Jan 31, 2010

Flying Fish

Seattle is famous for a few things: jet airplanes, the Space Needle, Nirvana, the Battle in Seattle, and fish tossing. Fish tossing? Yep - the famous Pike Place Market fish mongers - who pitch fish like baseballs.

A leopard fish?

A Pike is a type of fish, and it is also the name of Star Trek’s Captain Christopher Pike. Pike is also a name with some Masonic cred: Albert Pike.

Captain Pike - he was the first captain of the Enterprise (the “pilot”), and the one who recruited Kirk/Dionysus into Star Fleet. Which makes him almost like a “father” to Dionysus, doesn’t it? Or more accurately, a predecessor. The Dagon fish-gods are the predecessors of all our solar gods, so how perfect to have Pike “relieved” of duty by Captain Tiberius Kirk (“Roman church”). The Seattle Pilots were the predecessor of the Mariners. They who pitch.

The Dagon Gods were said to arrive by flying chariot, or in modern mythic archetype, UFO. In other words, flying fish. Interesting how the flying fish/UFO’s were seen around Mt. Rainier, back in the day. And just recently we had a flaming "flying fish" sighting - in New Found Land:

"It appeared to come out of the ocean," she told CBC News. "It was like it was in the middle of the bay."

I think maybe I should put out some landing lights in the backyard? Perhaps something that can be “seen from space”...

Here’s the Google map image of my backyard... seen from space. If the Google can see the little hydroplane (a flying fish?) in the back, I figure Dagon fish god aliens could see things even tinier. Hmmm.

Jan 27, 2010

Star Trek 11 - Director's Cut

Finally caught J.J. Abrams' take on the venerable Star Trek franchise this week, and I haven't yet read a symbolic interpretation online, so thought I'd jump in.

To me, Star Trek has always been more about exploring "inner space" - the mythic archetypes inside our own heads, than the actual cosmos. The Star Trek Universe and its four quadrants all represent different rooms, or spheres, of human consciousness, and when James T. Kirk says "to boldly go where no man has gone before", he’s talking about something far more intriguing (and dangerous) than merely exploring the physical universe.

All the Star Trek characters represent mythic archetypes, for example Lt. Uhura, Communications Officer, can be seen as Mercury, a messenger of the Gods. Spock is obviously the Roman Vulcan, or Hephaestus in Greek. Star Trek 11 is all about Spock.

Spock is a Vulcan/Human crossbreed. He has a dual nature, and it is this duality that Spock confronts in the movie. Spock is half logic and half emotion. Or in other words, half left brain and half right brain. He is Ego and Id, conscious and subconscious, which makes Spock the only true "human being" in the movie, and it is the conflict between these two "sides" that the movie is all about. Everyone Spock meets in this dream-like storyline is an archetype of his own subconscious.

In Star Trek mythology, Vulcan is the planet of science, reason, and all the left brain virtues. Vulcans are also intellectually arrogant, and this is the side where Spock was raised - a man of ”dual citizenship“, but confined to one side. We are introduced to Spock as a child being raised in an individual "bowl" of scientific learning (one of thousands), nicely representing the individual ego's experience of reality.

Vulcans, like Spock, have a history of duality. Long ago, their race split in two, with what eventually became the Vulcans embracing logic as their savior, and the Romulans embracing the other side. Rome was founded by Romulus, and since Rome is synonymous with the Catholic church, I’ll hazard a guess that Romulus represents the right brain, subconscious, intuitive, religious side. It’s a side that Spock (mankind) holds within himself, but is suppressed because of his rigid, Vulcan, ego-centric upbringing.

To make sense of the movie, we have to skip ahead - far in the future of this Star Trek episode.

129 years from now, a star will explode, and threaten to destroy the galaxy.

The elder Spock promised the Romulans that he would save their planet, and outfitted their fastest ship - (a stargate/contact device-like contraption) with “red matter” - a sort of doomsday device that would destroy the exploding star from within by creating an internal black hole. Unfortunately, “the unthinkable” happened, and Romulus was destroyed by the star.

I’ll hazard another guess that this star represents the "star" of scientific enlightenment (circa Renaissance) which took out the "planet/temple" of religion when it went supernova. Science 1, Religion 0.

Romulus/the Church was nearly destroyed, but some renegade survivors (the Jesuits?) took Spock's secret, black-hole weapon of ultimate destruction (resonating Shiva) and time-traveled back in time in order to destroy the planet Vulcan, so that Spock might know what it was like to lose HIS home world.

Which gives us the Black Church of Id/Right brain consciousness on a secret mission in time - bent on the destruction of Ego/Left brain consciousness! man, talk about an eye for an eye!

In Star Trek 11, this "Romulan/Catholic black church" erupts into collective consciousness via a time warp, and it takes the form of J. J. Abram's favorite monster from the Id - a menacing giant squid. Sexy, leather clad, tattooed Eric Bana is at the helm of this monster, and he is named Nero. Note his trident-like forehead tattoos, which also resemble the dive-bombing dove.

