Aug 28, 2007

Full Moon Fever

I half expected something interesting to happen yesterday (being the total lunar eclipse), but I never expected the Lapsit Exillis of Thoth.

South Africa's diamond industry was surprised by reports that a small mining firm had found a stone estimated at 7,000 carats, twice the size of the Cullinan diamond, the largest ever found.

In the only picture of the stone that has been released, it appears remarkably smooth-sided for a large uncut rough diamond, and has a rare greenish hue.

Brett Jolly, who says he is a shareholder in the unidentified mine in North West Province, where the stone was found, said: "It's green and it's big."

Who comes up with this stuff? It's like a poorly written cartoon show: "And on that day, when the moon turns to blood, Lucifer's crown shall be found."

From Satan's Crown to the Holy Grail

Aug 25, 2007

Red Square

The Soviet inspired imagery of Go West got me to thinking about Red symbolism in my own town.

The Seattle neighborhood of Fremont (famous for it's Solstice Parade and general air of hip funkiness) has this fabulous statue of Lenin - a prize from the collapse of the USSR when Russians were selling anything that wasn't bolted down for rubles on the dollar.

We also have our own 'Red Square' - the Central Plaza at the University of Washington, named for its red bricks (my Alma Mater, BTW). A quick tour:

The most prominent structures are the triple "pillarmids" as Jake Kotze would call them. Two nearly equal large brick towers, with a smaller third. Symbolic pyramids on the plains of Giza/Cydonia?

Red Square also displays a literal pyramid - the red hued Cor-Ten steel sculpture called 'Broken Obelisk'.

The two largest buildings on the square are Kane(sic) Hall and Suzzallo Library.

The 240-foot long Graduate Reading Room features cathedral ceilings and tall stained glass windows and spans the entire third floor of the west face of the library. Its distinctive look is said to have been inspired by Henry Suzzallo's openly-stated belief that universities should be "cathedrals of learning." --Wikipedia

That old Tree of Knowledge again.

Hogwarts West

Adorning the exterior of the early wings are terra cotta sculptures of influential thinkers and artists selected by the faculty. They include Moses, Louis Pasteur, Dante Alighieri, Shakespeare, Plato, Benjamin Franklin, Justinian I, Isaac Newton, Leonardo da Vinci, Galileo Galilei, Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, Herodotus, Adam Smith, Homer, Johann Gutenberg, Ludwig van Beethoven, Charles Darwin and Hugo Grotius. --Wikipedia

Seems like a pretty good list of Masons, Grand Masters and such.

What's funny is that Red Square is the cruisiest place on campus - horny male students looking for quick lust relief are always lurking about, day and night. The sons of Adam, tentatively peeling off their fig leaves directly below the monuments created by the great apron wearers themselves - like mammals beneath the feet of the dinosaurs... right before the asteroid.

Aug 22, 2007

Star Crossed

An ongoing exploration of the red star and its association with homosexuality.

'Another Country' is a play by Julian Mitchell (and a movie starring Rupert Everett) loosely based upon the life of the spy Guy Burgess, examining the effect that his homosexuality and his exposure to Marxism have on him and the hypocrisy and snobbery of the British public school system. The country he spied for happened to fly a symbolic red star (It's a fabulous film, BTW).

Nowadays, even though Communism is virtually dead ("Red" China is even more capitalist than the USA, which is probably why it gets such bad press - outdoing the original rapists at their own game...) the great fear of global Communism always plays well with NWO conspiracy theorists.

I wonder what sort of economic system Jesus would set up in his millennial rule? Would it perhaps be similar to that set up in the book of Acts?

All the believers were together and had everything in common. Selling their possessions and goods, they gave to anyone as he had need. --Acts 2:44-45

Oh, say it isn't so! The language of radical socialism reflects that of the Borg - collectives, workers (worker bees are drones) - and it reminds me how Hollywood's (and Satan's) job is to portray the Divine Collective (I AM) as something to be dreaded.

