Feb 10, 2008


I saw a Chrysler Crossfire in a parking lot today. She's quite the looker with her Teutonic-American styling. Seems to be going around. Aferrismoon's recent musings got me thinking about the older model:


aferrismoon said...

Kars Kars Kars.
Even despite the KKK resonance I think that 'crossfire' is edging towards the devoid.
Generally we hear the phrase ' caught in the crossfire' , as in innocent mown down by two sets of people who have reached a stage of non-evolution.
Thus caught in the crossfire, maybe it indicates the kiddies who are gonna get caught in that radiator grille.
Apologies for empty-headed negativity

aferrismoon said...

And then there's Kreissler

Jake Kotze said...

Was thinking about the Chevy logo yesterday. I have heard it is a stylized tie. That made me think it would be the "Empire's" favourite ride. Both car and Star Wars ideas made me further think of your blog. Hey presto and today you speak of cars again.


Michael said...

I remember when the Crossfire engine first arrived, an automotive journalist noted that it sounded like something that wasn't supposed to happen: "Watch out son, the engine's about to crossfire!" :-)

Jake, you're right on. Chevy ran a magazine ad in the 90's featuring a black Impala SS with the headline: "Lord Vader, your car is ready".

And now Darth Vader is apparently behind the Chevy Volt system: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ugxKLL4iJb8

aferrismoon said...

Lynn Cheney hosted CNN CROSSFIRE, and I wonder about Chevy Chase. Cha Cha Cha!

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