Feb 27, 2008

Red Zeppelin

Imported sparkling water has been heavily discounted at Red Apple supermarket lately, so we've been bringing some home to sample. If you've been reading for a while, you'll know what I mean by the Water of Life, and also how the Red Star is synchromystically entwined with queerness (The Red Star Brewing Co.) So it's interesting to find a product combining (so called) healthy water with the red star - San Pellegrino Sparkling Water:

The town of San Pellegrino in the mountains north of Milan was first made famous by quenching the thirst of Leonardo da Vinci. Today the Fonte Termale, an opulent marbled drinking hall, is a monument to the tradition of "taking the waters."

Blam! Direct sync hit: famous via queer Grand Master Leonardo da Vinci, painter of the Last Supper that depicts John as maybe, possibly being a woman: the Magdalene.

Next up is from Germany: Gerolsteiner brand sparkling water, also sporting a red star, though with eight points.

The closest thing to taking mineral supplements in a naturally-occurring water; Since 1888, a famed health tonic, naturally carbonated.

Not quite as good, but with all those eights buzzing around like bees, fairly star gaty.

And finally Apollinaris: the "Queen of Table Water". No red star, but at least a hovering, red pyramid:

Apollinaris originates in a site which has different layers of rock and volcanic occlusions: the Eifel. This unspoilt landscape allows the water to penetrate into the deepest layers of the earth. Natural carbonic acid collects from the volcanic rock stratum. This facilitates especially the absorbtion of many minerals.

It's kinda gay that water with the same name as a Prefect of Gaul AND a bad ass Roman Legion is called the "Queen of Table Waters". Not such a good sync, but it got me going on an Eifel tangent:

Eifel syncs with both the phallic Eiffel Tower of Paris and the Statue of Liberty Enlightening the World (AKA Isis, Diana) in NYC - gift of France to the USA in 1886 (Alexandre Gustave Eiffel engineered both structures). Considering the role of Paris and monumental hollow gifts in the Trojan War, it might have been a good idea if the US had looked THIS gift horse in the mouth.

And finally, an exceptionally hot pic from a recent Titan Media production: Damien Crosse going right to the source of the water of life, no bottling required. The movie is Men's Room III: Ozark Mtn. Exit 8. The Ark to Oz is a red balloon - or maybe a zeppelin if you want to make haste. A Red Zeppelin. A big, red, fat, juicy zeppelin. Unlike the previous Wizard of Oz, I have a feeling these guys know how it works.

"Let's Build the Dirigible Fleet in Lenin's Name!"

Interestingly, Seattle has The Red Balloon Co. - gay owned and operated since 1980.

Feb 26, 2008

Chariots of the Gods

Jake Kotze has shown (without a shadow of doubt, I think), how the checkered yellow cab (checker chariot) is a Hollywood star gate symbol, and I've been going on about cars being symbolic of the Holy Grail: the divine feminine. Maybe they're the same thing? What I do know is that transportation of all kinds: planes, trains and automobiles, sleds, ships and star ships, are all - symbolically - "vehicles of transformation".

The solar disc chariot motif repeats itself over and over again in automotive badges, The "new" Chrysler winged logo being the New World (Atlantean) version, but it's merry olde England that really holds the key. Both Bentley and Aston Martin prominently feature the winged chariot motif, with the (relatively recent) Mini Cooper logo being the strongest yet, complete with solar disk. And not just any sol - the black hole sun.

The Mini Me can be had with optional checkerboard trim on its rearview mirrors which implies the Masonic tracing board, and perhaps looking into the past - Chronos.

The Spirit of Ecstasy. Really.

Rolls Royce is (symbolically, at least) the capstone of British automotive achievement. Buckminster Fuller called out the grill (a chrome-plated Greek temple miniature) as being an aerodynamic non sequitur, but when viewed with the RR figurehead (a winged goddess) it makes perfect sense. The RR is a solar chariot - the divine feminine - made to convey the "new gods" about their estate (and to hell with air resistance).

Chrysler, like Mini, was originally Anglo, but was purchased by a German brand: Daimler (AKA Mercedes Benz). The Mercedes logo is the three pointed star, AKA the "flux capacitor" of Back to the Future fame. Dr. Brown's Time Machine is a classic star gate, requiring 1.21 gigawatts and 88 mph to achieve warp speed. The octagonal star gate.

