Jan 31, 2008

A Joker's Mask

I've been reading some of the visions of Ellen G. White - the 19th century Seventh Day Adventist prophet. She gives a fascinating account of the War of Heaven - with this description of the fallen angel:

I was shown Satan as he once was, a happy, exalted angel. Then I was shown him as he now is. He still bears a kingly form. His features are still noble, for he is an angel fallen. But the expression of his countenance is full of anxiety, care, unhappiness, malice, hate, mischief, deceit, and every evil. That brow which was once so noble, I particularly noticed. His forehead commenced from his eyes to recede. I saw that he had so long bent himself to evil that every good quality was debased, and every evil trait was developed. His eyes were cunning, sly, and showed great penetration. His frame was large, but the spiritual flesh hung loosely about his hands and face.

As I beheld him, his chin was resting upon his left hand. He appeared to be in deep thought. A smile was upon his countenance, which made me tremble, it was so full of evil and satanic slyness. This smile is the one he wears just before he makes sure of his victim, and as he fastens the victim in his snare, this smile grows horrible.

Jan 29, 2008

White Gold

"Do not store up for yourselves treasures on earth, where moth and rust destroy, and where thieves break in and steal. But store up for yourselves treasures in heaven, where moth and rust do not destroy, and where thieves do not break in and steal. --Matthew 6:19-20

I was reading a hot muscle growth stroke story called Fred's Odyssey by RdyRoger a while ago - typical plot: mild mannered little guy does a good deed and is gifted with the muscle god bod of his dreams. In this case it was island voodoo magic, and like so many of these tall tales, it's the power of the jizz that transforms a man from geek to Greek God.

Jack opened wide, swallowing Fred's huge cock. That he was able to do so amazed him. He deep throated Fred. Fred shoved his cock deeper, losing control. Fred started spewing a huge load directly into Jack's stomach. ...Jack patted his stomach. "It's just like money in the bank." --Fred's Odyssey

I think that maybe semen (and the sexual ecstasy associated with it) is the currency of heaven. Rivers of it. Every time you cum, you make a little down payment on your grail/stargate/flying car. Grails are the divine Feminine - and they only take one kind of fuel. Here on serpent cult earth, automograils run on "black gold", so of course they run on white gold in heaven.

Give me oil in that lamp. (Art by Glen Hanson)

I figure we all get grails as graduation presents when we finally graduate the Earth Reform School for Gifted Children. I happen to have expensive taste in grails, so it's lucky I've been making steady deposits since I was twelve.

Fill 'er up, Francois!

Jan 27, 2008

Best in Show

"Best in Show (2000) is a mockumentary that follows five entrants in a prestigious dog show. The film focuses on the slightly surreal interactions among the various owners and handlers as they travel to the show and compete. Much of the dialogue was improvised." --Wikipedia

Best in Show is one of those oddities - a great movie that is ALSO rich in syncs. Writers Christopher Guest and Eugene Levy have a gentle way of mocking which invites deeper introspection under the laughs. The movie is one of many made just prior to 911 that seem imbued with an accidental symbolic wisdom - perhaps due to its improvisational nature.

The over-arching drama - the competition for "Best in Show" - resonates with me about brothers, tribes, races and religions - all vying for the "blue ribbon" - AKA "the blessing". The dogs can be seen as reflections (avatars) of their archetypical masters/gods. I'll let you do the abstraction layer math.

As the archetypes descend on the theater/stadium, some are favorites and some are long shots, but all are very serious about winning. One couple in particular - Cookie and Gerald Fleck from Fern City, Florida are turned away from the convention hotel (the Inn/Oz/heaven) when their credit card is declined, however the sympathetic innkeeper (Ed Begley Jr.) does give them room in the janitor's closet (the stable).

Gerry and Cookie Fleck and Winky.

