Jan 25, 2014

Saturn's Children

The '47 Roswell

The Roswell Incident, according to Star Trek.

Jan 2, 2014

The Year of La Quenelle

French Minister of the Interior Manual Valls and "admirers"

2014 is off to a roaring good start. Please recall, I predicted the spirit of Hitler/Jesus would return over a psychic "bridge" created by the near bankruptcy of the USA. It's a long convoluted sync but here it is: Storming the Bridge

So, there is this famous French comedian named Dieudonn√© who has gotten the French plutocrat/zionist elite in such a panic that they are on the verge of banning him from France, he and his little hand signal: La Quenelle

Which is both a French dish and... a phallic hand symbol that means "up yours". Especially, up yours to you plutocrat/zionist elite.

The French Minister of Internal Affairs is considering making the gesture illegal (he claims that it is a "reverse Nazi salute sodomizing the victims of the Shoah"). ~the Saker

Apparently the French media is painting Dieudonné as the reincarnation of Hitler, which makes me imagine:

God: Well Adolf, it's time for you to come back.
Hitler: It's about time! (rubbing his hands together in glee)
God: The only hitch is that you have to go back as a half black African, half white French comedian.
Hitler: (sharp intake of breath).... OK. Can I keep the mustache?

Hitler adopted his now infamous mustache from comedian Charlie Chaplin.

If you recall your Nazi conspiracy theory, after WWII they all retreated to their Antarctic base (or the dark side of the moon) and from there, plot their revenge. If you recall your 2012 end of the world hysteria, a "polar shift" was one possibility. Well, a "polar shift" would place the Nazis back on top, would it not? Perhaps this is the great fear of the elite: that polar shift in global consciousness.
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