Feb 26, 2008

Chariots of the Gods

Jake Kotze has shown (without a shadow of doubt, I think), how the checkered yellow cab (checker chariot) is a Hollywood star gate symbol, and I've been going on about cars being symbolic of the Holy Grail: the divine feminine. Maybe they're the same thing? What I do know is that transportation of all kinds: planes, trains and automobiles, sleds, ships and star ships, are all - symbolically - "vehicles of transformation".

The solar disc chariot motif repeats itself over and over again in automotive badges, The "new" Chrysler winged logo being the New World (Atlantean) version, but it's merry olde England that really holds the key. Both Bentley and Aston Martin prominently feature the winged chariot motif, with the (relatively recent) Mini Cooper logo being the strongest yet, complete with solar disk. And not just any sol - the black hole sun.

The Mini Me can be had with optional checkerboard trim on its rearview mirrors which implies the Masonic tracing board, and perhaps looking into the past - Chronos.

The Spirit of Ecstasy. Really.

Rolls Royce is (symbolically, at least) the capstone of British automotive achievement. Buckminster Fuller called out the grill (a chrome-plated Greek temple miniature) as being an aerodynamic non sequitur, but when viewed with the RR figurehead (a winged goddess) it makes perfect sense. The RR is a solar chariot - the divine feminine - made to convey the "new gods" about their estate (and to hell with air resistance).

Chrysler, like Mini, was originally Anglo, but was purchased by a German brand: Daimler (AKA Mercedes Benz). The Mercedes logo is the three pointed star, AKA the "flux capacitor" of Back to the Future fame. Dr. Brown's Time Machine is a classic star gate, requiring 1.21 gigawatts and 88 mph to achieve warp speed. The octagonal star gate.

The original image

The inverted image

The actual Capacitor is inverted 180 degrees from the Doctor's original sketch. The mirror cornea of the eye inverts reality 180 degrees before it enters our brains (Imagination Land), therefore, logic dictates that for an idea to manifest into reality (the opposite path), it must also invert, or "capsize".

Interestingly, the Back to the Future star gate was a De Lorean: a stainless steel ("immortal") skinned, rear-engine car, with "gull-wing" doors. Made in Ireland, a stone's throw from Scotland, at least for a Titan.


Christopher Loring Knowles said...

The Winged Sun Disc takes us all the way back to the Shemsu Hor. The fact that its re-emerging at this point in time, while so much other Solar symbolism is appearing should tell us a lot. The paradigm is shifting very rapidly, there's absolutely no denying it.

Adam Star said...

"The mirror cornea of the eye inverts reality 180 degrees before it enters our brains (Imagination Land), therefore, logic dictates that for an idea to manifest into reality (the opposite path), it must also invert, or "capsize"."


Michael said...

Yes, very rapidly. Almost as if events were following a schedule. Note how in time travel role reversal sci-fi (such as Back to the Future) there is always a sense of urgency - their time is short.

Adam - I may look like I'm sleeping, but I DO pay attention at synchromystical blog school. ;-)

FilmNoir23 said...

For the average person, I guess a car is REALLY the closest thing to time travel that one can experience on their own.

the reduction of time required to get from one place to another= time travel.

Michael, you have always gotten A's

Anonymous said...

Hi Mike,

A Few Thoths about your post and comments.

First: Chris, at the risk of alienating a great mind... the paradigm is not shifting, it is co-agulating. It is an important difference because the idea of a shift implies a CHANGE and folks at large are horrified of CHANGE. We can be assured that nothing is changing (as Lennon tells in 'Across the Universe'). The same things have been happening for quite a long time. You can go back to RAW or Huxley, farther to Blavatsky and Crowley or farther still to St. John's Revelations and the like and find proof of the same so called PARADIGM SHIFT. Even the much touted wakefulness of Humanity at large remains unchanged. There have always been a small number of chosen at any given time that are being illuminated. In our times WE are the Illuminates. There are literally billions of people on this planet but this is OUR time and there aren't very many of us. Meta-minds, Syncho-Mystics, Psycho-Nauts; whatever the term. We are few. Essentially, and as told by the Tarot, we are the current batch of Gods facing Judgment. Prepare thee the way for the Lord.


Have you ever heard of Stan Tenen ? Based on his teachings, I would say that the Flux Capacitor and Mercedes Shield are Alpha and Omega Glyphs. This fits with the idea of traveling at light speed. At the speed of light one is completely bathed in light. A and O are One. To tie this into the Solar Mythos consider the following metaphor: sitting around a campfire we see the pile of burning wood and call it the FIRE. But is it not so that we feel the warmth of that same FIRE around our own bodies? And that warmth only widens but does not fade. This is the SECRET of the SUN. WE are all within the SUN. The Astronmical Body that WE call the Sun is not the Sun but the Visible Fire that we ourselves dwell within for eternity. It carries us on an endless journey across the universe.

Please see Yeats' 'All Souls Night' particularly the fifth and sixth stanzas.

Remember that Yeats was a founder of the GOLDEN DAWN.

Peace Good Nizzah's

Your Pal

Da WWWiz

Anonymous said...

Here is the Yeats


Michael said...

FM23 - Thanks, always appreciated. BTW, do you think 11 and 23 are related in that they are the last hour before the hands of a clock point straight up? In other words, 23 is 11 PM.

Mark - as always, a thought provoking comment. I'm pretty sure I've seen the "capacitor" shape in a Kabbala-related drawing or something, but I can't place it.

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