Jan 31, 2009

My Mother the Car

The solar chariot - note his mother peaking...

I saw a gorgeous orange Porsche 914 the other day - nice ones are quite rare these days. Ricardo Montalban died on Jan. 14, and the High Noon post got 14 comments. 914's had removable SUN roofs, orange... you get the drift. 914's are a crossbreed between the noble Porsche brand and the peasant VW engine, so they are considered less valuable and collectible. However, judged simply on their merits, 914's were very good cars, and by volume, Porsche's most successful model - "the people's Porsche". Like most of my favorite cars, it was rear engined.

The legendary Dr. Ferry Porsche is the father of both brands - Porsche and Volkswagen. He developed a "people's car" for Hitler prior to WWII (another false sun god/antichrist), which became the VW, which eventually became a symbol of 60's counter-culture. How weird is that?

Now that I think about it, the most significant cars in my history were ALL crossbreeds of one sort or another. The Ferrari 246 Dino is perhaps the most beautiful Ferrari ever made - a cross between Pininfarina coach building and a 6-cylinder Fiat power plant. I loved this car. Still do. The name "Dino" honors the founder's late son, Alfredo "Dino" Ferrari.

The "Dino" brand was created to market a lower priced, "affordable" sports car. The first brochure described the Dino as "almost a Ferrari". --wikipedia

"What is man that you are mindful of him, the son of man that you care for him? 
 You made him a little lower than the angels; you crowned him with glory and honor and put everything under his feet." --Hebrews 2:6-8

Another is the De Tomaso (Thomas) Pantera (panther), a cross between "old world" Italian artistry and the brute force of a "new world" Ford V-8. Sold in the US through the Lincoln/Mercury dealerships, this car has perhaps the most gorgeous ass ever designed, but quality did not live up to expectations. Notably, Elvis Presley once fired a gun at his Pantera after it wouldn't start.

Auto-mobiles are symbolic of chariots, grails and vessels - and we human beings are literally spirit in vessels of clay. It makes me wonder...

Maybe I am a Halfbreed Prince - a Son of God and Gaia, Zeus and Europa - spirit and matter. I am Hercules. I am Orion. I am Jesus -the Son of the Father and Mary. I am a Porsche 914 - half immortal (noble) and half mortal (iron). This is the template. The new model. Adam.

So it is written: "The first man Adam became a living being"; the last Adam, a life-giving spirit.

The War of Heaven was because of this. Spirits do not willfully don feet of clay. But feet of clay we have, and warriors we are. Not against flesh and blood, but against the angels. The foot is the symbol of mankind - our earthborn 3D existence. Likewise the wing is the symbol of spirit - of the angels.

Ricardo Montalban sold the Chrysler Cordoba as "the affordable" luxury car. The 914 was the "people's Porsche". The 246 Dino was the "affordable" sports car. Both the Pantera and the Lincoln Mercury brand were sold as "affordable" alternatives. Hello... is there an echo in here?

I wonder... maybe God found the angels to be "unaffordable"? Maybe wars in heaven (like in Iraq) simply cost too much. So maybe He created this third dimension (Middle Earth) that would supply him with ecstatic experience for wholesale. Mankind, the affordable alternative! No wonder the angels fear/hate/abuse us, we work for practically free!

It's not being a worker that bugs me. I LIKE to work. I just want to feel appreciated. I think I've just founded the first automotive religion/union. Teamsters of the Universe... Unite!

Jan 30, 2009

Evidence of Prehistoric Gene Splicing!

Failed antediluvian nephilim experiment or wry joke? Via Snorgtees.

Jan 29, 2009

On the Nature of Demons

When I was a young teenager, I had a series of dreams that were all the same. I had a sword, and I had to hack my way through a relentless horde of demons! It was like a video game, except I had never seen such a game, they didn't exist back then. Every night was the same, fighting and slaying, I would wake up in a sweat! Until finally one night I killed them all - just a rather large pile of demon bodies around me. I never dreamed of demons (at least not those kind) again.

