Aug 28, 2007

Full Moon Fever

I half expected something interesting to happen yesterday (being the total lunar eclipse), but I never expected the Lapsit Exillis of Thoth.

South Africa's diamond industry was surprised by reports that a small mining firm had found a stone estimated at 7,000 carats, twice the size of the Cullinan diamond, the largest ever found.

In the only picture of the stone that has been released, it appears remarkably smooth-sided for a large uncut rough diamond, and has a rare greenish hue.

Brett Jolly, who says he is a shareholder in the unidentified mine in North West Province, where the stone was found, said: "It's green and it's big."

Who comes up with this stuff? It's like a poorly written cartoon show: "And on that day, when the moon turns to blood, Lucifer's crown shall be found."

From Satan's Crown to the Holy Grail


FilmNoir23 said...

From Red to Green eh? This should be interesting.

FilmNoir23 said...

I saw a commercial for "The Last Mimsy" last night....there was a large glowing green stone that seemed to play some role in the story.

I think Hoi Polloi wrote about that movie a while back.

aferrismoon said...

South African Diamonds and Damian Hirsts Diamond and Platinum skull [ F23], the diamond girls like Marilyn Monroe, Grace Kelly, Princess Diana, Jayne Mansfield.
Stones, rocks, baubles, like monsters from the deep
There's many we discard , but a few that we keep
Ancients sleep, then ancients rise,
And tears , cold, fall as gemstones
From their eternal eyes
And they would pull us in again
Were we, naked, not so wise.

Michael said...

It's almost certain this "diamond" is a hoax, but like a hoaxed crop-circle, there's a secret - a diamond in the rough?

FM - yea, diamonds are amazing symbolic totems. Geometry wise, pyramids are diamonds cleaved in twain.
One pointing up, one pointing down.
The A-V?

aferrismoon said...

The diamond links to F23.s mining articles.
What is it with mining and the shiny stones. Apparently with a little structured economics we could do away with a lot of mining as so much 'clean' metal exists above ground. With technology changing and often getting smaller we get surplus metals from the stuff we chuck away, yet we mine, mine, mine.
One day , if the picture of the guy fucking the planet has any truth in it, they'll hit the sperm deposits.

Michael said...

Mining, shafts, "mother" earth, "virgin" soil, maybe sublimating and compensating? Calling Dr. Freud... :-)

Or maybe they really ARE scouring the planet for the Lapsit Exillis.

Sperm deposits - hitting the Father load.

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