes it a profoundly phallic sort of numeric progression. The Spermatikos, or “generative principle of the Universe” might be at play.

I’ve had approximately 144,000 syncs on this number, which all point at today: 4/14/14. I had no idea that this was also the beginning of the Grand Cardinal Cross, blood moon eclipse "thing" until a few days ago. I was just feeling a build up of sync energy that seemed to be focused right here, right now, and it involved the 14-41.

As it turns out, this is also Passover and Easter season. I like to point out that Jesus was the son of Mary, and that Mary is the “modern” symbol of Ishtar and Isis, all three of whom claim the title “The Star of the Sea”. Curiously, Venus was also born from the sea, via the “pink foam” of her father Uranus’ death.
Even for the gods Ishtar's love was fatal. In her youth the goddess had loved Tammuz, god of the harvest, and—if one is to believe Gilgamesh —this love caused the death of Tammuz.
Venus is literally the star of the sea for mariners, AKA the Morning Star - herald of the dawn. She is the Goddess of love, and I would very much like to bring in Easter at our local Catholic parish, St. Mary, Star of the Sea. However, I don’t think this Bananarama video would be properly received.

The trouble with modern religions is they just don’t respect the classics.



Bananarama is a joining of banana with Cinerama (chimera), or Spermatikos with Maya. Curious children they make.

Ishtar's symbols are the octagon and the lion.

Apr 5, 2014

The Piper at the Gates of Dawn

I read Kenneth Grahame's The Wind in the Willows a few weeks ago. I was intrigued that Pink Floyd named their debut album after a chapter in the book: The Piper at the Gates of Dawn. The chapter's an odd one, where our diminutive animal protagonists have a frankly psychedelic and vaguely homoerotic experience meeting Pan. One wonders if Kenneth enjoyed a bit of the "Halfling's leaf" back in the day, while writing his stories for children.

I am intrigued by piper myths, both Pan and the Pied Piper. The Pied Piper rids the town of Hamlin of a plague of rats, it reminded me of this old gosporn post - The Piper Gets an Advance, where the modern bankers and plutocrats have become the rats in our global village, eating us out of house and home. The climax of The Wind in the Willows is chapter 12, "The Return of Ulysses", where Toad and his compatriots retake Toad Hall from a band of weasels.

Another telling spin on the weasel mythos can be found in the Terry Jones-directed version of Wind in the Willows, a live-action 1996 interpretation which re-conceives Grahame's saga as an environmental parable. Here the weasels are no longer a grasping underclass but rather a league of industrialists, plowing over Mole's field to build vast factories and planning to dynamite Toad's home - a historical landmark - to make way for a new processing plant. The Chief Weasel, sporting a Hitler mustache and flanked by Nazi-like "W" banners, is an evil plutocrat with no regard for the natural landscape, the national legacy, or the modest homes and livelihoods of creatures throughout the River Bank. ~Joel Bocko.

Rat, Mole, Badger and Toad sneak back into Toad Hall via a secret underground passage while the weasels are partying it up in the dining room, eating Toad's food, drinking his wine, and telling crass jokes. It was a banquet for the Chief Weasel's birthday.

The League of Weasels

Yesterday, 4/4/14, was the 65th birthday of NATO. The "Weasel in Chief" would be our 44th president. Var and I were walking by the house with the "Big Orange Sync" yesterday and he spied a condom package on the road, a Trojan. We recall that Ulysses sneaked into Troy by hiding inside the Trojan Horse.

I wonder if the invasion from the Id began yesterday? Not the overt attack, but the sneaking in.

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