The closet is full of cleaning supplies, and Ed gives a strangely detailed description of each cleaning product and its intended use - three products, three levels of filth. The first product for the little jobs, the second for the medium efforts, and finally, the big one - the "heavy artillery". This is the product Ed used to clean up the mess left by a rock band who roasted a goat in their room, and who "apparently didn't know that there was a toilet IN the room". So three levels of product - and the final/strongest used to cleanse the hotel (heaven) of the (devil worshiping) band.

Cookie and Gerald Fleck are an unlikely couple. Cookie was "Miss Congenitally" with every guy she ever met, and Gerald is hardly the stud of studs - he even has two left feet - which means he's always walking in circles. The running gag is that the Flecks are forever bumping into Cookie's ex-dates, with Gerald slowly realizing he's married the town pump. Catherine O'Hara (who I love) plays Cookie, and while her part in the "no room at the inn" bit shows her as Mary - wife of Joseph, her character is closer to Mary Magdalene - the prostitute with a heart of gold. Maybe it's all the same Mary, I don't know. Cookie is the Grail - the "pearl of great price", and she says an interesting thing to her doubting husband: "they're my past. You're my future".

The Flecks show Winky, the Norwich Terrier (the breed named for it's twin tower resonating Norwich Cathedral ears). And at the last minute, Cookie dramatically twists her ankle, which means she can't show Winky in the Best of Show competition! The pivot point of the drama occurs when Gerald realizes his destiny - the shower (witness) of the Winky. Of course they win - Best in Show. Nothing beats wanking the winky.

"You're going to show Winky!"

Harlan Pepper and his bloodhound

The other character of sync note is Harlan Pepper (played by Christopher Guest - AKA Christopher Haden-Guest, 5th Baron Haden-Guest). He plays (what appears to be) a good ol' Southern boy who shows a bloodhound, one of many eerie syncs. The interesting thing about Harlan Pepper however, is that he's actually a Jew, who flies to Haifa to unwind at a Kibbutz after the dog show. Harlan thinks naming NUTS is good conversation.

By the end of the movie, Harlan reveals not only his Jewish roots, but that he has an interest in ventriloquism. He creates a cowboy act with a cowboy dummy. So we have a Jew dressed as a cowboy putting words into the mouths of other cowboys. Hmmm. And then Harlan (the cowboy impersonator/magician) explains the roots of the ventriloquist (illusionary, magical) arts, which are... ancient Egypt.



Guest's biggest role of the first two decades of his career, is likely that of Nigel Tufnel in the 1984 "rockumentary" film This Is Spinal Tap. Amplifier manufacturers actually began to produce amps with knobs going up to 11 (rather than the traditional scale of 10), as a result of a popular scene where a benighted Tufnel proudly shows off such an amp, believing it to be louder. "Turn it up to 11!" has become something of a meme among musicians ever since. --Wikipedia


Guest became the 5th Baron Haden-Guest, of Saling in the County of Essex, when his father died in 1996. He succeeded upon the ineligibility of his older brother, Anthony Haden-Guest, who was born prior to the marriage of his parents. According to an article in The Guardian, Guest attended the House of Lords regularly until the House of Lords Act 1999 barred most hereditary peers from their seats. --Wikipedia

Off-stage Demeanor

Guest is sometimes off-putting in interviews and promotional appearances, having been described by reviewer Warren Etheredge as "rude, condescending and intolerable." as well as with people who have met him outside of the work environment, because contrary to expectations of him as a comedian he often seems deadpan, even dour. Of this, Guest has said, "People want me to be funny all the time. They think I'm being funny no matter what I say or do and that's not the case. I rarely joke unless I'm in front of a camera. It's not what I am in real life. It's what I do for a living". --Wikipedia

Alex Witchel's NYT article of 11/12/06 about Christopher Guest was entitled "The Shape-Shifter".

Jan 26, 2008


Francesco D'Macho's gorgeous video showing himself, Pedro, Daniel and friends in Costa Rica. The beach of Manuel Antonio was made for these guys, or maybe they were made for the beach. Either way.

