Jul 6, 2007

The Creation

In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth. --Genesis 1:1

Here's a beautiful image of the creation act, by St. Thomas of Finland - the man who lit the fires of so much homo lust. Jehovah or Ra, the ancients understood the prime directive - male creative force. The Egyptians said that the universe was created by an act of divine masturbation, but I think that is only half the story. The male God is a cock, and a cock is not made to masturbate (however wonderful that may be) - it's made to fuck.

The Ouroboros is one of the oldest and most powerful mystical symbols - the dragon eating it's tail. The serpent or dragon appears in Aztec, Chinese, and Native American mythologies, among others. Ouroboros is the symbol's Greek name, which means "self-devourer".

Thing is, "devouring" has more than one meaning. Yes, we can devour food, but we can also devour sexually - and be devoured.

Roger said looking at me that way made him want to eat me alive, and I hear myself telling him, like it was someone else talking, that it would be my pleasure to be eaten. --A Perfect Revenge

What does the ALL (Ouroboros) do when he desires to fuck? He fucks himself. The ultimate daisy chain. Get in line and bend over.


A Perfect Revenge by FanTCman is one of the first (and still one of the hottest) Musclegrowth/Mind Control stories I ever read.


Anonymous said...

Hey Michael...

Thanks for the shout out at The Wrong Way Wizard...

I like your site, sexuality is the most important matter of our times. It is, after all, what we all want...to get laid and get paid.

Any-hoo, I thought you might be interested in the following tid-bit of info.

In Kabbalah (spelled this way to denote the Mystical Study of Torah), the term 'forbidden' is interpreted to mean 'impossible'.

It is perfectly accurate to state that it is 'impossible' to offend God. Offenses torn from the pages of the Bible and other Holy texts and used to persecute homosexuality are based on gross misunderstanding of a text delivered by High Intelligence.

This purposeful confusion, initiated with the destruction of a universal system of speaking and writing, is at the center of the Great Game.

Every life and every life style will be tested under the shadow of BABALON the Great, but to my mind, the point is proven.

If there is a God, what a weak sister He would have to be to create a vessel of experience that strives not for a unique destiny.

The only true God want each of US to FULFILL, FULFILL, and the war over free sexuality is the pivot upon which this question turns.

Great Blog Dude.

Michael said...

Hi Mark, and thanks back at ya for your comment.

"The only true God want each of US to FULFILL, FULFILL, and the war over free sexuality is the pivot upon which this question turns."

Yes, it is odd. Apparently, we queers have been drafted into an army, and a war, not necessarily of our own choosing. But seeing that, and accepting it, I intend to be a good soldier. This blog is my first "shot across the bow".

aferrismoon said...

God being offended - what a laugh. In connection with this Carlo Suares in his Cipher of Genesis raises the point that only those that fear curse and as God cannot fear it cannot therefore curse. if it can't curse then how can it find wrong in anything that its created. I guess God created Satan to raise those questions in our minds

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