In hindsight, the biggest demon I ever slew was my fear of being a faggot. I mean, I was raised a white upper middle-class boy by Republican, Presbyterian stock. I went to church. I believed it. I was supposed to marry Tassie, the Holy Grail of sorority girls. She was beautiful and yet chaste, smart but not overly so, and she was always dressed like her mother read The Preppy Handbook like the bible. And her daddy was rich. My whole life was laid out before me.

Until I met Randy and I kissed his rough, whiskered face and felt his strong lips and his thick tongue that wrestled with my own for dominance, and I realized... nothing was better than that... not even Tassie and all her fringe benefits.

I think once or twice Tassie came over to my parent's place - on the lake. It felt all very privileged and such - the lakefront property declaring the value of my inheritance to any interested parties. My Sol Cat catamaran was parked on the dock, and oddly enough, the mast fell down (victim of a faulty stay) on the very day Tassie visited. Maybe the Solar gods weren't so hot on Tassie either.

The great irony is that as soon as I slew this demon and began to tell others that I was gay, I was called "demon-possessed". I guess demons don't like being outed.

Jan 26, 2009

You're Invited to an Exclusive Preview Night

Being trapped in the burbs, we rarely go downtown anymore, so it's always a treat. We headed in to visit the Seattle Boat Show on the 22nd - Joker's Day. Not much to report except the remarkable number of empty downtown storefronts - the Bush legacy.

The Seattle Boat Show promo ad shows a boat powering into the setting sun, an apt metaphor for the end of the oil age and the empire it fathered. A dinosaur's last gasp.

We (being friends of friends of an industry insider) were invited to the special Preview night which involved free drink tickets! We had to pick up our tickets at the vendor who invited us, which happened to be Italian boat builder Cranchi (pronounced "cranky" - how's that for good marketing!?) And guess what my ticket no. was? 666. Oh joy.

I get the number of the Beast from an Italian boat company that uses a red crab for their logo. Being the good synchromystic detective, I take each element at a time.

  • Italian: Rome, Vatican.
  • Boat: symbolic of grails and vessels. the Holy Grail. Mary.
  • Red: Cardinals, Mars, blood, passion, definitely the Vatican.
  • Crabs: eight legged arthropods, symbolic of Cancer, creeping disease, "unclean" food.
  • Eight: the star gate, death.

A quick google of the Vatican shows an eight legged oval (testicular) surrounding the great PROD(uction). The Vatican penis is shooting where? Oh yea... the five pointed star, the Divine Miss M.

The Beast comes from the Vatican? Ooooooh. How many times have I heard THAT before! I mean, not that it's not true, but it's just so fucking obvious. Ah well, thanks uni-verse for the reminder.

Sometimes I think the Joker is here to point out things (like the Vatican or the Moon Hoax) that are totally OBVIOUS once you see it his way. He seems to be closely related to Shiva, the Destroyer. The Destroyer of... illusion?

Jan 24, 2009

Water Boarding on the Hudson

These images (via 70.8 percent) of the recovery of the drowned US Airways flight 1546 are strangely calming and hopeful for me. Not by accident is the wounded eagle drowned and then recovered. And I don't mean the "conspiracy", because while that no doubt exists, there is nothing on earth that happens without I Am's complete understanding and even... approval. He's writing the story, and he's written villains and heroes, but every one follows the script sure.

So it makes me wonder... the Media and the Masons (or insert favorite Secret Society) have their interpretations of this event (that they in their hubris believe to be a result of their own dark design), and we synchro bloggers ping off of all that and more besides. But what does it mean... to the Supreme Creative Director?

Why did EVERYONE live? Why are the tugboats Alexandria (the submerged library) Thomas and Virginia involved? Yes, I know... it's all about Obama Wan. But it's not. It's much bigger than that. This is a monumental, rising submarine moment, disguised as a cheap magician's trick.

Something... is UP.

Jan 21, 2009

High Noon

Would you be shocked to find out that the greatest moment of our recent history may not have happened at all?

I have three moments in my life that I still remember as if they had just happened. The first was July 20, 1969 -the Eagle had landed on the moon and my father turned to me and told me to never forget this day. The second was Oct. 3, 1995, and it seemed liked the whole country stopped at 10:00 a.m. to hear the verdict on O.J. Simpson. The third was Sept. 11, 2001.