"I do not speak for Romulus"

Nero was the Roman Caesar who presided over the destruction of the Second Temple in Jerusalem, and whom the New Romans (Catholics) call the Antichrist. If Romulus = The Roman Church = Id, then Nero represents the Dark Side of this complex creature - the Beast.

Every Antichrist/Villain needs his Christ/Hero, and appropriately, the moment Nero is "born" into consciousness, so is James T. Kirk.

J. J. cast Chris Pine as the new Kirk, and given that every Hephaestus has his Dionysus, I was intrigued by the famous Dionysus fertility symbol synching into the actor's name. Our first shot of the adult Kirk includes a glass of beer, a bar in the 'heartland" granary of Iowa, while making sexual advances on everything on two legs. Pretty much nails Dionysus, I'd say.

Well, now that we know who is playing what archetype, the actual plot is pretty cut and dried. Agent of Ego (Spock) "kills" Id (Romulus). The dark side of Id lashes back, and "kills" Ego (Vulcan).

Meanwhile, the heroic aspect of Id creates a savior archetype, in this case, Captain Kirk. Agent Ego eventually realizes that it is unfit to rule (emotionally impaired), and steps down from the Captain’s chair, allowing the heroic side of his true Self to take the helm.

Antichrist is quickly destroyed/re-integrated into All, and the Enterprise (the evolution of consciousness) takes flight once again.

Speck of consciousness, takes aim at his own dark side - powered by holy cross and blood sacrifice.

Or in other words, Dionysus returns Hephaestus to Olympus, and for this heroic feat, he is welcomed into the pantheon.

Update 1/30/10: Red Matter

Spock's antichrist destroying spaceship is literally loaded for bear. It includes a solar cross "rose window", and in the shot below we see the holy hexagon and the completed pyramid, with Spock's head standing in for the capstone. The spaceship itself takes the form of a whirling "Contact Device".

The ship's ultimate weapon is called "red matter", which is a spherical red blob that somehow reminds me of blood. Blood sacrifice.

According to Christian dogma, the blood sacrifice of Christ on the Cross is the act that saves us from our sins. The modern, mushroom-inspired interpretation of this pivotal event is called "ego-death". Jesus, the Lamb of God, takes the place of our ego, and is ritually "slaughtered". Perhaps the red amanita is the "vehicle" of this profound, alchemical process.

All the symbols encoded into Spock's spaceship are representing the same thing - the connection of ego to Id, which causes the death of the false self (ego) and the birth of a new creation. Spock is the new Adam:

For as in Adam all die, so in Christ all will be made alive. -- 1 Corinthians 5:22
So it is written: "The first man Adam became a living being"; the last Adam, a life-giving spirit. --1 Corinthians 15:45

Jan 22, 2010

Tying Up Some Loose Ends

Here's an interesting synch: the "white knot" symbol of gay marriage advocacy is a bow tie! See all the Orion posts about the recurring appearance of this symbol of Orion and Osiris in the past few years. I found it in the sidebar at The Green Man's Grove. Of course, Osiris is also known as "the green man".

Jan 16, 2010

Twin Wrasslin'

I had a wonderful/horrible lesson (yet another one) into the WICKED power of imagination this week. It was via a “client” synchromystically named Thomas (the twin). Thomas had hired me to do a drawing of his dream boat, and this was last November, when Var got really sick and I suddenly went into panic/caregiver mode, and basically I stopped returning calls and emails from everyone, including Thomas.

Thomas had not heard much from me for almost two months, and he finally called yesterday to see what was up, and shortly the conversation devolved into shouting and Thomas calling me a liar and a thief, which believe it or not only happens occasionally.

Since he hadn’t heard from me, he imagined the worst, which was that I was “stealing” his fabulous idea (ahem), and brushing him off. Over the month he imagined all kinds of things about me, to the point where he believed his imagination idea of me more than well... me. Even sent me synchronistic, circumstantial “proof“ of my double dealing, tying a (non gosporn) blog post of mine to one of his ”ideas“. To him, the truth sounded like a ridiculous lie.

So to get back, I imagined all kinds of wicked thoughts about Thomas, the drug dealing crook!!

And I realized that Thomas was simply showing me a mirror of my conspiranoid self. I see the actions of all the various “villains” (George Bush, Obama, Prince William, Lady Gaga...?), and not being privy to their innermost thoughts and secret meetings, I make shit up. Just like Thomas did about me.

This year is the year I finally accept that “conspiracy” is just the first degree of the synchronicity tracing board. Obama is no more conscious of his actions than I am. We are all puppet/actors of a Higher Consciousness, and Free Will is an Illusion.

Thank the fucking God. Time to relax.

Jan 11, 2010

Trident Red Alert

Three BIG trident synchs this week. Just click the Shiva link to bring you up to speed on the trident symbol - AKA the ultimate weapon of Shiva, the destroyer of illusion.