Star Man, from the Rush album 2112, released in 1976.

Rush presents more dystopian alien invasion. From Wikipedia: In the year 2062, a galaxy-wide war results in the union of all planets under the rule of the Red Star of the Solar Federation. The world is controlled by the Priests of the Temples of Syrinx, who determine the content of all reading matter, songs, pictures - every facet of life during the year 2112 ("The Temples of Syrinx").

"All it means is the abstract man against the masses. The red star symbolizes any collectivist mentality." - Neil Peart (Creem, 1982).

Fear the red star.

Inverting the meme, I figure alien Jesus will show up in a moon-shaped spaceship emblazoned with a big red star. It'll be filled with homosexual clones who can barely stop fucking each other long enough to get an invasion underway. Jesus will have sexy little horns (like a lamb) on his forehead, and a raging rod-of-iron (ready for his "bride"). The ship will stink of stale beer and cigar smoke (they all smoke like chimneys) and from giant speakers will blast 'It's Raining Men' by the Weather Girls.

No wonder Earth goes to war... heaven is a gay bar.


The original 1981 production of 'Another Country' opened at the Greenwich Theatre in south-east London, and then moved to the West End (girls). In the movie, Charles Spencer, 9th Earl Spencer, Diana, Princess of Wales's younger brother, is present in three scenes as an extra without any dialogue.

Heaven really IS a gay bar. Interesting logo.

"Commie pinko fag" was the classic mid 20th century American slur.

A gay bar in a Vigorsol Chewing Gum commercial, 1999.

Aug 19, 2007

I'll Tell You Why

For those of you whose Christian toes I may have stepped on. Let me take the opportunity to disabuse you of some lovely myths. For instance, the historic Jesus was not nearly the sainted figure has been made out to be. In addition to being a lover of young boys and men. he was given to uncontrollable bursts of temper and hatred that belied the general message of love, understanding and other typical Marcab PR. You have only to look at the history his teachings inspired to see where it all inevitably leads. --L. Ron Hubbard. OT VIII

Perhaps the above is the single unadulterated truth within Scientology. Jesus was a fag. The evidence is overwhelming, if you look at it with your 'queer eye'. That's the whole reason for homophobia, because we gotta have "great delusion" in the End Times. This planet would never accept a gay Messiah. It's unthinkable. We'd rather "fight than switch". The conspirators are busy substituting Mary Magdalene for John (the disciple Jesus loved) because the obvious truth is so unpalatable.

The twin Scientology spokesmen are Tom Cruise and John Travolta - both (not so) secret homosexuals. Why would "self-hating" queers buy into such a homophobic organization? Because of shame - the shame that has always haunted the sons of Adam - our "Achilles heel".

As far as temper goes, Bronski Beat screams gay rage better than most in 'Tell Me Why'.

Never feel guilty, never give in.


Bronski Beat lead singer Jimmy Somerville went on to form the Communards - another nod at the red star.

L. Ron - Elron - the leader of the elves. Who the fuck ARE the elves?

Aug 18, 2007

Galaxy Pizza Delivery

The Pizza delivery boy is a perennial favorite in gay porn - happy to make deliveries front and rear. In the case of this Brad Parker cartoon, the slice of pi is delivered right where it counts.

Mel Brook's 'Spaceballs' has a character named 'Pizza the Hut' - who eats himself while trapped in a taxi - the Ouroboros.

In 'Back to the Future III', Marty McFly (hehe) hurls a 'Frisbie Pie Company' pie plate through the air at the villain and his 'one shot' pistol, thereby inventing the 'Frisbee' (more bees, sorry). Flying discs, flying saucers.

The mas grande flying disc of all is the Milky (spermy?) Way, which is rumored to contain a ravenous black hole at its center. Star Trek slices up the galaxy into quadrants, though perhaps six or eight slices would be easier to eat. In the miserable 'Star Trek V: The Final Frontier' , the crew meets 'God' in the center of the galaxy.