The original image

The inverted image

The actual Capacitor is inverted 180 degrees from the Doctor's original sketch. The mirror cornea of the eye inverts reality 180 degrees before it enters our brains (Imagination Land), therefore, logic dictates that for an idea to manifest into reality (the opposite path), it must also invert, or "capsize".

Interestingly, the Back to the Future star gate was a De Lorean: a stainless steel ("immortal") skinned, rear-engine car, with "gull-wing" doors. Made in Ireland, a stone's throw from Scotland, at least for a Titan.

Feb 24, 2008

Diamond in the Back

I wanna (diamond in the back), I wanna (sunroof top), I wanna (diggin' the scene with a gangsta lean)... --Ludacris

The best ride on the block

A while back (way back) I spent a hot summer day out on a ski boat with a bunch of shirtless gay men, cruising slowly through the Lake Washington ship canal (the nautical equivalent of cruising the strip) and the stream of pleasure boats, which were all well adorned with feminine decoration - except for us, all we had was beefcake. Some guy yells at us: "Where's the women?!!" The answer of course was that we didn't need women. We had each other. Bro's before Ho's. Or rather, bro's who ARE ho's.

I was thinking how the Goddess isn't much a part of Christian mythology. It's like, "where the hell are the women?" In the book of Acts, Paul famously preached against the Goddess Artemis (Diana) of the Ephesians, which got him run out of town. Jesus hung out with the bros, and though some say he and Mary Magdalene were an item, you have to read WAY between the lines to get that out of scripture. My take is that the Roman mystery cults infiltrated the early church and quickly turned it back toward Goddess worship (via Mary) but as far as Jesus went, it was all about the Father and the Son. No Goddess needed, and I think, good riddance. The Goddess is a bitch - an insatiable pit of human blood sacrifice. See the Stygian Port's examination of the Goddess in The Medusa Touch. Harvest Home by Thomas Tryon, gives a vivid impression of the dark side of Ceres/agriculture fertility worship. I saw it as a made for TV movie.

The 1982 thriller 'Deathtrap', starring Michael Caine, Dyan Cannon, and Christopher Reeve, features Caine and Reeve as lovers, plotting to do away with Caine's wife - Dyan. Synchromystically, if Reeve is always Superman, then he is always Christ, which would place Caine in the roll of the Father, and Dyan as the divine feminine. The movie poster clearly shows what it's really all about. In the movie, the final triumph is given to Helga the psychic (a witchy crone).

For God to forsake the Goddess would mean he'd be forsaking the ultimate power source in the universe - the thing that makes him God! Since the universe is basically a giant ecstasy machine, he would need to find another place to hide the "engine" - a place nobody would ever think to look. Maybe God put the divine feminine where the sun don't shine, and said to hell with the ol' ball and chain. And to hell is where she went, to become Lucy(fer). Like they say, hell hath no fury like a woman scorned.

"Long dickin' my ass... nice 'n' slow... it kinda turn m' engine on, 'r somethin'!"

You could say that gay men are "rear-engined", and to bring it all back to cars (as usual), it's interesting that the Lincoln (see The Kentuckian) was famous for it's "integrated spare tire" in the trunk. A tire is a torus, so symbolically, the Lincoln carried a black hole in the back. The Lincoln Mark V was a classic pimpmobile, so I think we're into triple entendres by now. It goes without saying that Lincoln is currently working on their Mark X.

A cross in a box

The VW Beetle is the most iconic rear-engined car in the world, personified as Herbie by Disney. The VW was designed in the 1930's by Dr. Ferry Porsche for Hitler, who wanted a "people's car". The Doctor went on after WWII to create the Porsche sports car brand - its most successful model being the rear-engined 911.

The brand that keeps on giving.

Ralph Nader, the Green Party Messiah, made his reputation with the 1965 publication of 'Unsafe At Any Speed', a crusade against Detroit and the Chevrolet Corvair - a car with its engine in its butt. Due to Nader's success, the Corvair is now quite rare, and has become a collector's item. There's a guy a few blocks away from me who collects 'em, and built a gorgeous garage for his collection, practically a shrine. Personally I think Corvairs are damn homely, but I'm glad somebody loves 'em.

Feb 22, 2008

Good Syncing

Man! What a great big beautiful synced up day. We had wonderful pre-Spring weather today, so V and I walked the terrier to Kirkland, and we stopped at Kidd Valley for lunch.

