Aug 18, 2007

Galaxy Pizza Delivery

The Pizza delivery boy is a perennial favorite in gay porn - happy to make deliveries front and rear. In the case of this Brad Parker cartoon, the slice of pi is delivered right where it counts.

Mel Brook's 'Spaceballs' has a character named 'Pizza the Hut' - who eats himself while trapped in a taxi - the Ouroboros.

In 'Back to the Future III', Marty McFly (hehe) hurls a 'Frisbie Pie Company' pie plate through the air at the villain and his 'one shot' pistol, thereby inventing the 'Frisbee' (more bees, sorry). Flying discs, flying saucers.

The mas grande flying disc of all is the Milky (spermy?) Way, which is rumored to contain a ravenous black hole at its center. Star Trek slices up the galaxy into quadrants, though perhaps six or eight slices would be easier to eat. In the miserable 'Star Trek V: The Final Frontier' , the crew meets 'God' in the center of the galaxy.

But back to the pizza boy - the synthesis of food and sex - I wonder if pizza is served at the Wedding Feast?


Star Trek 11 (2008) is to be directed by synchromystic darling J.J. Abrams.

None of this would have been possible without the extraordinary pizza-baking skills of my hubby. Thanks V

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