But back to the pizza boy - the synthesis of food and sex - I wonder if pizza is served at the Wedding Feast?


Star Trek 11 (2008) is to be directed by synchromystic darling J.J. Abrams.

None of this would have been possible without the extraordinary pizza-baking skills of my hubby. Thanks V

Aug 15, 2007

Go West

Moses and his staff

At The Daily Behemoth, Ben Fairhall mentions the oddly prophetic ability of the movie myth makers, seen with the 20/20 hindsight of 9/11. If there's one thing movies have taught us, it's that New York City is the most cursed spot on earth. I've seen it destroyed dozens of times: sudden ice ages, tsunamis and UFO's... you name it, NYC is No. 1 on the agenda. Aferrismoon commented that NYphobia might be by design - and if so, I wonder why? What is it about New York City?

NYC is gay mecca - the largest population of homosexuals on the planet (San Francisco pales in comparison). Gay consciousness was born in (new) Greenwich Village - the Stonewall riots of 1969. A few days ago, I happened to catch the Pet Shop Boys cover of 'Go West' and I was struck by the symbolic utopian imagery - the visualization of New York as a perfect city - gleaming white - the prostitute 'born again' as the virgin.

To the London based Pets, going West means going to New York, and the video leaves no symbolic stone unturned in its declaration of New York City as the promised land.

There where the air is free, we'll be what we want to be, Now if we make a stand, we'll find our promised land

This New York is nothing like the gritty reality. It's a 3D model of perfection. The only colors allowed are the primaries, no mixing, certainly no tacky poly-cotton blends. The presentation of Soviet utopian symbolism conjures visions of impossible dreams, lost causes and comrades in arms - sympathetic archetypes for the AIDS weary soldier of those times.

Neil Tennant and Chris Lowe, (Moses and Aaron), lead us across the Atlantic (River Jordan), from east to west. London to New York - three flights daily on the Virgin. Tennant sings "This is what we're gonna do!" as if it was a fact from the future - inevitable.

The prominent red star. Red, the planet Mars, and the pentagram, symbol of Venus - Venus and Mars reconciled - the divine hermaphrodite.

Lady Liberty, the symbol of freedom and NYC, but tinted red, hinting at her secret identity.

Go West is unapologetically martial (Martian) music, and in almost every scene the (Castro) clones are marching. I wonder... have we received our marching orders?


Utopian idealism is the source of much human misery. Hitler, Lenin, Bush... all idealists. Why do we fall for it every fucking time - hook, line and sinker? Maybe because instinctively, Platonically, we hope it exists... somewhere over the rainbow.

Early Christians were told to hold everything in common - the first Communists.

Macy's - the "flagship" store of NYC - has adopted the red star as its logo.

The (silver) surfers?

Aug 12, 2007

On the Nature of Hell

Found this provocative "Underground Gay Party" video on Youtube recently, and I thought some of the 55 comments were germane for this blog:

Can you say "Sodom & Gommorah?" (Isn`t it great!)

Hell is on earth that is a certainty! And I am gay...

i can't wait to go to hell

Is this really sexy or is it just a room full of Barbies? Its all about look at me and judge me on my size or physique. Its a kind of teenage idea. Erotic in the short term, but its the Stepford Wives all over again.

I went to the Folsom Street East. OMIGOD almost half of the people there were bodybuilders. How are gay men so successful at bodybuilding? It looked like many of them were over 200lb pure muscle...

Daaamn! Well, you know what they say... lol The gym is "gay church". Hehe. My boys go to the gym religiously.

someone should bomb that place

Its a party full of guys having fun and dancing. They certainly don't look like theyre asking anyone who doesn't want to be there to show up. Its simple....Ya don't like it? Theres a little bar at the top of the youtube site page. Type in a different search and get away from this.

it looks like gay hell.....sick.

