Jan 9, 2009


I worship the Divine Masculine, the bringer of life and death.

Every time I worship, I die. I am slain by the orgasm, the divine connection. In that eternal second, I no longer exist - I am One.

"I" do not exist. I die to existence, so that I might live.

I am born again.

Image via Unnatural Devotions.


Anadæ said...

That's what the (w)hole porpoise to Tantra is, whether str8, androphile, or variations on a theme ( :-)}

Michael said...

Yup. Something about this image reminds me of Michelangelo's Pieta.

Devin said...

Hi Michael-what can I say this pic turned me on;-)Hi Anadae also-I hope all of you are doing great-hugs too! hehe word veri jecter-i can think of a few with this-wow-Michael good thought on the Pieta! Sometimes I do not think i know my mythology at all-over at wise woman's new post there is an image of two guys in bed-myth representations of sleep and death-me being dumb had always thought this was an early example of a homoerotic painting-duh!:-)

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