Via Doug at Unnatural Devotions. I couldn't improve on his title.

Chosen My Religion

Inside the Pope's private chamber.

By Michael Kirwan

Jan 23, 2008

Eyes Wide Open

I've desperately needed a new eyeglasses prescription for a long time, and in my usual style I put it off for way too long. Last week I finally went to the eye doctor, who gave me the good news: "You need bifocals". Yet another joyous side benefit of middle aging. Anyway, I was going through their battery of eye tests and sat down at a machine where you place your chin on a support and look into some goggles and focus on the image in the center.

Which happened to be a shot down a straight two lane road, heading off toward the horizon, with a red hot air balloon at the end, like an Emerald City/pot o' gold at the end of the road/rainbow! It was strange then, but thinking back, it has grown ever stranger - as if it were a dream - so laden with symbols. It's a bit disquieting when the Logos bypasses the usual media channels.

Tri focals (via Gormax at Gay Imagery)

Jan 18, 2008

The Messiah of Tatooine

Time for another Fractured Fairy Tale from Gosporn! Tonight we're taking the Way Back Machine to a long time ago and a galaxy far away, to examine one of the pivotal characters in the Star Wars saga - and compare him to another well-known Messianic character. No, not Luke. Anakin Skywalker!

Are you ready, Sherman?

1. First off, Anakin Skywalker is born of a virgin, and do I even need to go on? Indeed, Shmi has a strong Mary vibe.

2. Anakin is from the desert planet Tatooine, a poor and primitive colony of the Republic. Jesus was from the desert Kingdom of Judea, which was considered poor and primitive by its Roman rulers, and was a client state of the Roman Empire.

3. Jesus' home town, Nazareth, was a town of poor reputation - the 'East End' of Judea. (The OTO is always calling Jesus 'the Nazarene' because it's a slur.) Mos Eisley is described as a "wretched hive of scum and villainy."

4. Anakin's spiritual gifts are recognized as a boy, and he is taken away by a Jedi Knight (Magi, 'wise man', magician) to study the ways of the Force, which echoes various extra-biblical legends about the early life of Jesus, claiming he traveled to Tibet/India/Egypt/England to study under various enlightened Masters.

5. Anakin considered himself more advanced in the ways of the Force than his elders, and Jesus was always infuriating the Pharisees with his uppity Nazarene ways.

6. Anakin assaults the (Jedi) Temple, as did Jesus when he threw out the money changers. The Knights Templar became wealthy and powerful through their banking services to royalty, and bankers are "money changers", so the comparison is quite apt.

7. The Jedi Temple is located on Courascant, AKA Jerusalem. The Jedi Temple resembles a ziggurat with Asherah poles more than the second temple, however, like many Star Wars icons and characters, what it represents shifts from scene to scene. It can be a medieval fortress, Solomon's temple, the Library of Alexandria, and most true to character, the Tower of Babel.

8. Anakin was betrayed by someone he considered a brother. Obi Wan as Judas.

9. Anakin is "reborn" as Darth Vader, and while it's not clear how long it took the Emperor to raise Anakin from the dead - three and half days is a good guess. However, Anakin didn't quit actually die, which echoes some holy grail legends about Jesus surviving the crucifixion and fleeing, perhaps to France.

"I am altering the deal. Pray I don't alter it any further."

10. Vader is consistently called "Lord" by his minions. Of course, you pray to your Lord.

Vader with his "Cardinals". Templars hate Catholics.

11. However, the most important thing about identifying Anakin as Jesus is that he is the father of Luke Skywalker - the Star Wars Messiah. Padme Amidala (Natalie Portman) is both Mary Magdalene and Princess Diana - Lucas simply skipped 2000 years of royal/reptilian inbreeding!

Jan 13, 2008

Attack of the Mind Controlled Slaves From Outer Space!

Find the mind controlled slaves in the picture above.

