Jan 12, 2009

Windmills on my Mind

Ben Fairhall's coverage of the attack of the Flying Spaghetti Monster on a wind turbine in England reminded me of a dream I had a long time ago. I'd been doing a lot of reading about anarchy and the End of the Oil Age and I dreamed up this place, which is a small European city-state with a giant wind turbine! All the energy needed by the village is extracted from the wind, and there is no grid - every village is autonomous and free standing - including politically. There is no state beyond the village. There is also no internet - every village creates it's own unique culture and art form, which would make travel one of this world's greatest pleasures. I thought it would be a nice place to live.

Except it would all go immediately to hell when all the city-states started warring against each other. I think Don Quixote was my brother.


Anadæ said...

Nice proposition, that, Michael, as well as the rendering. Looks like a gouache or a watercolor. Photo Shop? Well, as with any TRUE anarchist community, like anarcho-feminist author, Ursula K. Le Guin long ago spake, "The only drawback is neighbors." Hence, your utopia being threatened by distopia, like fungus on a newly felled tree. Here's the master storyteller's site:


Oh! That Conisholme, Lincolnshire beastie just keeps undulating its anamorphic mass into weirder & more fantastic shapes, doesn't it? I blurted out a guffaw as soon as I saw your mention of the Flying Spaghetti Monster, whose followers have their own place to congregate here (for those hitch-hikers along the narrows bridged by the overpasses spanning the information superhighway who aren't in on the jibe):


Hmn... Michael, I just got a tad queasy reflecting on your wind turbine design in motion. Kinda looks like a Mercedes-Benz emblem, dunnit? Your autosexuality (*wry grin*) seeping through mayhaps?

As ever, you rock the boat, matey. Keep makin' waves, yo, ho, ho!

Anadæ in the Virginia Commonwealth (let alone the Secret one, winky-wink) ( ;-)}

Michael said...

Thanks Anadae - Pen and photoshop. I heart Ursula! I'm sure it was reading one of her books that got me going...

It's also a "flux capacitor" from Back to the Future, AKA a stargate, so it kinda makes ya wonder what those Krauts are up to...

Cheers, Michael

Devin said...

Hi to you Michael! This was a very interesting theme-I loved the part about smaller communities and each culture creating its own art forms-hi Anadae also-I also love Ursula (name means bear?) but i have not read near everything she has written as she is so prolific-best to you guys as always-hugs too! hehe-I did not think about the Benz motif/sigil/emblem-very intersting! if there is any way possible for the world to slog through the coming years-I expect Germany to be a very central player in Europe-that is based on a lot of 'ifs'

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