Oct 19, 2008

Sign Language

Oliver the Oztralian Terrier received an interesting gift a few months ago - Sheep No. 55. A promotion of Serta mattress, the sheep are all numbered. Counting sheep is the classic gateway to the dreaming mind, and I am reminded how often sheep are represented in the bible.

Life is full of 55's lately - a "build it and they will come" process, no doubt. 55 could be Venusian twins or quintuplets, and I can find "Five Star Service" everywhere, but to me 55 will always be the hated double nickel: 55mph.

The 55 limit was the product of panicky legislation over the first energy crisis, and a typical political solution sidestepping any actual change in favor of symbolic collective suffering. Kinda like what they did to air travel after 911. Anyway, it got me to thinking that maybe there's a cosmic speed limit on the Bifrost Bridge, and maybe speeding is dangerous!

Last week San Francisco proposed suicide SAFETY NETS for the Golden Gate, which struck me as both wonderfully ironic and oddly comforting.

And then today I passed this little doozy of a warning sign: 25 is 5x5, and note the penalty. Sammy Hagar, I feel your frustration.

I Can't Drive 55 - Sammy Hagar


aferrismoon said...

I notice the 'Respect' sneaked in so that drivers 'disrespect' the community [ as in 'that's fighting talk'] and then the community can shrilly scream [ u don't respect us so we're gonna make u pay].
Respect is one of those words that have gone beyond reality.
It will be used effortlessly in court ' Sir didn't u see the 'respect' sign, assume the position'
Perhaps they could just use roadside bombs that detonate when something whizzes past at 26 [ YHVH].
Also 101 = 5 via Binary


Michael said...

Thanks Moon, yer way with the numbah's always a maze. Delooze would translate respect as "worship", so yeah, please worship the communally accepted entity.

Cheers, Michael

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