Oct 2, 2008

E Machine

This image surfaced at Roids and Rants this week. Peel your eyes away from the rutting beef to contemplate the logo: the diamond-shaped Welcome to Las Vegas sign transformed into synchy goodness.

Diamond: echo of the pyramid, which symbolizes the geometric shape of ISness.

Las Vegas: New World Giza and home of the infamous LV Wedding. A very early gosporn article examined the Casino motif in homoerotic fiction.

The Wedding Party: "The kingdom of heaven is like a king who prepared a wedding banquet for his son." - Matthew 22:2

A few years ago I swear I thought Zeb Atlas was the Second Coming. I mean, who has a name like that? The combo of some obscure Patriarch and ATLAS? Zebediah means "gift of Jehovah". Zeb IS giving it good - and he does have the body of a god.

Giving/receiving ecstasy is what it's all about. Human beings are ecstasy creating MACHINES. Machines CREATED to create ecstasy. Oh darn, the ONE thing I really want to do is my fucking JOB! I'm such a total slacker!


Anonymous said...

Get off on your own erotic website, you do no thing for the syncromystic wavelength by exposing such smut. What are you thinking? Why destroy your gnosis with such banalities. Wake up. Dennis from Oregon.

Michael said...

We're porn friendly here - the best synchs always come from below the belt.

aferrismoon said...

The ----ars of Hercules?
Also I have read the caveat on entering this site. I assume its there to tell me there may be things I find offensive.
The picture is a bit fruity though I can put my hand over any parts I find offending and read aforementioned gnosis [ no-sis]
Apologies for drollery which may offend

Michael said...

Thanks Moon. When I started blogging, I actually didn't think I'd have a straight audience at all, but it has turned out to be the opposite. Being sensitive to that, I found that I had been self-censoring - which isn't so good.

My most consistent point of view is that phallic shame inherited from "Adam" is central to what is being revealed at this time. So showing pics of guys enjoying their twin towers is important to me.

Besides, didn't Jesus ride ASS into Jerusalem? ;-)



Anadæ said...

Slow poke be I (uhm, no, that's no intentional pun), so, twas days ago I first saw this, but, DAMN if the "catcher" with the ink doesn't look like a young Tom Waits. Speaking OF Gods & heroes & Titans & giants & such mythopoetic reveries, won't some porn house please churn (yes, pun intended) out expressly mythological themed porn?

Michael said...

Anadae, you da man! I'm on a Halloween jag, researching Elvira of course. She's like the ultimate synch hole - born in MANHATTAN KANSAS! Dated Elvis! Appeared in a Bond flick - Diamonds are Forever, And... posed as a stripper for the cover of TOM WAIT'S 1976 album, Small Change!

Awesome! :-)


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