I've been delving a little into the dark world of mind control conspiracy theory, helped along by ViolatoR at The Stygian Port. I found this review of 'K-PAX', starring Kevin Spacey, to be particularly interesting.

I am really tired of all the X's

Kevin Spacey plays Prot, a sunglasses wearing, dissociative acting, child-man claiming to be an alien, which seems to follow the same script as the recent 'The Martian Child', starring John Cusak, even down to the sunglasses. The author claims the movie is a glimpse into the world of trauma-based mind control victims who have been programmed to believe they're aliens - and the movie's intent is twofold. First, to assure the victims who may be questioning their programming that they are INDEED aliens, and second, to sow a seed within we, the slightly less mind controlled general public, that they might BE aliens.

Considering the frequency of this meme's presentation, this would appear to be an important seed to the myth makers. Anyway, it was this paragraph that got me thinking:

"TACHYON SPEEDS OF LIGHT—There are actually mind-controlled slaves who have been programmed with the words “Tachyon speeds”. In other words, this fictional speed is actually wording from the mind-control. In addition to this, the words Prot uses to describe coming to earth is exactly how the alters are programmed to think. Alters that live internally in the mind are placed on planets (within the mind) and when electro-shock is applied to the body, the mind sees a blinding flash of light, which is part of the trigger signal for the alien alter to come out. The concept of placing seven moons orbiting around a planet, and 64 planets in a galaxy internally is in line with how it is done in programming. In other words, Prot is describing to a “t” the way an internal system for the mind-control would be built and would be perceived by an alter. A 64 configuration could be used in an 8X8 alter configuration, or it could be used in a 5X13 configuration, with one alter left hidden."

Hmmm. Alters, each given a planet in an internal solar system - with the programmer playing "God". The Greek gods are also given planets and moons on which to dwell, and according to Jung, the gods are "archetypes" - symbolic personality types within the mind. Greek gods come into existence via trauma and by killing or banishing the previous monarch, which would be akin to the "death" or enslavement of the original personality.

As P. K. Dick says, the universe is not some wind-up machine that God made and then pressed the ON button, as if he were a Great Architect. The universe IS the mind of God, and we all essentially exist in His imagination. Keeping that "in mind" we can use our own minds as a model for the mind of God (made in His image), and trauma-based mind control is perhaps a clue to our condition.

"It is common among the World Order types to state that when they bring order out of chaos for us, there will be a peace. One of the ways they bring order out of chaos is when they splinter a child’s mind into many dissociative pieces and then restructure it (bring order), and this artificial structure can only manage to function if it is given programming (which brings a type of peace) to the mind. Otherwise, without the programming and the godlike programmer, the trauma memories surface, the conflicts between various alters rises, and the victim muddles up into a crazy unfunctioning fractured mind."

You might say that the original personality (God) was split open by trauma (The War of Heaven) which resulted in the creation of the Alters (the "gods", archetypes) - who rule the spheres of both inner and outer space. By turns benevolent or cruel, beautiful or monstrous, these archetypes struggle against one another at all times, and we, being avatars of the archetypes, act out this struggle in the world. The history of the Ages can be viewed as the history of archetypes competing among themselves for mastery, with each Age "ruled" by an archetype, then a war which overthrows the previous god and installs a new one - "the king is dead, long live the king". The procession of the Ages has been from gold to bronze to tin, and now finally silicon and space - the Space Age, and so naturally we have aliens as our gods. Or will shortly.

The Rebel Alliance, AKA 'The Nine'

Maybe this is the state of the collective human unconscious - split up and off from God (the original personality) like a mind control victim. And maybe the story of Jesus is the story of God, the original, whole and complete personality, incarnated as an avatar (the only begotten son), with the good news that he intends to bring all the fractured alters (AKA rebel angels) back into the fold (restore the primary personality to Oneness), and cure the trauma-based mind control of our species. As any deprogrammer knows, this can take some tough love, especially with the more intractable archetypes. The largest of these alters - Saturn, Jupiter, etc. have rather enjoyed having the run of this quadrant of God's brain/universe for these many Ages, and view the return of an integrated primary personality as... the Borg. Fortunately for we avatars (the cannon fodder of the gods), resistance is futile.

