Oct 28, 2008

Blue Hawaii

I've wanted to blog about Hawaii for a long time, and with Obama being Hawaiian, maybe it's good timing.

I think Hawaii might be Mt. Zion. I mean... seriously. Hawaii is kinda like Israel, in that its symbolic footprint is ENORMOUS in comparison to the actual surface area. It may be even BIGGER than Israel, maybe even as big as... Ireland! Everyplace has a Tiki bar, even Kirkland! We also have an Irish pub and a Jewish bagel shop, but Joe's Tiki Bar rules.

All of Oceania is writ large in the noosphere - the Happy Isles of Oceania being short-hand for Paradise. Everyone instinctively knows that a tropical island is the preferred holiday - it goes without saying. It makes me wonder... maybe Oceania really IS heaven, or rather, as close to heaven as possible on earth. In other words, Oceania is a Holographic FRACTAL of heaven!!

Oceania is a vast blue ocean strewn with tiny island pearls, and a perfect analogy of the Milky Way. Perhaps it represents an Akashic memory of our previous existence, sailing the heavens as spacefaring gods - before the War of Heaven. When Jodie Foster sails her sky canoe to Vega, where does she make Contact? A tropical beach. Maybe it's encoded?

The Hawaiian Islands were populated as recently as approx. 700 AD. They were the last island group colonized by the Polynesians, and the crown jewel of the Pacific. The history of the Hawaiian Islands oddly resembles the history of Albion - a unification of islands by blood and war. King Kamehameha was the first King of Hawaii - the Pacific King George.

Hawaii was first visited by a representative of the Albion Federation in 1778 by Captain James (T?) Cook and crew of the HMS Resolution. He was first welcomed as a God, but later killed in the surf after his mortality became apparent. Hawaiians are a bit like Toydarians - not easily fooled by Jedi mind tricks. One of the more interesting tales from Oceania is that some islanders could not actually SEE the European ships, being so alien to their mental reference imaging field as to appear... invisible!!!

Prior to 2001, a 'New Pearl Harbor' was conjured by certain Neocons as the answer to their dark prayers. Symbolically, Honolulu = Manhattan, which via the Hudson, equals Jerusalem. One glance at the state flag shows the strong British connection... It's odd how the British ALWAYS show up in the strangest places - Manhattan, Jerusalem, Gibraltar, Egypt, Rhodes, Hawaii, on and on. It's almost as if their Admiralty has a "golden compass".

Everyone eventually goes Hawaiian. Elvis, Gidgit, Mr. Monk, the Brady Bunch, Charlie's Angels, Aladdin's blue Genie, EVERYONE goes Hawaiian. Even Beetlejuice was planning a trip in a 'Beetlejuice Goes Hawaiian' sequel!

I made my own pilgrimage to Hawaii back in '85. I fell in love with a submariner - the U.S. Navy variety. We even walked hand in hand down Waikiki Beach one night, dodging the throngs of newlywed tourists. It was one of those mythic trips we all make - where in hindsight every action, observation or accident seems ripe with meaning.

Colt Studios loves Hawaii, and I love Colt Studios. A volcanic eruption...

Colt Brennan, star Hawai'i footballer heartthrob with too many synchs to list. The big 5 is consistent... Hawaii 5-0.

Oceania was actually the last sexually unashamed "land" on earth. When Tahiti was discovered and subdued by Europe, it became a lodestar for the sexually disenfranchised - the rumors of sexual freedom were intoxicating to Europeans, and so they came, bringing along with them the seed of the islander's destruction - disease.

"and the Europeans saw that the daughters of Tangaroa were beautiful, and they married any of them they chose."

When I visited Hawaii, I was told by the natives that there was no AIDS in the islands! I wondered at the islander's naivety - but now I suspect they were simply channeling a deeper truth - an island represents safety. A refuge from... invasion.

The Pacific Islanders had conquered their entire "solar system" and considered themselves Lords of their Domain. However they were soon to be overcome by an alien invasion - the Europeans - who first appeared to the Islanders as friendly bringers of gifts. It was far too late by the time they finally realized the Europeans desired only conquest... and conversion.

Perhaps an early warning?

This Island Earth

To be continued...


Esperanto Grrl said...

As an undergrad, my professor in World Religions was a Hawaii-born PhD student, a cool stoner chick. She showed up to class with a leopard print laptop. My friends called her "Professor Barbie."

She loved to talk about Hawaii, and as a direct result of this, I now know much more about Native Hawaiian beliefs than I do about Muslims and Hindus.

Jaspal said...

Great article. Just a few things to add in case they help with your syncs.

Honolulu = Lulu, the name given by the Annunuki to the first Man/Adam they created. Hono is a lot like Homo maybe?

The British (meaning Brit = Covenant, Ish = Man) turn up everywhere because they own everything. They control the world using Admiralty law or Law of the Seas. It also leads me to suspect Jewish roots in our World Masters.

And Colt Brennan is doing the secret Illuminati hand signal.

Michael said...

EG - I was reading some Hawaiian myths yesterday, and they have some interesting parallels, with Maui steeling fire from the Gods...

