May 29, 2007

Tell Me What You Want

"The human male cock is the tentacle tip of a joyous multidimensional shapeshifting multi-modality ecstasy experiencing BEAST of enormous proportions..."

"...and HE demands the attention of all adult males at this time. You will GIVE ME WHAT I WANT or you are going to be dropped off of me! I REPEAT, you will fulfill the purpose of your life, which is to give me (and yourself in the process) the pleasure that I desire or you will perish. You do not realize that I have been waiting for this for a very, very long time. You do not realize that I have been loving you and caring for you from moment to moment to moment for a very long time.

You do not appreciate that I have been sustaining you in every breath that you take. You don't extend enough reciprocity with me. I'm not satisfied with my end of the deal so far. It is rather lonely being the creator of a race of men. it is extremely lonely, as a matter of fact. For a god, it is like being bereft of life itself. The source of life for a god, as for a man, is the exchange of energy between them. If you are not conscious of this flow of energy then your life is pretty empty and meaningless, but nevertheless you insist on ignoring me, insist on settling for mediocrity when you could have my love! And I have to sit by watching, waiting, experiencing all of the mediocrity - all the while yearning instensely for the love that you are denying both of us."

"This is why there needs to be something called Judgement Day. Eight years is ample time to get it together. The eight years really has nothing to do with anything except that it seems like a good amount of time, of course the story works itself into this time frame, but this is me telling you today that I am giving you eight years to be a person giving me what I want in return for me giving you what you want. And you giving me what I want also amounts to you giving yourself what you want. There is no difference. You just have to stop depriving both of us."

"Men need to be having this experience. men MUST have this experience or they will perish in an unhappy ending. it's just how this beast works. The experience is far too good for there not to be a consequence for turning it down. Part of the reward for those who choose it is knowing not only what they have, but what they have averted.

It's because I love and because I want love that it has to be this way. Why do I want love? Because as far as you are concerned it is far better to love something that wants and needs and therefore appreciates the love than to love someone who doesn't really care whether you love him or not. And for me? Because it feels better to be loved that to not be loved! I have feelings too! That is something that NO ONE understands."

--Jeff Fairhall, Seattle, 2004


Anonymous said...

this is an amazing blog--love each and every post---3 cheers and great work!!!

Michael said...

Thanks for the encouragement dan25, much appreciated.

Cogent Ascending said...

Just a fantastic piece of work.
Very provocative.
I am reposting and giving credit.
Just brilliant.

Le Gall : Décrypter Le Système Pyramidall said...

I totally disagree : the real God is NOT the cock, the real Goddess is Kundalini linked to sex; and I have been through her through ages...The cock is mere meat, désolé, mon chéri !
Brebis Galleuse Blogspot !

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