Portrait of Jesus, by an alter-native god

For though there be that are called gods, whether in heaven or in earth, (as there be gods many, and lords many,) But to us there is but one God, the Father, of whom are all things, and we in him; and one Lord Jesus Christ, by whom are all things, and we by him. --1 Corinthians 8:5-6

How think ye? if a man have an hundred sheep, and one of them be gone astray, doth he not leave the ninety and nine, and goeth into the mountains, and seeketh that which is gone astray? And if so be that he find it, verily I say unto you, he rejoiceth more of that sheep, than of the ninety and nine which went not astray. --Matthew 18:12-13

Jan 12, 2008

The Tooth Fairy

Our man in London, Ben Fairhall, posted an intriguing bit of info on the twelfth of December concerning Evelyn Waugh:

Strangely, towards the end of his life, Waugh developed a most unusual hobby: having his teeth pulled out, without anaesthetic. 'The vulgar new school of literary biographer,' says Auberon Waugh, 'attributed it to some strain of sexual masochism, but I am not persuaded by this.' Interestingly, losing his teeth seemed to effect a spiritual change in him: 'Where before he had been gloomy, bad tempered and on occasions aggressive, he became benign and affectionate, but still his death lifted a great brooding awareness not only from Combe Florey- the Waugh family home in Somerset- but from the whole of existence.'

"Huh". I says. Which got me to thinking about dentists specifically and about teeth in general.

"Feed me, See more!"

The alien invasion musical 'Little Shop of Horrors' contains a scene with "Bill Luminati" Bill Murray playing a character who loves getting his teeth pulled in the most excruciatingly painful way imaginable (sexual masochism overtly stated, BTW).

The Xmas classic 'Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer' includes Hermie (Hermes?) the misfit (and gay acting) elf who secretly wants to be a dentist. He winds up pulling a tooth from the Head Elf - easing his suffering.

Mike Myers as Austin Powers (the Dionysus resonator) who’s bad teeth are a running gag. "I'm English".

In 'Marathon Man', Dustin Hoffman is tortured in a dentist chair by a crazed Nazi asking: “Is it safe?”

And my latest guru, P. K. Dick, had his first vision/VALIS moment as a result of the extraction of an impacted WISDOM tooth. Who woulda thunk?

Jan 10, 2008


This is the "album art" at iTunes for the Mary Tyler Moore Show. Perhaps the art director was a bit heavy handed with his Virgin Mary 2X4, hell, even I get it. The discussion of TM at The Stygian Port made me think that MTM stands for Mary Transcendental Meditation, which I think Catholics call "Saying the Rosary".

Jan 8, 2008

A Series of Fortunate Events

Philip Teaches the Ethiopian

I'm reading How to Build a Universe That Doesn't Fall Apart Two Days Later, an essay by Philip K. Dick.

It's a marvelous read, and he touches on subjects that my little gray cells are always turning around, like a Rubik's cube. He talks about the nature of reality and illusion, truth and fiction, but what really struck me were his anecdotes about times in his life when reality and myth seemed interchangeable and intertwined. He had written a scene in a novel which he later learns is similar to a scene in the bible(Acts 4:26-40), and later still he unconsciously acts out a similar scene in the real(sic) world. The scene involved a meeting on the road, a black man, a car out of gas, an all-night gas station, and an act of aid to a stranger, and as I was reading this it dawned on me that I had acted out an almost identical scene in my own life!