The three most memorable events of my life were entirely mediated. And now I realize that they have a connection through the name Noonian (that I associate with Helios) via a strange personal synch stream from a few years ago.

But first this, via The Secret Sun:

In January 1967, Virgil 'Gus' Grissom, an American astronaut, held an unauthorized press conference in which he told reporters that the United States was "at least a decade away" from even contemplating a lunar mission. He was severely rebuked for giving that interview without permission.

Please bear with me while I relate the personal synch. It was a meeting. Var and I had a potential website client that we'd been wooing for several weeks, off and on, and it so happened that he would be in town for a few days so we all got together. We had no idea what this guy looked like, he described himself as "short and fat" and so we go to pick him up at his hotel and we're looking around the lobby for a conservatively dressed penguin, and the only guy we can see is this tan bodybuilder stud muffin sitting by himself. Can't be him! So we wait around for another 10 minutes, and finally Var approaches the bodybuilder and asks him if he's Ted, and he says yes! Ted may be short (five foot six?) but his "fat" was all muscle. He was wearing a loose XXL t-shirt that couldn't hide the bulging pecs and arms. Woof!!

Not Ted, but you get the idea.

Ned is straight and married (of course) and wonderfully sweet and modest which makes him even MORE hot. He knew our story and in fact his son is gay, and we really DID manage to present a decent professional demeanor through a very enjoyable dinner at our favorite little Thai restaurant. So everything was fine until we were driving back to his hotel and he turns to us and asks:

"Do you think we REALLY landed on the moon?"

His name was NOONan, and we drank Singha (Lion) beers at the Thai restaurant, so we have a near perfect synch with Kahn Noonian Singh - the Star Trek Helios.

Orange is the solar color, synching with O.J. Simpson, who played the protagonist in Capricorn One, Peter Hyam's 1978 conspiracy thriller about a faked mars landing - a story inspired by allegations that the Apollo Moon landings were a hoax. Interestingly, O.J. also starred in The Towering Inferno, synchromystically connecting him to all three events.

Dare I connect the dots so abundantly laid out before me?

Jan 19, 2009

The Death of Kahn

Ricardo Montalban died last week (Jan 14, 2009) - he was 88. There's something about Ricardo, perhaps a true lion-heart? A Mexican-American hero who's testosterone could be smelled even through a TV set.

Besides Westerns and MGM musicals, Ricardo played some extremely synchy roles - beginning with his role as Chrysler pitchman. Ricardo immortalized the (then) new Chrysler Cordoba with his now infamous line about "soft Corinthian leather" where he sounds like he's pimping his prostitute's finest attributes.

Video: Ricardo sells us the virtues of Corinth.

Chrysler's corporate symbol is the five pointed star - symbolic of Venus and the Divine Feminine. Highly appropriate since automobiles are symbolic of Grails.

The ancient city-state of Corinth (6000BC) paid homage to the Goddess Aphrodite (AKA Venus) via a great temple on their acropolis, which would have employed more than a thousand temple PROSTITUTES. A real lady's man!

The Corinthians also participated in the Trojan War under the leadership of Agamemnon.

Corinth has a few creation myths, one being it was founded by Corinthos, a descendent of Helios, while other myths suggest that it was founded by the goddess Ephyra, a daughter of the titan Oceanus. Interestingly, Ricardo played José O'Rourke in the 1948 film NEPTUNE'S DAUGHTER.

Cordoba (also Cordova) is a city in Andulasia, Spain originally founded by Roman Claudius Marcellus, and for a time one of the greatest cities in the world. Here is the Mezquita (mosque) of the city, featuring the solar rays with which we have all become so familiar via our own Sun King.

Ricardo was also the proprietor of Fantasy Island, in other words... a god. He wore a white silk suit and his midget servant Tatoo (Hervé Villechaize) dressed exactly the same - the 80's version of Verne Troyer - the Mini Me. My most favorite episode of Fantasy Island was when a straight man arrived to live out his fantasy of owning a harem of beautiful girls, and Mr. Roarke "accidentally" places him in the opposite fantasy, with him being part of an all male harem, who's only purpose was to please a beautiful but very demanding woman... perhaps Aphrodite?