Not gay hell, gay heaven. Gay hell is the world. The irony is that the fags appear to be in hell to the religious morality police, and the religious appear to be in hell to the fags. Maybe we all really do wind up in the heaven of our own choosing, with a clear view of the "damned" in eternal "torment". May we all choose wisely.

I don't care what you do with me, Brer Fox, says he, "Just so you don't fling me in that briar patch. Roast me, Brer Fox, says he, "But don't fling me in that briar patch. --Brer Rabbit

Added 8/13: More evidence that heaven and hell are at the end of the same road - perhaps across the street from each other. From the NYT (thanks, V)

Aug 11, 2007

And I Danced My Life Away...

Time for another gay movie review. Trick is the story of Gabriel Bloom (Christian Campbell), an aspiring musical theatre (dying art form) writer in NYC (also dying). One night, he falls in lust with Mark (John Paul Pitoc), a go-go boy at a local bar. Later, while going home alone (again) on the subway, he happens into him, and a one night stand is in the making. But as the night unfolds, friends, family and roommates all trump a "cheap" gay one night stand, and it makes for an interesting morality tale of how one by one, each trump card is proven to have no real value, while the horny gay lovers wind up holding the best hand - though finally they have to declare it... even demand it.

Tori Spelling is the "diva" (every gay movie seems to require a diva of at least tangential fame) who plays the insecure, self-obsessed NYC actor to a T.

Shot just before 9/11, the the twin towers frequently brood in the background, shining bronze in the gritty sunset, ominous sentinels... but only in hindsight.

What got my eso-homoerotic (Thanks Filmnoir23) "spidy-sense" tingling were a few little things:

Gabriel's friend Perry sings at an off Broadway piano bar. The song he chooses to sing is "Como te gusta mi pinga?" which is a fabulous (and profound) comment on genital shame (my BIG issue). Perry sings the song in a sort of mincing, campy way, but when he sings the name "Montalbán", he belts it out like King Kong.

Ricardo Montalbán is the proprietor of Fantasy Island, and even more so: Kahn - the genetically enhanced, pec-implanted nemesis of El Capitan Kirk in Star Trek II. Thing is, I love big pecs - I can be hypnotized by a bodybuilder dancing his pecs. In a way, Kahn is another example of the fear/parody of overt masculine sexiness. Between the Borg, Kahn, and the Jem Hadar (addicted to "white") there's something up. I wonder, in the Star Trek universe, on what team I'd play?


What's unusual to me about this movie is that I've personally played a few of the parts. I've stood entranced at the beauty of a go-go boy. I've been to a gay piano bar off Broadway (the "narrow way"?) I've asked an older friend to use his apartment for a one night stand, which at the time was, I assure you, the single most important event on earth.

Monte Albán is a pre-Columbian archeological site in Oaxaca, which I happened to visit back in the day. My strongest memory of the visit was standing with a group of tourists while listening to the guide, and one of the tourists announced, in her best 'church lady' voice, "Hmhm! THEY knew the meaning of the cross!" At which my PK travel companion rolled his eyes and murmured under his breath: "Mormons!" I was like, WTF?

Aug 9, 2007

One Little Slip

Synchromagician Jake Kotze turned me on to Disney's Chicken Little with a reference to the many hexagons in the movie, so last week I decided to check it out.