The Circle K Ranch strikes again

Kidd Valley has ten outlets, and as we stood in line to order, two very hot guys got in line right behind us. We tried not to devour them with our eyes, so as not to ruin our appetites. V even called one of them "a perfect 10". We both ordered fish burgers (a Dagon sandwich) with a side of fries and onion rings, which are sort of calamari like, and with the French fries, lend a certain vibe. But the main course was inside the newspaper dispenser:

The Kirk(church)land Sun, showing an image of a Scottish savior (the solar-powered Superman), who is busting out of his disguise (Lincoln, anyone?), and the big question:

"Can Stuart McLeod save downtown Kirkland? Will the city fathers allow it?"

Feb 20, 2008

The Wreck of the Zodiac

The third angel sounded his trumpet, and a great star, blazing like a torch, fell from the sky on a third of the rivers and on the springs of water— the name of the star is Wormwood. A third of the waters turned bitter, and many people died from the waters that had become bitter. --Revelation 8:10-12

This post was inspired by Newspaceman's Feb. 8 post: Rateral Thinking, but it began years ago - on the Whidbey Island beach where my hubby found a driftwood Enterprise. We've held onto it for years, laughingly calling it our "grilled cheese Virgin Mary".

Spencer Spit

Fast forward: The summer of 2007 found us camping at Spencer Spit, a marine State Park on Lopez Island (part of the San Juan Islands of the Pacific Northwest). Spencer Spit has a certain desolate charm, and besides being a shorebird sanctuary, it is also a navigational hazard, jutting out into a channel that forces vessels to navigate a narrow line - a rocky cliff on one side, a shallow bank on the other. Groundings are common, given the tides. Anyway, this time it was the 1924 schooner Zodiac which was caught, and it remained so for hours, waiting for the tide to finally lift her to freedom.

Another interesting thing about Spencer Spit is that Oliver (the Aussie Terrier) loves to roll in a low lying vegetation that covers the sandy shore. We called it "Terrier Nip", but after a bit of research, we discovered it to be a variety of Wormwood.

A wooden sailing ship, a wooden star ship, and both found stuck on a beach. The apocalyptic Wormwood is thought to be a massive meteor or comet striking the earth (by we Christian nut-cases). But somehow, I can't help thinking that the name 'Wormwood' is a fabulous pun, much like the names of Scottish author Iain M. Bank's 'Culture' starships (Infinity II, The Just Testing, etc.).

Ship of the Line, or Pirate?

Two Arthur C. Clarke events are scheduled this year, the now infamous Cassini/Saturn/Lucifer Project, but also, the beginning of production on 'Rendezvous With Rama'.

In the early 2000s, actor Morgan Freeman expressed his desire to produce a film based on Rendezvous with Rama. After a drawn-out development process — which Freeman states has been due to difficulties in procuring funding[2] — it now appears this will indeed be happening. IMDb, as of August, 2007, upgraded the status of the project to "announced" with an estimated release date in 2009.[3] The film is to be produced by Freeman's production company, Revelations Entertainment. --wikipedia

'Rama' is a starship that passes through the solar system, using the sun as a sort of gravitational marker. The ship rounds it like a sailboat rounds a mark, then heads for distant shores. Star ships probably navigate the cosmos via the shear between two forces - perhaps gravity and photons - which is also how sailing ships navigate - via the shear between two forces - air and water. Rama is like a starship, beating to windward, navigating a narrow channel between a rock (Sol) and a shoal (Earth). Maybe Rama is Wormwood, and maybe it misses the mark, thus running aground - on the planet.

Yesterday, a spectacular meteor was sited over the Pacific Northwest:

SPOKANE — An apparent meteor streaked through the sky over the Pacific Northwest early today, drawing reports of bright lights and sonic booms in parts of Washington, Oregon and Idaho. Although a witness reported seeing the object strike the Earth in a remote part of Adams County, in southeast Washington, it had not been found.

A meteor, seen in the state named after the first President, landing in a county named after the first man. Earth, of course, is Adam's planet.

If both rats and oil escape from a grounded ship, it makes me wonder what might escape from a grounded starship. And perhaps most intriguing, what would be her cargo?