And of course, Ricardo is also Khan Noonien Singh, the Star Trek Greek Hero/Superman, here in regal solar orange. Khan is introduced in Star Trek TOS episode "Space Seed", where he plays the "father" of a race of genetically advanced humans. Curiously, the eponymous Doctor Noonien Soong is the "father" of Data, a sentient android (who he makes in his image - exactly). Data is Noonian's "Mini me". Both NOONiens are creator gods - Helios.

Kahn knew a real lady when he saw one, and he instantly coveted the Enterprise, the Holy Grail of the Star Trek universe. Unfortunately for Kahn, this Helen is already taken by Captain Kirk, and he is a jealous god. The Trojan war plays out again, and like Agamemnon, Kirk regains the Enterprise through cunning.

Interesting that Kahn died just one month after the death of Majel Barrett (December 18, 2008), the widow of Gene Roddenberry who played the voice of the Enterprise through the entire Star Trek timeline, including Star Trek 11. Perhaps Agamemnon is seeking his Helen still.

BTW: The biggest cock I have ever seen in person was attached to a midget. God is GOOD to his mini-me's!

Jan 16, 2009

Shiva Makes a House Call

There's been a series of odd events at my house that are finally coming into focus.

We have an old rusting basketball hoop and post that's been laying on the driveway for longer than I care to admit. The thing is MASSIVE - welded iron and plywood backboard with a concrete filled base and it weighed a ton and we don't have a pickup so it just sorta sat there after we pulled it out of the backyard to plant a garden and dragged it up around front.

Anyway, about three weeks ago (during the Great Christmas Blizzard) I was out shoveling the driveway when a neighbor pulls up in his 4X4 SUV and offered to take it to metal recycling for me because he was hauling some other stuff as soon as the snow melts. Which I thought was mighty neighborly of him. He said maybe next weekend if the snow melts, and it did, but he never showed. So I figured... ah well.

But then next week he DOES show up in his pickup truck, and he's ready to cut the thing up and take it away and I see he's dressed for destruction wearing a retro 1977 Cooperstown Mariner's cap showing the prominent Trident M, and my synch alarms go off. He's dressed all in blue (jeans and a hoody), and remember that's Shiva's favorite color. And then... he hauls out a "Super Sawzall" reciprocating saw, and cut this monster up in minutes! Shiva's Trident is the "ultimate weapon of destruction", just like the SawzALL.

So we plop the pieces into the pickup and off he goes and we thank him muchly and I'm wondering what to make of all that?!

Well.... putting on my retro Christian cap, I recalled the great statue that Nebuchadnezzar saw in a dream:

The head of the statue was made of pure gold, its chest and arms of silver, its belly and thighs of bronze, its legs of iron, its feet partly of iron and partly of baked clay. While you were watching, a rock was cut out, but not by human hands. It struck the statue on its feet of iron and clay and smashed them. --Daniel 2:32-34

The dream is interpreted as a vision of a succession of empires - Babylon through the ages. Some say America is this last empire, with feet of iron and clay (or concrete). Basketball is an American invention, and perhaps the uprooted and decrepit basketball hoop is symbolic of the nation (and since this is my 'dream', I can interpret it as I wish). George W. Bush (as Nero the Manchurian Candidate) ruined (uprooted) the country, and now all that's left is for the vultures to pick off the rest of the meat from the bones (the "bailout") and then cut the country up into pieces, for scrap. I wonder, is Obama America's Gorbachev? Now that would be REAL Change.

Jan 13, 2009

Second Verse, Same as the First

That monarch stare...

Continuing on musings of Presidents as modern day Caesars (see Why Now Nero?) repeating the archetypes of empire as if in a PK Dickian time loop.

If Obama is playing Constantine, I was thinking there would be one sure SIGN of it (outlandish as it may seem as of yet) and that would be the relocation of his seat of government to some other place!

