May 8, 2007

Venus of Willendorf

This image is the Venus of Willendorf - a neolithic statuette of a female figure. It's pendulous breasts and enormous, pregnant belly dominate, while all other attributes are reduced to vestigial afterthoughts! She's pretty much the essence of female fertility - an icon, a goddess of the feminine that hasn't yet learned to bind her outrageous sexuality to fashionable ideas of human beauty. In other words, a 10,000 year old bull dyke.

Gay muscle growth fantasy is similarly "over the top". The physical descriptions in these works of 'friction-fiction" pile inch over inch and pound upon pound of muscle on a man - 300 lb. lummoxes with two foot dicks aren't uncommon. Intensely and outrageously masculine in every way - these guys are hairy, muscle-bound, horse-hung beasts who think of nothing but cock and ass 24/7 (when they think at all). When we imagine them, we exaggerate every masculine characteristic to the edge of caricature and beyond. They are icons of male sexual potency - gods, if you will - our very own "Apollos of Willendorf", conjured out of a tribal/genetic memory encoded within our genes, genes that exist only to fuck, and make more genes.

As any programmer knows, code doesn't just "happen", and neither did ours. All code has a purpose - a "raison d'ĂȘtre". We may be about to find out about ours.

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