Sep 30, 2008

Moving Experiences

I was perusing the local gay rag last week, and I ran across this little duplex ad of queer movers - the HH and the MM companies, your choice. Then today V and I were freewaying cross-country and I spied a truck from Jordan River Moving and Storage - from Kirkland, WA. Their phone no. is 611-0808.

A river runs through it


Thuth said...

You live in a river of synchs, the river of the universe. Where were you heading?


Michael said...

Oh, it's a long story, I don't think I'll bore y'all with it, but it was one my best days, ever... when the synchs line up like dominos and you just drive right through them. I saw a Red Bull truck parked in front of a red Target bulls eye, the Jordan River moving truck, on and on. We were driving back home and I thought: "I think I've seen every symbol that has a special meaning to me!" Except for the white cross, and then like a minute later we come up on a VW Jetta with a little swiss flag bumper sticker.

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