The Captain's Stash


Originally designed by William Hand Jr. as an ocean racing yacht, the schooner Zodiac was built with painstaking care in 1924 in East Boothbay, Maine. Robert Wood Johnson and J. Seward Johnson of the Johnson & Johnson family were her first owners. The wooden schooner Zodiac's career includes being used in the 1993 (TNT movie of the week) 'Sea Wolf', Charles Bronson as Wolf Larson, Christopher Reeve as Humphries, and Catherine Mary Stewart. The vessel is now operated by Star Sail Cruises.

The Schooner Zodiac

As I was putting these pieces together, Gosporn article 'Go West' received a comment from 'Daedalus', on Feb. 11. Daedalus was the father of Icarus, who flew too close to the sun, and fell into the sea.

In Greek mythology, Daedalus (Latin, also Hellenized Latin Daedalos, Greek Daidalos (Δαίδαλος) meaning "cunning worker", and Etruscan Taitle) was a most skillful artificer, so skillful that he was said to have invented images. --wikipedia

Daedalus resembles the Egyptian Ptah, the god of craftsmen, and is no doubt the Greek equivalent. As Christopher Knowles tells us in Osiris, The Oscars and The Babylon Gate, Hollywood's Oscar is modeled after Ptah, AKA Daedalus. Things named Daedalus.

Daedalus launching the Icarus

Absinthe - the elixir of Bohemian Paris - is made from wormwood.

'The Wreck of the Zephyr', by Chris Van Allsburg.

Spencer's spit?

Feb 19, 2008

The Kentuckian

Been musing a bit about dead presidents, considering the season. Washington and Lincoln - the twin pillars of American mythology. Masonic Washington is given due credit as the Father, but Lincoln was the Savior. Lincoln preserved the Union, and like a certain other savior, Lincoln paid the highest price for his service.

The American Civil War was essentially between two economic systems - agrarian (feudal) slavery vs. industrial Capitalism. Perhaps that was also the germ of dissent in the War of Heaven - as above, so below - and always follow the money. Lincoln freed the slaves. Jesus came to set the captives free.

Another rebel, another X

Rebels vs. Loyalists; Gray vs. Blue; North vs. South; Israel vs. Judah; Brother vs. brother. The archetype that repeats itself in an endless loop, until pattern recognition software finally kicks in? It's deja vu all over again. It makes me wonder... the only downside to Capitalist magic is that it requires an ever expanding pizza pi - the American Way (Amway) - an infinite pyramid scheme. Foolish? No doubt.

For the wisdom of this world is foolishness in God's sight. As it is written: "He catches the wise in their craftiness"; --1 Corinthians 3:19

Like Elvis and Jesus, Lincoln came from humble circumstances, and, sightings were common for years after their deaths. To put an end to the rumors and conspiracy theories, the government finally had Lincoln's grave exhumed (with his son as a witness) and the body encased in a solid concrete block - again echoing an earlier Messiah. It almost goes without saying that Lincoln was married to Mary.

As a boy, I loved playing with my Lincoln Logs®, and (scatalogic jokes aside) the association of Lincoln with the towering conifer is yet another phallic symbol. Judging by his ectomorphic proportions - Abe was hung like the proverbial horse. Naturally, the Gay Republican caucus calls itself the Log Cabin Club. If Lincoln was the beginning of the Republican party, then George Bush is the end - a perfect, reversed image of everything Lincoln stood for: the anti-Lincoln. The Shrub.

Lincoln was shot while seated in a box seat of the Ford Theater, and it's syncnificant that 'Lincoln' is the only automobile named after a president. Lincoln is a Ford brand, and interestingly, was co-joined to Mercury. The Lincoln logo is a cross sitting in a box. Lincoln was done in by a Booth, which makes me suspect the Doctor was involved. Kennedy was shot while riding in a Lincoln Continental presidential limousine - the X-100.

In Tim Burton's 'Planet of the Apes' (see Marky's Mark), The Lincoln Memorial shows Lincoln to be a giant ape - Thoth. That Tim is very clever.

Gay Bar, by Electric Six

Feb 14, 2008

Pinch Me, I'm Dreaming

A few years ago I had one of those vivid dreams where you wish Daniel was around to interpret:

I was aboard a huge vessel - a ferryboat - but as big as a ship. Lots of men were fishing off the stern. I walked up to the rail, and without really thinking about it, I cast my two lines (via twin fishing poles) into the water, far below. When I did, the huge ferry reversed direction, and sucked my bait into it's props. I frantically pulled the lines free with my bare hands, which were cut and bleeding by the mono-filament lines. I succeeded in pulling my lines free of the props, but the bait was gone, and my hands were a bloody mess. --Dream 10/22/06

So yesterday I was walking Oliver the terrier down through a waterfront development/marina, when I noticed that the developer had seen fit to build a monument to my dream on the marina boardwalk.