1. America’s Cup - BMW Oracle (the black trident) was shipped to Valencia Spain for the cup race:

Alinghi have won the first sea-borne race of the 33rd America's Cup - the race to the venue.  The Cassandra B dropped anchor in front of Valencia Sunday morning with a special cargo of Swiss(ish) catamaran, while the Ocean Lady pulled in Sunday evening (pic left) with a deck cargo that cost more then some countries' GDP to create. -

Cassandra is the beauty who spurned Apollo, and in recompense Apollo cursed her with the ability to see the future, but that no one would believe her prophecies! An ominous start to the races, me thinks. Meanwhile, BMW Oracle is born by the Ocean Lady, AKA the Star of the Sea, Mary, Gaia, etc., etc.

2. The Independence. A recent customer sent me pics of the latest U.S. Navy effort - the LCS 2, the first example to be called the Independence. The ship is a deadly trimaran with a giant helo deck. One of its mission profiles is to hunt PIRATES?

3. The ramming of the Ady Gil.

An an unprovoked attack captured on film, the Japanese security ship Shonan Maru No. 2 deliberately rammed and caused catastrophic damage to the Sea Shepherd trimaran Ady Gil. Six crew crewmembers, four from New Zealand, one from Australia, and one from the Netherlands were immediately rescued by the crew of the Sea Shepherd ship Bob Barker. None of the crew Ady Gil crew were injured. -H2uhO

Which gives us another black trimaran/trident, heroically cut in twain in the defense of Leviathan/submarine resonating whales, whose crewmembers, all of the “Down Under”, “subconscious” domain, were IMMEDIATELY rescued by the crew of the Sea Shepherd (synching with Shiva/Jesus/Osiris the German Shepherd and Lord/SAVIOR of the Underworld) ship Bob BARKER! My poor pineal gland can’t take much more of this!

Jan 8, 2010

We Three Kings

Some Mormon missionary boys came by the house yesterday, inquiring into my “walk with the Lord”. The terriers were over-the-top yappie, which gave a great excuse to bugger off, never mind that they weren’t even cute. Though I almost DID want to chat, mostly about last year’s discoveries about the entheogenic origins of the LDS (nice synch with LSD, btw).

And how that linked Joseph Smith to the Gnostics and back even further to the Dionysus Mystery cults, and also to the Shamanic pharmacological tradition in the New World, from which Joe got his start. I’m sure they would have loved it! But I thought better of it. Before they left, they handed me their pamphlet:

“The Restoration of the Gospel of Jesus Christ”

I figure Joe was on the right track, but his visions were quickly subverted by the usual suspects. However, his thesis was correct - the Christ, the magic mushroom of Cosmic Consciousness, visited the New World as well as the old. The Gospel means “Good News”, and it dawns on me that the early gospel was most likely “literally” an entheogenic plant - a plant that opens the pineal gland stargate. Perhaps the commandment to spread the Gospel was a commandment to spread the mushroom spore?

Here’s a pic of from the same Mormon pamphlet, with Joe being anointed into the Melchizedek Priesthood by the Apostles Peter, James and John. Might not these Apostles be representing three entheogenic plants? Three “kings”? Curiously, Joseph Smith incorporated Amanita Muscaria, Peyota and Datura into his “worship”.

No story of Christ’s birth is complete without the three Magi and their three gifts: gold, frankincense and myrrh. Is it possible that these three precious “spices” represent the substances one must ingest in order to meet the “three wise men”?

Jeff Fairhall was convinced that the true sacrament was a blend of three entheogens. Coincidentally, Var’s miracle-working anti-viral pills are Norvir, Reyataz and Truvada - the “Holy Trinity” according to Richard, our social worker.

To me, the "Restoration of the Gospel" is the restoration of plant entheogens to their rightful place - the Gate of Heaven - the Crown of Enlightenment.

I am coming soon. Hold on to what you have, so that no one will take your crown. --Rev 3:11

Jan 1, 2010

The Double Edged Sword

Danish police have shot and wounded a Somali man who tried to break into the home of a cartoonist whose 2005 drawings of Prophet Muhammad outraged Muslims around the world.

Intelligence authorities said the 28-year-old suspect was armed with an axe and knife when he attempted to enter the home of cartoonist Kurt Westergaard in the eastern city of Aarhus on Friday.

They say the pen is mightier than the sword, or in other words, it is a powerful weapon. If I’m in favor of the right of free speech, wouldn't it logically follow that I’m in favor of the right to freely bear arms, and axes? Or if I’m in favor of gun control, should I not be even more in favor of word control? What about free speech that incites violence? Is the speaker to be held responsible for his speeches? In the Court of God, would Rush Limbaugh be held at least partially responsible for a hate crime done under his “influence”? What about the speeches of Presidents, goading entire nations on to war? Or cartoonists?

I’m just sayin... if you make an attack, either by pen or axe, be prepared.

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