Constantine relocated his seat from Rome to Byzantium, renamed Constantinople in his honor... The capital would often be compared to the 'old' Rome as Nova Roma Constantinopolitana, the "New Rome of Constantinople"... The new city was protected by the alleged True Cross, the Rod of Moses and other holy relics... --wikipedia

Thy rod and thy staff

Which was no symbolic mistake, because Moses relocated his tribe to Israel, and if rumor be true, Moses was the Egyptian Sun King Akhenhaten who led the Hyksos migration to Heliopolis. Keeping up with the Johannes, French Sun King Louis XIV would relocate his court from Paris to the suburb of Versailles, and it can be argued that the entire Masonic creation of America from the Conquistadors to the Puritans was seen as a mythic re-enactment of this ancient migration/conquest pattern!

Strike a pose

A pattern which is symbolic of an INNER quest for purity and escape from corruption, however misguided.

Which leads me to this most provocative National Geographic special edition - Space: the Once and Future Frontier. 'Once and future' conjures the Arthurian legend, which we will continue to see brought forward. Obama is subliminally associated with JFK and his reign - called 'Camelot'. JFK set in motion the "Space Race", culminating with the (supposed) conquest of the Moon via a Saturn V booster rocket.

So I have to ask... where might a modern day Sun King go, if he were seeking uncorrupted, virginal soil? And especially if a King of the East was about to test it?

But that's silly. History never repeats.

Split Endz:History Never Repeats

Jan 12, 2009

Windmills on my Mind

Ben Fairhall's coverage of the attack of the Flying Spaghetti Monster on a wind turbine in England reminded me of a dream I had a long time ago. I'd been doing a lot of reading about anarchy and the End of the Oil Age and I dreamed up this place, which is a small European city-state with a giant wind turbine! All the energy needed by the village is extracted from the wind, and there is no grid - every village is autonomous and free standing - including politically. There is no state beyond the village. There is also no internet - every village creates it's own unique culture and art form, which would make travel one of this world's greatest pleasures. I thought it would be a nice place to live.

Except it would all go immediately to hell when all the city-states started warring against each other. I think Don Quixote was my brother.

Jan 11, 2009

Why Now Nero?

As the players of The Great Game lay down their cards, one by one, sometimes they lay one down that helps explain the meaning of quite a few previous plays - lining them up for us. That card is the new Star Trek 11, coming our way 5/8/09. Directed by the hard working mythmonger J.J. Abrams, Trek 11 has a time travel theme, where the neophyte crew return to ancient Rome, during the rule of Nero.
Why Nero? Why Now? Who is LIKE Nero in our space-time continuum/coliseum?
Nero's rule is often associated with tyranny and extravagance. He is known for a number of executions, including those of his mother and adoptive brother, as the emperor who "fiddled while Rome burned", and as an early persecutor of Christians. Few surviving sources paint Nero in a favorable light. Some sources, though, including those mentioned above, portray him as an emperor who was popular with the common Roman people... --wikipedia
This is too easy. George W. Bush is associated with tyranny and extravagance. The 2004 Inauguration was publicly tsked for its over-the-top extravagance, and the tyranny... I needn't elaborate. George Bush was known for MOCKING pleas of mercy from Texas death row, he famously "fiddled" while New Orleans drowned, he made persecution of Muslims a spectator sport, and he, incongruously, was popular with "the base" (as in pyramid?). He also presided over 911, "endless" war in the Middle East, an illusionary financial bubble that collapsed in his final quarter, and he was OPENLY called the ANTICHRIST.
"The devil came here yesterday," Chavez said, referring to Bush, who addressed the world body during its annual meeting Tuesday. "And it smells of sulfur still today." -Hugo Chavez, United Nations address Sept. 20, 2006 --CNN

Early Christian tradition often holds Nero as the first persecutor of Christians and as the killer of Apostles Peter and Paul. There was also a belief among some early Christians that Nero was an Antichrist. The concept of Nero as the Antichrist is often a central belief of Preterist eschatology. --wikipedia
If we are being trained to view George W. Bush as Nero the New Roman Antichrist, it makes me wonder... who might Obama be?

