Jan 5, 2009

Well Armed

Like an uncertain Greek God this one is. It's almost as if he was MADE to be worshiped...

via A D M I R E


Devin said...

Great chiseled body and face on that one! a bit too muscular for me but I would definitely not kick him out of bed so to speak(as if that opportunity would ever arise):-)best to you guys and hugs! o gee this word veri is sorumen-soaring men? sour men? so r u men? hehe! the arise was an unintended pun also maybe my Freudian slip is showing!

Michael said...

Hi Devin - I sorta come from the "no such thing as too big" school. :-) Your word veri is awesome! Var watched LOTR - Two Towers last week and he's been repeating some Uruk Hai lines like "Meat's back on the menu, boys!" which makes us laugh because he's vegetarian. Lots of curious Elven/Tolkien synchs this week, starting with that blue Bug atti.

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