Sep 23, 2008

Time Keeps on Slipping

Via Newspaceman:

...golden hearted Prince William is to train with the RAF Search and Rescue Force as a "full-time pilot", furthermore stating that he wishes to "serve operationally"within the service.

Search and Rescue is part of 22 Squadron, their badge as pictured a curious combination of a Maltese Cross with the symbol for pi fimbriated.

I was intrigued by this post, drawn in by the 22's... a repeating signal.

The Maltese Cross is the symbol of the Knights of Malta, AKA the Knights Hospitallers, those Catholic rivals of the Knights Templar. It is a white cross made of 8 points - stargate material. See The Moses Channel for the start of my white cross fetish.

Interestingly, the Rocketeer nearly flattens the antagonist (played by 007 Timothy Dalton) when he accidentally tips over a heavy set piece - emblazoned with an enormous white cross - the cross keeps on ticking.

The Republic of Malta is a strange little European micro-state south of Sicily (Sicily contains a triskelion in its logo - see previous post) that was at one time the island home base of the KH. (HH=KK according to Mr. Hotze). Malta is most famous to Christendom as the site of St. Paul's biblical shipwreck and even today it is 98% Catholic - seriously monotheistic.

The Mosta Dome in Malta sports the TWIN TOWERS flanking a circular center - the GRAIL. Pi, that "sacred" circular number, is positioned over the Maltese cross, signifying protection or perhaps guardianship? Strangely, the oldest religious structures on the PLANET reside on the Maltese island of Gozo - the Neolithic Ġgantija. The temples are considered by modern archeologists to be the site of an Earth Mother Goddess Fertility Cult. The Divine Feminine goes WAY back in Malta. The temples are said by Gozitan legend to have been built by GIANTS!

The Maltese Cross has become the sign of ambulance drivers and... MARKSMEN. The Greek word hamartia (ἁμαρτία) is usually translated as sin in the New Testament. In Classical Greek, it means "to miss the mark". I remember my dad taking us boys out behind the shed to learn to shoot with a .22 RIFLE. I recall having difficultly hitting the broad side of a barn.

The Geneva drive, a device that translates a continuous rotation into an intermittent rotary motion, is also sometimes called a "MALTESE CROSS MECHANISM" after the shape of its main gear. This syncs with the white cross of Switzerland and their clock fetish. "Because the mechanism needs to be WELL LUBRICATED, it is often enclosed in an oil capsule!"

Strangely, the latest offering from the Time Lords of Cambridge has shown up like clockwork - the Chronophage. See the Daily Behemoth for more.

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Jake Kotze said...

If the Malta Cross resonates octagon we can connect it to certain interpretations of the layout of the three major pyramids of Giza (and the sphinx's half-soltice alignment..) and the 8 sided great Pyramid itself. Pi is encoded into the Great Pyramid, one of the ultimate mysteries. Perhaps the symbol of Pi over the cross (which is also slightly an overhead shot of a pyramid) is code for, or resonates pyramid.

Be well

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