Could it be... Constantine. The first Christian Roman Emperor. Obama will be presiding over 2012, the year most hyped, the year all is "revealed". Is Obama to be publicly "converted" - to the modern/ancient solar religion of Atlantis risen? It is risen indeed.

Constantine of York

Jan 10, 2009

Secret Secret

My sister-in-law (isn't it great I can say that?) is a firm believer in The Secret. That would be the Oprah-fed fad that promotes the basic idea that good emotions and thoughts bring good realities, and negative emotions/thoughts bring bad realities. Which would be great if it actually worked, but I've just seen the downside.

We are currently dealing with a family issue that has the potential to create BOTH a better reality AND involve lots of negative emotions (matters of inheritance). Sis is having trouble processing that.

It suddenly starts to make a little sense. The Secret makes you feel like you are doing YOURSELF harm if you do anything that might involve "NEGATIVE" emotions. Like maybe... a lawsuit or marching or picketing or doing anything at all to stand up for your rights. If ONLY Martin Luther King had known The Secret! Oprah is an Uncle Tom.

Check out The Secret website, which could NOT be more "Da Vinci Code"/Templar in flavuh. I'm sorry people, but I gotta go with Buddha on this one. The Secret will not be televised. The Secret is within.

Jan 9, 2009


I worship the Divine Masculine, the bringer of life and death.

Every time I worship, I die. I am slain by the orgasm, the divine connection. In that eternal second, I no longer exist - I am One.

"I" do not exist. I die to existence, so that I might live.

I am born again.

Image via Unnatural Devotions.

Daedalus Airport

President Lex: a false flag operation

Considering recent Superman synchs, I recall that I have actually MET Lex Luthor!

I was working at a boat factory adjacent to a small airfield: Arlington Airport, in Washington State. He (Gene Hackman) happened to be filming a movie nearby, and we both happened in to the same deli for lunch - the Flying J. (hmmm... ) Everyone was like, ignoring this major event, but I got up from my table and approached Gene, asking him if he was who I thought he was. He affirmed in a grumpy sort of way, as if he didn't expect to be recognized in such a backwater, and that... was that.

But not quite, because Gene Hackman could very well mean the Hacker of Man's Genes. And Gene Hackman also played the Catholic Priest aboard the doomed Poseidon. Makes me wonder...

Anyway, back to that airport. I LOVED it! There was always some strange and wonderful flying machine about to be discovered. It was like, the mad scientist's airport. We had autogiros and biplanes and WWII vintage bombers and even a guy who was making a flying car! Doc Brown would have been right at home. But the most amazing thing was the day a Starship landed, and I even got a ride!?

It was no big miracle, just that a vendor had chosen a Beechcraft Starship as their grail, which was the sleekest, coolest thing you can imagine! It even outshone the airport's resident "super jet", which happened to be a small bizjet made in Israel(?!). They landed, they hung out for a while and took us for rides, and they took off, and I swear to the airport it was like the freakin' Second Coming.

I'm not sure, but I think the vendor was a vinyl graphics company - Sharpline. An Artificer of Images. Daedalus landing?

Jan 8, 2009

Raining Cats and Dogs

Yesterday was another day of driving rain, but we escaped the house to visit a local Borders Books and enjoy a cup of Joe. I picked up the January 2009 SAIL magazine, which included a SPECIAL CATAMARAN SECTION - and the warlike heading "Cat vs. Mono", but what drew me was this article about catamaran racing in Antigua:

"Scorching past the Pillars of Hercules outside English Harbor".

Two Catamarans (representing the twin guardians of the Holy Grail) racing (and creating a sweet HH) by the twin towers of Hercules? The name of the brand is "Gunboat", an odd name for a performance cruising yacht.

Gunboat is owned by the Newport, RHODE Island Johnstones, one of the "first families" of sailing. They've been building sailboats for decades, with their first success being the J/24 - a small racer/cruiser. The 24 spawned an an entire range of J/Boats, and the Gunboats are their entry into the catamaran market. Gunboats are designed by the famous design firm of Morelli & Melvin (MM) who, curiously, also designed the titanic racing catamaran PlayStation for the late adventurer Steve Fossett. Melvin is also the name of the Toxic Avenger.