If you can dream it...

Feb 12, 2008

What Would Jesus Drive?

Jake Kotze (sync catalyst), got me researching (via comments on Crossfire), Darth (Jesus) Vader, and his links to Chevrolet (the TIE that binds). Which, via this Youtube video, leads to Darth's personal involvement with the H2 Hummer, which is, of course, the HH mobile.

What would Jesus drive? An H2. What an ass.

Mellow Yellow?

Feb 10, 2008


I saw a Chrysler Crossfire in a parking lot today. She's quite the looker with her Teutonic-American styling. Seems to be going around. Aferrismoon's recent musings got me thinking about the older model:

Feb 8, 2008

The Halifax

In Josef Howard's homo erotic story 'The Halifax', a mortal picks up an unusual character at the bar - a Halifax:

"A what?"

"A Halifax. Never mind trying to remember something I know you haven't heard of. We were expunged from myths centuries ago. Halifax feed the gods. What you have been drinking is nectar."

"You're a Greek god?!"

"A demi-god, actually, like satyrs and nymphs. The gods created us to sustain them. Nectar is a waste product for us. The Christians thought the act of drinking it was the most obscene thing on earth and wiped us from your history. Never mind that most of the time it's not the least bit sexual, the necessities of the act made a lot of human scholars squeamish in the Christian era. You see, we can't get rid of the nectar ourselves, like your people do with your waste. We need it to be sucked from us, by design of the gods themselves. They wanted to make sure they didn't lose a drop. The nectar not only tastes good, it keeps the gods alive. It replenishes their power."

A Halifax literally doesn't have an asshole! I'm thinking that angels, demons, aliens, reptilians, trans-dimensional beings and Greek gods are all basically the same kind of character, just told from different mythic viewpoints, and it makes me wonder, what if Josef is right? What IF angels/aliens don't have assholes? It would explain a lot. Like the crazy rectal examination thing during alien abductions - they're examining them because they don't fucking have them!!!

Deep down, I suppose they're jealous, because they've been booted out of heaven, and they know where the key is "buried". That's why their minions in the church have worked so hard to make butt sex the Great Taboo: they don't want anyone getting into heaven through the back door!

Feb 6, 2008

A Perfect Ten

It's almost impossible to escape the power of X these days. Mac OSX, X-Box, X Files, X-Men, Xtreme sports, Xmas, Racer X, and we've barely scratched the surface. Maybe we're feeling the synchro-gravitational pull of the mythical Planet X. X = 10, so Planet X can be considered the tenth planet. I wonder how The Nine feel about that?

Ten is often times considered a symbol of completeness - perfection. The perfect 10. The highest rating. The decimal system reinforces that idea, being based on our number of fingers - and we always count a newborn's digits in order to determine their genetic 'perfection'.

In the Blake Edwards 1979 film '10', Bo Derek plays a woman who's physical perfection = X. Bo was the fourth wife of actor, director and photographer John Derek, most famous for his series of stunningly beautiful and identical wives: Ursula Andress, Linda Evens and Bo Derek. A man seriously into genetic perfection.

As good as it gets... ?

Apparently YHWH is into genetic perfection as well:

And Jehovah said to Noah, Go into the ark, thou and all thy house; for thee have I seen righteous before me in this generation. --Genesis 7:1

According to Xtian conspiracy theorists, Noah was called righteous (perfect) in his generation, and it was this perfection that qualified him for the ark - to become the perfect genetic blueprint after a (Jehovah caused) catastrophe. Reminds me of the mad Nazi scientist Totenkoff from Sky Captain, or any number of Bond villains, for that matter.

In the Book of Enoch, Noah is described as resembling the Nephilim - in other words, a perfect little angel. This was apparently cause for some concern by Noah's dad, who figured one of those angels had gone and knocked up his wife, as they were known to do. So Noah's father took him to see Enoch, who assured him that Noah was indeed his own son. I figure Enoch was an Atlantean geneticist with access to genome testing equipment.