I was in my early twenties, and I was driving a "flame" red 1969 MG chariot (octagonal logo) at night in a torrential rain storm, when I ran out of gas on a freeway on ramp. I got out of the car and stood under my umbrella, trying to determine in which direction might be the nearest gas station, since I was in an unfamiliar town. Before I could set off, a black man rolled up in his car, and asked me if I could use some help. I took him up on it, and he proceeded to drive me to a gas station (which was a considerable distance away), buy me both gas and a canister in which to hold it (since I discovered I wasn't carrying any money) and then took me back to my car (which meant all the way back around the cloverleaf because I was stalled on the other side of the freeway). I thanked him and he told me he was happy to have helped, and drove off into the driving rain.

It wasn't until after I drove away that I realized how wonderfully fortunate I'd been, and how a potential disaster (of my own idiotic making) had been narrowly averted by the kindness of a stranger. In my case, the roles were inverted and it was the black man playing the savior - however the reflection is clear. One thing P. K. Dick didn't mention was that the man Philip baptized was a eunuch, and of course, I am a eunuch.

I think it's time I finally read VALIS. I wonder if I'm about to be baptized a second time?

Excerpt from How to Build a Universe That Doesn't Fall Apart Two Days Later:

In 1974 the novel was published by Doubleday. One afternoon I was talking to my priest—I am an Episcopalian—and I happened to mention to him an important scene near the end of the novel in which the character Felix Buckman meets a black stranger at an all-night gas station, and they begin to talk. As I described the scene in more and more detail, my priest became progressively more agitated. At last he said, "That is a scene from the Book of Acts, from the Bible! In Acts, the person who meets the black man on the road is named Philip—your name." Father Rasch was so upset by the resemblance that he could not even locate the scene in his Bible. "Read Acts," he instructed me. "And you'll agree. It's the same down to specific details."

I went home and read the scene in Acts. Yes, Father Rasch was right; the scene in my novel was an obvious retelling of the scene in Acts... and I had never read Acts, I must admit. But again the puzzle became deeper. In Acts, the high Roman official who arrests and interrogates Saint Paul is named Felix—the same name as my character. And my character Felix Buckman is a high-ranking police general; in fact, in my novel he holds the same office as Felix in the Book of Acts: the final authority. There is a conversation in my novel which very closely resembles a conversation between Felix and Paul.

Well, I decided to try for any further resemblances. The main character in my novel is named Jason. I got an index to the Bible and looked to see if anyone named Jason appears anywhere in the Bible. I couldn't remember any. Well, a man named Jason appears once and only once in the Bible. It is in the Book of Acts. And, as if to plague me further with coincidences, in my novel Jason is fleeing from the authorities and takes refuge in a person's house, and in Acts the man named Jason shelters a fugitive from the law in his house—an exact inversion of the situation in my novel, as if the mysterious Spirit responsible for all this was having a sort of laugh about the whole thing.

Felix, Jason, and the meeting on the road with the black man who is a complete stranger. In Acts, the disciple Philip baptizes the black man, who then goes away rejoicing. In my novel, Felix Buckman reaches out to the black stranger for emotional support, because Felix Buckman's sister has just died and he is falling apart psychologically. The black man stirs up Buckman's spirits and althought Buckman does not go away rejoicing, at least his tears have stopped falling. He had been flying home, weeping over the death of his sister, and had to reach out to someone, anyone, even a total stranger. It is an encounter between two strangers on the road which changes the life of one of them—both in my novel and in Acts. And one final quirk by the mysterious Spirit at work: the name Felix is the Latin word for "happy." Which I did not know when I wrote the novel.

A careful study of my novel shows that for reasons which I cannot even begin to explain I had managed to retell several of the basic incidents from a particular book of the Bible, and even had the right names. What could explain this? That was four years ago that I discovered all this. For four years I have tried to come up with a theory and I have not. I doubt if I ever will.

But the mystery had not ended there, as I had imagined. Two months ago I was walking up to the mailbox late at night to mail off a letter, and also to enjoy the sight of Saint Joseph's Church, which sits opposite my apartment building. I noticed a man loitering suspiciously by a parked car. It looked as if he was attempting to steal the car, or maybe something from it; as I returned from the mailbox, the man hid behind a tree. On impulse I walked up to him and asked, "Is anything the mattter?"