Jaspal - thanks. Anglo-Jewishness is a fairly common thread - the Da Vinci Code claims the "bloodline" flowed through Mary Magdalene into European royalty, which makes them all slightly Jewish. I personally think its bullocks. Colt is pointing his pinky and his thumb in the Shaka sign, not quite the same as "hook-em horns", but it certainly evokes it.

Jenn said...

Hawaii as Zion is very appealing...

Mauna Kea houses the world's largest observatory!

aferrismoon said...

I used to live in a town called Shrewsbury which has a Church called St.Alkmund's. the church bells were sold/given to the Catherdral at Honolulu.
luLu - Scottish singer - as in Do the Locomotion [ Ithink]


Jaspal said...

Yeah it could be bollocks, I mean there must be reason all these rumours are flying around about William becoming "King of Kings" in 2012.

A guy called Rik Clay did a lot of work on it, the fact that William is born on June 21st (summer solstice, day of the Sun most high), son of Diana/Isis, he will be 30 on the XXX Olympics in London, the names of the roads and landmarks around the London site have biblical connotations and the word "Ley" in them, with maybe a powerful Ley line running through it, all makes it very suspicious. Rik died earlier this year, apparent "suicide", and had his ashes scattered on Sep 11th.

aferrismoon, you are confusing Lulu with Kylie Minogue. Lulu is famous for being in "To Sir With Love", with Sidney Poitier as a teacher in the 1960's (mixed racial sync). She is also heavily linked to Elton “Thoth Duck” John, a search of their names brings up "Aida the messenger"? She was also in a Take That song, "Relight my Fire". Very Prometheus!

Michael said...

Jenn - yea, I think retiring to Hawaii would be considerably finer than retiring just about anywhere else!

Jaspal - there are many, many strange and crazy synchs that surround William and "Mary" (Diana). I'm not saying those synchs don't exist, but rather that they point toward a figure of biblical proportions, and he ain't the Christ.

Dr Do Little said...

Cook is also credited with settling/colonising/invading Australia (its a very politicised discussion).

Fascinating about them ‘not seeing.’ Very intriguing…reminds me a lot of Mexica and Cortes…

Locomotion was Little Eva. Turns out a King wrote it for her -Carole King!

Sync here with your catsuited Kylie & Locomotion: Atomic Kitten also did a version.

Dr Do Little said...

Aferrismoon pointed out an important distinction & being anal I should amend this to read Cook is credited with 'leading to' settlement etc..

"Captain James Cook discovered the east coast of New Holland in 1770 and named it New South Wales.[OZ] He sailed the whole of the coast and reported to the British government that he thought it would make a good place for a settlement. Britain did not recognise the country as being inhabited as the natives did not cultivate the land, and were, therefore, "uncivilized".

It's the bit about not recognising it as being inhabited that haunts the country today....

Dr Do Little said...

Michael, I just picked up on some sync irony there because in a way the Brits didn’t ‘see them’ (the inhabitants)…Funny how we only see what we want to…

'Terra nullius' is a Latin expression deriving from Roman Law meaning "land belonging to no one", "nobody's land" i.e. "empty land"…

Michael said...

Dr. DL, (which reminds me of Dr. Down Low, AKA Down under...)

Fascinating that Australia used to be New Holland and Manhattan was also Dutch. Netherlands mean "Under Land, so another Land Down Under.

Good point about seeing only what we want. There's a Captain Vancouver story in the NW similar to the "blindness" exhibited by Cook in Oz. He named a Canadian inlet "Desolation Sound" when he sailed through, perhaps because it had no obvious value as farm land. Desolation Sound is far from desolate, being one of the most beautiful fjords in the world.

The British Captains really WERE like Captain Kirk, seeing strange new worlds only through the eyes of his Federation and its value system.

Jaspal said...

Agreed that he an't the Christ, the British Empire under the Crown have brought so much evil to the world, he is more likely to be the Anti-Christ!

I did read somewhere that Nostradamus predicted the 3rd Anti-Christ would follow the moon and star, so 2012 may even involve a merger of all the Abrahamic faiths. And Barack might come clean about which way he preys!

I do feel sorry for the Aborigines, a far more advanced race of people than anyone gives credit. They, like the Maoris, were far more in touch with the sprit side of things than we can comprehend. Michael Tsarion mentioned that they were targeted for extinction, along with other indigenous peoples, because they had a symbiotic relationship with mother earth, and their rituals involved healing the earth itself.

At least Kirk didn’t go around killing the people he found, and populating the planets with his own kind! On a completely different note, have you worked out the link between Spock and Hephaestus (Vulcan)?

Michael said...

Jaspal - thanks for the link to Hephaestus. The Vulcan synch was obviously intentional by Roddenberry. I have been looking for a God with a lame foot, due to various family/personal synchs with lameness, and this seems to be it! Gracias.

The Shalafi said...

I've lived here in Hawaii for about two years and I still fell like a tourist. I find so much joy in the diversity. Today I plan on visiting some Buddhist temples and tomorrow doing to hiking in the mountains. As for feeling safe, I've had mixed experiences with the locals some like me and are very cool others flat out call me haloe. As for feeling safe, not really, with so many military headquarters here if something were to happen this would be a high priority target

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