The perfection thing comes up over and over again - the Chosen Genome is told to sacrifice only animals without blemish - and even Jesus says: "Be ye therefore perfect, even as your Father which is in heaven is perfect".

So much for tolerance. The Xtians say that the species purity laws were a reaction to the angel-human genome project that was ongoing just prior to the Deluge, and considering the rumors of alien/reptilian abductions and secret underground genetic labs, it would seem that the project is once again in full swing.

Interestingly, Linda Evens (John Derek fembot no.3) spent considerable time at Ramtha channeler JZ Knight's ranch in Yelm, Washington State, even buying property in the area. Ramtha claimed to be a Lemurian Warrior/King, which would make him Nephilim. Apparently the angels haven't lost their seductive charms - or their eye for feminine perfection.

Composition No. 10, Piet Mondrian, 1939-42

Bo Derek may have been a perfect 10, but for gay men, she'll always be short one critical digit. In this, we share Nigel Tufnel's adoration of his amp in 'This is Spinal Tap' - 11 is even more perfect than 10.

According to legend, the Nephilim had six fingers per hand, which means that angels talk of Perfect Twelves. I wonder how many digits had Noah? Conversely, the Disney universe is famously populated by creatures with only 4 fingers per hand! So in Toontown, 8 is enough. Hmmm, maybe humans are the Goldilocks of the perfection scale. Neither as annoyingly infantile as a 'toon', or as insufferably perfect as an angel. Juuuuust right.

This little piggy went to market, This little piggy stayed at home, This little piggy had roast beef, This little piggy had none. And this little piggy went... "Wee wee wee" all the way home...

Feb 3, 2008

The Prophecy

Homoerotic art site Beautiful Mag commissions 'The Prophecy' from Paris-based surrealist Aymeric Giraudel.

Fans of Goro Adachi will note the video was released on Jan. 22.

"The Beast Within" by Madonna

Feb 2, 2008

Red is the New Orange

New York Fashion Week created an interesting tableau this week:

"The annual event kicked off Friday in the red, with a bevy of actresses and other celebrities wearing the color as part of the "Red Dress" Campaign, to alert women to the dangers of heart disease." --China View

The Cardinal Scarlet Women of stage and screen surround the "first lady" (Eve, Mary, Isis?) in virginal white. There's something oddly Catholic about it, especially since the Pope is always in a white dress - always ready for the weddin'. Fish on Friday? Unlike Charlie the tuna, this Dagon doesn't have the best taste.

Heading towards Valentine's Day, red hearts and flowers naturally abound. El Corazon is as Catholic as it gets. According to doctrine, the symbol of the heart (Sacred Heart) began when Saint Margaret Marie Alacoque had a vision in the late 17th century. She saw a heart shape surrounded by a crown of thorns.

There is evidence the symbol is far older. The Egyptian ab, or "heart soul", bears a remarkable resemblance to the stained glass Christian iconography. The ab (one of seven Egyptian souls) came directly from the mother's heart, in the form of holy lunar blood and would descend to the womb and take the shape of her child.

Older still, the association of romantic love with the heart shape may rest in the now extinct Silphium of Africa - the ancient birth control pill. Irony, anyone?

According to the media Oracle, The Heart of the Ocean is a jewel of great price, cast into the sea as the Titanic was cast into the abyss. The sea and the abyss (the pit), are synonyms, so perhaps the heart-shaped gem and whatever Titanic force the ocean liner represents are as well.

"Raise the Titanic" (1976) launched the career of Clive Cussler - the Spielberg of pulp fiction and beltway apologist.

In 1912, the RMS Titanic went to the bottom of the North Atlantic in one of history's most infamous maritime disasters. Seventy-five years later, it is discovered that Titanic's hold contains a shipment of a rare mineral, the only available supply in the world large enough to power a top-secret and vital United States defense program. When no method can be found of extracting the mineral under more than 12,000 feet of water, Pitt and his crew set out to do the impossible: raise the Titanic.

It would appear that this "vital" mineral/gem has "risen indeed". It reminds me of another rising - that of Atlantis. Is the great ocean liner a symbol for the lost continent? No doubt.

Isis of Mars

According to Britney of the Spears (another mighty media "heroine" prominently featured this week, who has fallen, but may yet 'rise again') The Heart of the Ocean was discovered by an American earthling, but delivered safely back to Britannia, AKA the Red Planet. Ladies in red, indeed.

The Martian Mermaid

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