Jan 13, 2009

Second Verse, Same as the First

That monarch stare...

Continuing on musings of Presidents as modern day Caesars (see Why Now Nero?) repeating the archetypes of empire as if in a PK Dickian time loop.

If Obama is playing Constantine, I was thinking there would be one sure SIGN of it (outlandish as it may seem as of yet) and that would be the relocation of his seat of government to some other place!

Constantine relocated his seat from Rome to Byzantium, renamed Constantinople in his honor... The capital would often be compared to the 'old' Rome as Nova Roma Constantinopolitana, the "New Rome of Constantinople"... The new city was protected by the alleged True Cross, the Rod of Moses and other holy relics... --wikipedia

Thy rod and thy staff

Which was no symbolic mistake, because Moses relocated his tribe to Israel, and if rumor be true, Moses was the Egyptian Sun King Akhenhaten who led the Hyksos migration to Heliopolis. Keeping up with the Johannes, French Sun King Louis XIV would relocate his court from Paris to the suburb of Versailles, and it can be argued that the entire Masonic creation of America from the Conquistadors to the Puritans was seen as a mythic re-enactment of this ancient migration/conquest pattern!

Strike a pose

A pattern which is symbolic of an INNER quest for purity and escape from corruption, however misguided.

Which leads me to this most provocative National Geographic special edition - Space: the Once and Future Frontier. 'Once and future' conjures the Arthurian legend, which we will continue to see brought forward. Obama is subliminally associated with JFK and his reign - called 'Camelot'. JFK set in motion the "Space Race", culminating with the (supposed) conquest of the Moon via a Saturn V booster rocket.

So I have to ask... where might a modern day Sun King go, if he were seeking uncorrupted, virginal soil? And especially if a King of the East was about to test it?

But that's silly. History never repeats.

Split Endz:History Never Repeats


Thuth said...

He would go to Northern Michigan.


Thanks for the picture of the two guys getting off in the bathtub.


You kill me.


Thuth said...

On a more thoughtful note. The geese that slammed into the Twin engines of the plane that went down in the Hudson are symbols of transition because of their migratory patterns. This is from the Celts who noticed them leaving in the fall, and then returning.

My real guess is Denver. . .of course.

TT (Thuth)

Ben Fairhall said...

I think he's referring to the moon, Bill. ;)

Brilliant post, Mike. Love the short (but probably highly accurate) praisee of the history of the world in para 2/3.


Thuth said...


I'm so dumb. The moon!!! Of course I didn't connect the picture to the article.



Michael said...

TT - love it! (this is also an Audi sports car, BTW) Interestingly, Denver now has two votes - Devin also mentioned it. The mile high citadel, surrounded by nukes.

Ben - I'm actually sorta proud of this post, and for the reason you point out. Some people make lucrative professorships, books and careers out of a less interesting thesis, and I sum it all up in a few paragraphs on a blog for free. Sigh...

Anadæ said...

Yeah, Michael, I hear ya, loud & clear. Doctorates. Feh. Great post. But, instead of the ironic "History Never Repeats" by our lovable clown rockers, the Kiwi band Split Enz, you should've opted to put "Freedom of Choice" by DEVO up. You'll understand, once you see/hear the music video. Boy, were THEY ever on the money.

You rock, Mike, rock on,
Anadæ ( :-)}

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