Disney movies always, and I mean always, have occult meaning. In the opening credits of Chicken Little, we get the back story in a song and in Chicken Little's trip to school. Something about the hero making "one little" slip" way back in the day, and how the whole town wouldn't ever let him live it down. I have a feeling the credits are an allegory for the Fall, and it would take all day to go through it piece by piece, which I have neither the time or patience to do, but there is this one part of particular interest:

On his accident prone way to school, Chicken Little loses his pants out on the street, leaving him in his tighty whities. He gives the classic "genital shame" sign (hands crossed over the crotch), and attempts to sneak to school through the underbrush. Once inside, he accidentally bares himself to the cheerleaders in the gym, who are busy making a human pyramid. They scream, he runs - more shame. Finally, he makes it to his locker, which to him is a huge tower (of Babel), which he quickly unlocks (number 33 on his combination lock) and scales. Inside the tower he finds a piece of paper upon which is written "Answers" along with much arithmetic (hidden knowledge). But this is the kicker: Chicken Little takes the hidden knowledge and makes pants (an apron) for himself! Who says Masons don't run the world? Or at least Hollywood. I've previously posted about Masons and their aprons in Shame.

The basic plot is that aliens invade earth because they think their son has been kidnapped (or worse), and Chicken Little helps return the little alien tyke to his parents, thereby narrowly avoiding earth being turned into a cinder. It's all just a big misunderstanding!!

I'm shocked, SHOCKED to find that there is gambling going on here! --Casablanca

There's Something About Li'l Abner

I saw the Paramount musical production of Li'l Abner one afternoon when I was a teenager. I had no idea what it was about, but when I saw all those skinny country bumpkins transformed into hot musclemen, I certainly took notice.

Li'l Abner lives in tiny Dogpatch. He's an unusually big, strong and handsome fella. Well liked, heart of gold, not so bright. He has the hottest babe in Dogpatch after him, but for some reason he has no interest. Hmmm... I'll bet I know the reason. What made him so strong and so "queer" was the local water he drank. Soon, the government discovers his secret, and starts a research project using other local yokels - who also become big, built and handsome... and lose all interest in women, even their wives. Why does this sound like a classic homoerotic muscle growth fantasy?


Julie Newmar plays Stupifyin' Jones, a woman so stunningly gorgeous she turns any man into "stone" - a beautiful Medusa - except for Li'l Abner of course, who is immune. Julie also played Catwoman in the Batman TV series, where she frequently tempted Batman away from his boy lover:

I can give you more happiness than anyone in the world, I mean its me and you against the world. What about Robin? Well, I'll have him killed... painlessly!! ... Well, he is a bit of a bore with his holy this and holy that... Aw, That does it Catwoman, I thought you had a modicum of decency, but I can see that I erred in my judgment!!

Aug 6, 2007

Back to the Future

Josef Howard writes very hot and very interesting muscle growth porn. One of the first MG stories I ever read was "Virus" - still one of my favs. Sometimes his stories (courageously) have bible myths and characters written in, which is an odd experience - like reading the bible with a hard-on. The best way to read it, IMHO.

His latest: 'Birthright III - A Ripple in Time' is a continuation of his version of the Jacob and Esau story - the younger brother receives the blessing of his father instead of the elder. In the bible myth (Genesis 25-28), Esau and Jacob are twins, though Esau was delivered first, so he was the firstborn, the entitled heir. Esau grows into an athletic hunter, a classic jock, the "football hero" - while Jacob is a "man of the tents", a mamma's boy, a weakling.

Esau didn't much care about the blessing - he even sold it to Jacob for a pot of beans. Jacob, on the other hand, coveted the blessing above all else, and he'd even lie, cheat and steal to obtain it. With the aid of his mother, Jacob fools his dying father into giving HIM the blessing, instead of Esau. When Esau discovers the trick, he becomes enraged at Jacob for his treachery, even though he never really valued the blessing in the first place. That is... until he lost it.

Jacob and Esau are archetypes. Jacob represents the sons of Adam (the race of men, us). Esau represents the sons of Cain, and through him, the sons of Samael - the angels (Eve is the mother of both sons, who were also twins). The angels are known as the sons of God - the firstborn - the red thread. They were the ones to receive the blessing, but... they grew complacent with their entitlement. Eventually, they sold their inheritance for a fraction of its true value. The Jews have played out this archetype as well - at first the chosen ones, then growing proud in their title, until finally selling out their inheritance, and so also, the Christians after them.