Antigua means "ancient" in Spanish and was named by Christopher Columbus after a church in Spain, Santa Maria La Antigua — St. Mary the Ancient. It is also known as Wadadli, from the original Amerindian inhabitants, and means approximately "our own". --wikipedia

I've been mulling over the dream about finding the Pillars of Hercules, and the themes of "defender" and "destroyer" that have risen so strongly, via Helios the Defender of Rhodes (see In the Shadow of Giants), and Shiva's Trident.

To recap: The statue of Helios was 33m tall, the same as Isis (Liberty) in NYC. Helios was the Defender of Rhodes, which was described by the Rhodesian islanders as the land of the free and home of the brave, to roughly paraphrase. They might simply have called the island "our own". Lady Liberty is Isis, AKA the Divine Feminine or the Grail. She's the Symbol of New Zion (Manhattan), who was guarded by the Twin Towers - which are a twin male concretization of Shiva the Destroyer and his/her ultimate weapon of destruction - the Trident.

Last year I flew to NYC for the funeral of my domestic partner's father, and I recalled the experience of flying to New Zion as being like "three comets streaking east", because we flew in a formation of three airplanes - leaving a brilliant triple wake of condensation trails. Three missiles... of potential destruction, and I remember that 911 was characterized by three missiles - two aimed at the Twin Defenders and one more for the Pentagon - another symbol for Isis, Venus, the Divine Feminine.

On Christmas day, I receive an Xmas card from some friends who had just adopted a new German Shepherd they named Shiva. Within hours I am attacked by a German Shepherd in full on "destroyer/defender/Shiva mode. I am unhurt, as are all my charges (shaken, not stirred).

On Jan. 2 I'm browsing Hulu and decide to watch The Toxic Avenger, in which I find some synchage with Shiva and the Id (see I Heart the Monster). It draws an unusual "attack" in the comments from the usually friendly Moon (friendly fire?) and I "defend" in due course. A "small moon" is the ultimate , Shiva-like weapon of the Star Wars universe, and curiously, Rev. Moon is from Korea, which is rebuilding it's own Tower of Babel (along with everyone else) as noted in the recent post: The Culture is Returning. The Secret Sun sweetens the pot with a recent reference to The Lathe of Heaven, which happens to feature an alien invasion... from the moon.

On 1/1/09, I joined a nearby gym called "Ironworks Gym" in Bellevue. Synching with the tin man, Ironman, the Man of Steel, Citizen Steel, all... defenders. As I was writing my check, I realized I was writing 911 backwards, and the strangest idea came to me:

The twin towers... are being rebuilt?

Archetypes never die, they just get a new Peter built.

Jan 6, 2009

The Fool on the Hill

I was walking the dogs ( I do a lot of that, just walking, observing) on Rose Hill where I live and I passed a charming little place (NOT a mini-mansion, just a house!)with an American flag decorative item above the front porch and it was like a blast from the past - when Americans thought that their country was a kind of beacon or lighthouse or something. Fools!!

And I thought to myself, I don't believe in the USA anymore. Not what it has become. But... I believe in the IDEA of the USA. I still... believe in that.

Which I have to admit, is mostly how I believe in God. I hate what God has become (thanks to religion and politics and I suppose, Satan) but I still believe in the IDEA of God. I'm the fool on the hill.

Day after day, Alone on a hill, The man with the foolish grin is keeping perfectly still But nobody wants to know him, They can see that he's just a fool, And he never gives an answer,

But the fool on the hill, Sees the sun going down, And the eyes in his head, See the world spinning 'round.

Jan 5, 2009

Well Armed

Like an uncertain Greek God this one is. It's almost as if he was MADE to be worshiped...

via A D M I R E

Jan 3, 2009

I Heart the Monster (revised)

I posted an article about the Toxic Avenger a few days ago, but I withdrew it because I realized it was like, synchro raving! So here's a second attempt, with more right brain respect.

I finally watched The Toxic Avenger, "the first super hero from New Jersey!" A 1985 dud that became a midnight movie cult hit. The movie struck me because of it's themes of good and evil and our perceptions of it. The criminals are physically gorgeous, while the hero is a deformed monster, and the only one who sees the hero as a HERO, is a blind woman (and total babe). It's a fabulous morality play, and I enjoyed it immensely.

