Jul 17, 2007

The Wedding Feast

I think I've strayed a bit too far from porn lately, so I want to do penance with this amazing image by Logan Porn Comics. I haven't actually read this entire comic book, but the panels show a captured demon being milked for his seed. Very Sodom & Gomorra...

The trouble with much of gay porn is that our Adamic legacy of sexual shame perverts our same-sex lust into something demonic - aka - sinful. Even "out and proud" artists like Logan echo it.

I believe that this image is actually prophetic - an image of the "wedding feast". Remove the cuffs, and suddenly the demon becomes an angel. Satan, the big tease, is transformed into the Christ, the husband, and the willing fountain of the "water of life". Sexy fucker, ain't he?

NOTES: Logan, like so many savvy graphic novelists, use Illuminati symbolism in his art. Check out the "All Seeing Eye" on his home page. But somethings not right - the capstone is upside down - it's... queer.

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