May 15, 2007

The Divine Pornographer

A wise man once told me that the Creator is the black hole of all experience in the universe. Everything you and I and the whales and the bees and the flowers experience, is simultaneously experienced by the Creator. He's the Great Experiencer. The Eye... if you will.

It almost makes God into a voyeur, doesn't it? A "presence" that rides along, always watching, always feeling everything you feel. The creepiest visualization of that idea I've seen is from the TV series Babylon 5 - the eye of the Keeper that grows out of Londo's shoulder, always watching. Londo lacks any privacy whatsoever, and while constant surveillance is a sign of an insecure police state, it is also a sign of a loving parent. It really all depends on the motives of the one doing the watching. Interestingly, the angels were also called the Watchers in the Book of Enoch.

If the Creator is the divine experiencer, the audience, then what he desires is a good experience - a "really big shew" to quote Ed Sullivan - and since he is also the writer, producer, director and casting agent, he is assured of it. But if he already knows exactly how everything will come out, where's the thrill? Where is the authentic experience?

That, my friend, is where you and I come in. We are both the audience and the actors/characters in this cosmic drama. We don't know how it's all going to work out in the end, so to us, we really ARE experiencing it all as if we were seeing the movie for the very first time - which of course, we are. God the producer, experiences his movie through us, and unlike the hokey pokey, that really IS what it's all about.

God is certainly directing a morality play and a horror movie and a love story and an action/adventure film, but he's also directing a porno flick. Every creature on this planet is engaged in almost non-stop fucking. Many billions of us, all putting our shafts into holes, over and over again. To God - the Experiencer, the Voyeur - the universe is a pornographic movie, and he says "it is good".

Why is God into sex? Because he's into a good experience, and what's the best experience? Ecstasy. Sexual ecstasy. Any idiot can tell you that. Isn't it odd how the thing we most want to do is the thing that God most desires?

There is only one caveat - your ecstatic sexual experience shouldn't diminish another's experience - because God experiences all of THAT too.

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