Plot: Melvin Ferd is a stereotypical 98-pound weakling dork. He works as a janitor at a health club in the town of Tromaville, which is the "Toxic Waste Capitol" of the nation. The corrupt (and corpulent) Mayor Belgoody is also head of the local crime syndicate, which probably describes most towns a little too well.

Melvin is constantly harassed by the health club patrons, His mere EXISTENCE being an affront. The pranks grow meaner and more violent until he's tricked/seduced into wearing a pink tutu and kissing a sheep, with the entire club witnessing his humiliation and emasculation. A ritual castration? He is then chased around the health club by the mob where he eventually leaps from a second story window - landing in a drum of toxic waste. He THEN spontaneously combusts and runs down the street screaming!? And that's the last the wicked clubbers see of Melvin, or so they think.

Unfortunately for them, Melvin is transformed into a hideously deformed creature of superhuman size and strength, who has a single-minded desire to "clean up" Tromaville (trauma town?). He is much like the Hulk, a creature who descends/ascends into a state of unstoppable rage when confronted with injustice. The 'Berserker'. I believe he represents the Id:

"But the Krell forgot one thing - Monsters John! Monsters from the id!" --Forbidden Planet

Much like the Batman, 'Toxie' has taken on the form of the villain's worst nightmare, which he literally IS - the concretization of their subconscious guilt. The criminal elite of Tromaville have grown fat off poisoning the town, and it's brilliant that the vehicle of their destruction is born from the FRUIT of their OWN wickedness. Karma Smackdown!

The innocent are frightened by Toxie at first, but they soon realize they have nothing to fear from the hideous creature. It only attacks "bad people", as a scientist empirically demonstrates. Toxie (like Santa) "knows" who has been bad or good, because he is the subconscious Id, the Mind that lives within ALL minds. The Monster knows where ALL the bodies are buried.

By the end of the movie, the townspeople realize that the hideous monster is their true Savior, and they come to his rescue at the big stand-off, creating a human shield of protection around him, wearing "I heart the Monster" t-shirts. It was so dorky and so cute and so FIERCE - I may have shed a tear.

The film is notable for it's homophobic attitude - many of the real monsters are outrageous gay stereotypes - and it reminds me how far we've come since 1985. Varen and I are a legal couple now, with (most) of the same rights as straight people. The Gay Monster has been civilized, and that's honestly something I could never have imagined back when I came out in 1982.

In the 'Life Imitates Art' category, I blogged over a year ago (see The Good Shepherd) about a school in Nova Scotia who's student body (thanks to the inspired organizing of two boys) donned pink t-shirts in solidarity with a boy who was bullied and called a faggot because he wore a pink shirt to school. They formed a human shield, and they did it by wearing the equivalent of an 'I Heart the Faggot' t-shirt.

As I'm writing this, the Palestinians are undergoing another bashing from the Israelis, this one worst than the last, but better than the next. Bullies ALWAYS escalate the torment. I'm thinking, ya know, the only reason gay people have a legal RIGHT to the Pursuit of Happiness is because enough straight people somehow saw themselves in this struggle, and even though Prop 8 succeeded in California, honestly, I think that's just a blip - the trend is gay friendly.

Gay people have reached, if not THE Promised Land, at least a meaningful plateau. A place to spread our tents. And I feel like it's time to return the favor. Gay Porn for Palestine? Gay Band-Aid? I heart Palestine!


My most memorable personal episode of gay bashing was actually one of total victory. I had just come out and my hot new boyfriend and I were making out on the hood of my car late one summer night in the parking lot of of a notorious gay bar, and some guy started harassing us because we were doing that. So we stood up, and he quickly realized that he'd chosen to pick on guys bigger and stronger than he was. We fucking CHASED him around the parking lot, cornered him, and told him what a JERK he was to his face, and he had to take it. Beaten by FAGGOTS!!

How can you not love the Monster!? Chris Rockway via Unnatural Devotions

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