So finally, who is left? Who values the inheritance? No one. No one even knows what it is anymore. No one except maybe faggots...

In 'Birthright', the Jacob character isn't the son of Isaac, he's his homosexual lover, And Isaac isn't just a man, he's a super hero with god-like powers (hint). when Isaac dies, it is Jacob who receives Isaac's super powers instead of Isaac's hunky straight son Esau. Esau, driven by jealousy and hatred of Jacob, concocts a plan to use Isaac's time machine in order to go back in time and change events to his liking. He succeeds in his plan, at least for a while. He's even grown comfortable with his new world order, almost forgetting that his time is short - that Jacob would soon be following him back in time using that same machine. But Jacob does return and Esau's plan is thwarted.

It makes me wonder. Maybe Samael (AKA Satan, Lucifer, Esau) went back in time to the dawn of the human race in the Garden of Eden, in order to change events to be more to his liking - to remove the blessing from the Sons of Adam and return it back to the first born sons - the "rightful" heirs. Apparently he succeeded, at least for a while. Maybe the Second Coming is really Jesus/Jacob restoring the timeline - "the restoration of all things"?

Aug 5, 2007

New Jerusalem?

Everything under the sun is in tune, but the sun is eclipsed by the moon --Pink Floyd

Aug 4, 2007

2gether 4ever

Popeye + Bluto, Hatfield + McCoy, Cain + Abel.

Aug 1, 2007

The Borg of Heaven

I've posted before about the connection between gay porn and the Star Trek universe, and my suspicion that Gene Roddenberry's characterization of the Borg is a Luciferian (ego-derived) vision of the Kingdom of God - see No Beliefs. Googling for 'borg cube heaven', I found a sort of confirmation at Luciferian Liberation Front.

Recently, the Star Trek series has shown the hideous and inhuman prospects of this collective mentality in their portrayal of the cyborgenic collective life form called "The Borg." The Borg have no individual wills or consciousness, they live only to serve the collective just as those in heaven will exist only to serve God. (Rev. 7:15) When we examine what God's intentions must be if all he wants are beings which will praise him ceaselessly with no resistance we discover that his plan is to develop an efficient energy device. The psychic/emotional energy which minds create in states of passion and submission is used by God as nourishment and power.

Passion and submission. Passion AND submission. Hmmm. Just who is passionate about submission? Why DO gay men wear leather harnesses? Women have to be submissive by virtue of their biology, but it takes a real man to submit to another man, and in that submission, we discover a profound truth - that the pleasure from submitting is even better than the pleasure from domination. Why ARE our asses designed that way? An accident of nature? Maybe not.

The writers of Star Trek the Next Generation were being prophetic in their visions of the Borg ship when they portrayed it as a giant cube. The inspiration of the Lightbringer; Lucifer, is manifest in their attempts to show humanity the connection between the amorality of collectivism and the New Jerusalem...

The funny thing is that the Luciferians don't know how "bad" it really is. The Borg/New Jerusalem drones don't just "assimilate" you into the collective, they fuck you into it. Nanoprobes aren't just tiny robots, they're semen - the DNA/manna/water of life of God. Ya gotta be fucked into heaven, and that's what Joel's Army is all about. The recruiting office opens at 11.


  • The Borg is a collective, much like a bee hive. Every hive has it's Queen, as does every gay bar. The Queen is a King: a symbolic hermaphrodite. Venus (the Morning Star) and Penus. Jesus?
  • The promised Land is a "land flowing with milk and honey".
  • Precum is called "cock-honey" in lots of gay fiction, and in his latest story, AKA describes a teenage boy's cum as acting like "honey for the bees".
  • "O'Mellissokomos" calls himself "the bee keeper", and personally, if I had a dime for every time some queen has called me "Honey", I'd be very rich.
  • The great bee colony collapse is in the news this year.
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