"I'm out of gas," the man said. "And I have no money."

Incredibly, because I have never done this before, I got out my wallet, took all the money from it, and handed the money to him. He then shook hands with me and asked where I lived, so that he could later pay the money back. I returned to my apartment, and then I realized that the money would do him no good, since there was no gas station within walking distance. So I returned, in my car. The man had a metal gas can in the trunk of his car, and, together, we drove in my car to an all-night gas station. Soon we were standing there, two strangers, as the pump jockey filled the metal gas can. Suddenly I realized that this was the scene in my novel—the novel written eight years before. The all-night gas station was exactly as I had envisioned it in my inner eye when I wrote the scene—the glaring white light, the pump jockey—and now I saw something which I had not seen before. The stranger who I was helping was black.

We drove back to his stalled car with the gas, shook hands, and then I returned to my apartment building. I never saw him again. He could not pay me back because I had not told him which of the many apartments was mine or what my name was. I was terribly shaken up by this experience. I had literally lived out a scene completely as it had appeared in my novel. Which is to say, I had lived out a sort of replica of the scene in Acts where Philip encounters the black man on the road.

Jan 6, 2008

New Model

The Universal Upgrade. Coming soon to a planet near you.

Jan 2, 2008

911 Denial

I’ve read some thought provoking posts lately about what, thanks to Jake Kotze, has become known as the 911 Mega Ritual.

Researchers into the occulted symbolism of our world always seem to circle back to 911 - returning to touch the ground (zero), like the hand of Buddha. The 911 ritual seems somehow designed to become a symbolic keystone - all physical evidence of the disaster made to “disappear”. The only thing remaining is the video record and the personal memories of NYC witnesses. The video will degrade, as will the memories, and soon, all that will remain is a myth - something to believe, or not.

The “official story” was so patently self-serving to the officials that it invited speculation, even demanded it. And so we have. The 911 “truth movement” wanted to get to the bottom of it all, but with red herrings on every side, it is becoming increasingly clear that they’ll never get to the bottom. So we free fall, and I’m almost comfortable with that, I’ve been falling for so long.

911 - the ritual of a thousand interpretations - the ultimate whodunnit. It was Al Qaeda, Saddam, the Neocons, the Masons, the Jews, the Illuminati, the aliens, the trans-dimensional reptilians. It was airplanes, remote-controlled airplanes, missiles, controlled demolition, energy weapons, UFO’s. And in the end, that is how it is. We, each one of us and alone, decide which is right, and which is an illusion.

Soon, I imagine, we’ll have 911 deniers who’ll say it never happened, and that even the twin towers never actually existed in the flesh. A myth: like the ancient Gods and/or Jesus. Which is entirely missing the point of a ritual. A ritual is about the symbols. And it's not so much about who and how, but why. The twin towers stood for something, as did their destruction. And the meaning is not necessarily even the meaning intended by the perps, whoever they actually were. The meaning is up to the audience, not the performer.

What does 911 (Jesus) mean, to me? It's like a fucking Sunday school lesson.

Jan 1, 2008

Odds & Ends

A few odds and ends from 2007 that I never got around to posting.

Ben Fairhall’s movie review of Will Smith’s I Am Legend at BTB reminded me of The Gay Virus. I found this gay porn star sporting some evocative brands.

The Bread of Steve

The uncannily successful Church of the Divine Apple continues to gain mind and market share.

The HH Within

Another gay double H - the trademark from the Hung & Hot gay porn blog. Read The Double H Ranch.

Bush’s Last Day

An anonymous crowd shot from the Last Supper themed 2007 Folsom Street Fair.

Predictive programming?

H. G. Well’s Things to Come (1936) aired today, January 1, 2008, on Turner Classic Movies. Via Doug at Unnatural Devotions.

End Game

Cheers, and may the Lord bless you and keep you in 2008.

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