Oct 30, 2009

Grail Racing - A Breach of Fiduciary Duty

Reckless and repeated disregard in its stewardship of the America’s Cup by the Société Nautique de Geneve (SNG) has prompted the Golden Gate Yacht Club (GGYC) to ask the New York Supreme Court to remove the Swiss yacht club from its position as Trustee in a Breach of Fiduciary Duty complaint filed today.
The 33rd America's Cup continues to be a gold mine of esoteric significance, see America's Cup for backstory. The Swiss and their white cross on red are the home of the Swiss Guard, the guardians of Vatican City - the church. Symbolically standing in for the Catholic church, the SNG is defending not only a trivial cup, but the church's claim of divine authority!

The challenger is the ominous black trimaran - BMW Oracle - trident and Shiva resonator.

The "church" is a multi-dimensional concept that on one hand is a very old and corrupt power structure that is probably far older even than the church in Rome. On the other hand it is a spiritual concept - the Bride of Christ - the "true" Church. Has the Catholic church been a faithful steward on earth for this heavenly bride? Or has there perhaps been a breach of fiduciary duty?
The America's Cup is interesting because it is a race where the rules, boats and venue are all decided by the defender. This all goes along well enough until occasionally someone decided to make a "Deed of Gift" or "DoG" challenge, which is essentially a glove across the face duel, a challenge that seeks to throw out the defender's rulebook as corrupt, and appeal to a higher authority, which in the case of the America's Cup is the the New York Supreme Court. Playfully reversing some letters we could call it an appeal to GoD. Martin Luther's Ninety Five Thesis come to mind.
Perhaps sensing the apocalyptic meme of the challenge, the black trimaran was nicknamed Dogzilla - a playful reversal on the name of the Japanese monster of divine nuclear retribution. The black weapon was actually "forged" in the Pacific NW, site of the Trident nuclear submarine base. Makes me wonder if Mt. Doom isn't to be found nearby.

If the SNG represents the Vatican (representing Babylon) then I wonder who is represented by the trident. Or rather, who is wielding it. The Golden Gate Yacht Club is the flag on this trident triple missile - San Francisco, home of the golden star gate, and namesake of St. Francis:
He is known as the patron saint of animals, the environment and Italy, and it is customary for Catholic churches to hold ceremonies honoring animals around his feast day of 4 October.
Animals... the environment. Hmmm. Kinda like Pan - the God of goats, animals, and everything.

St. Francis (Francesco) of Assisi was born rich and lived the life of a carefree Italian playboy in his youth, but the cares of the world weighed upon him to the point that he eventually forsook his birthright for a higher calling. He eventually had a mystical vision in the church of San Damiano in which the Icon of Christ Crucified said to him (what the hell was he smoking?):
"Francis, Francis, go and repair My house which, as you can see, is falling into ruins".
This was way back in 1200 or so. How much further has His house fallen since then? It makes me wonder. Perhaps St. Francesco has realized that real change won't be coming from within the Catholic church - at least not without some serious remodeling.

Which brings me to my modern Italian pornstar alter boy: Francesco d'Macho, he of the golden jockstrap. Francesco finally tied the knot this year with his boyfriend Damien (Damiano) Cross, in a marriage that almost seems preordained. Francesco is openly critical of the Catholic church:
I grew up as a Catholic boy and I have to say the Church has let me down, there is so much hypocrisy that surrounds religion - I truly hate the Pope, and I hate the Church itself and what it represents; it's a lot of bullshit. Now, having said that, I was raised as a Catholic so it's really hard for me to say that there is no God - for me, I cannot do that.
Interesting. Is St. Francis still trying to repair the house of the Lord? I'm thinking yes, and he's not above using the trident and a gay pornstar to accomplish it! Sometimes you have to destroy something in order to save it.
Bonus synch: we made pasta tonight with red swiss chard in it.

Oct 25, 2009

The Capstone

Best in Show

This pic surfaced at Unnatural Devotions and it just fascinates me. WHAT THE HELL is going on here? The B&W gives it a retro quality, certainly not an iPhone grab. Handsome, perfectly proportioned bodybuilders standing around NAKED in a fancy theater or performance hall, with that suit looking over the stud (standing at relaxed attention) like he's a purebred champion at a dog show?!!!

Never mind that this is one of my favorite darker fantasies, it looks like someone has brought it to life! My imagination runs wild... Is this a spy pic from a secret Illuminati slave auction? The Bohemian Grove? A Bilderberg evening's entertainment?

I'll have you know I took TOP DOLLAR at the Kappa Sig fraternity slave auction back in 1980 - so eat your heart out you uber Nazi muscle whore!!

Oct 23, 2009

Feed the Birds

Getting into the Halloween spirit: the most surreal video I've seen in a long while, thanks to the queens of P town:

Oct 21, 2009

The Hybrid Wars

Louisiana Justice of the Peace refuses to marry interracial couple

Judge Bardwell doesn't like the idea of "crossbred" children - he's anti-hybrid. Probably doesn't drive a Prius either. Which takes us straight away into the story of Noah and the Nephilim - those sneaky Sons of God/Angels who were interbreeding with human females - creating hybrid human/gods!

The synthesis of UFO conspiracy theory and Religious Fundamentalism is the idea that our modern UFO's are the old Nephilim, come back to finish what they began all those years before - a hybrid alien/human race. You can find plenty of conspiranoid ravings about the good god Enki who tried to help the slave primates rebel against their(our) masters (via genetic engineering), and you can also find plenty of ravings that cast Enki in an unflattering light - calling him Satan - the one who impregnated Eve (our primordial ape mother) with alien/reptilian seed, begetting Cain.

Racism take on a particularly creepy aura when seen through the prism of the Da Vinci Code - the holy blood, holy grail quest. Dan Brown explains it all for us: European royalty aren't merely entitled by their own hubris, but by their relation to some ancient bloodline - when they say "divine" right to rule, they actually mean it.

I can't help but wonder if dear Bardwell doesn't have Prison Planet and Sherry Shriner bookmarked on his computer? Maybe he's like an old Southern Baptist preacher, who prohibits dancing because it might lead to sex. Bardwell prohibits mixed-race marriage, because it might lead to human/alien hybridization - and we all know where that leads...

Which leads us straight away to the next big media story this week: Balloon Boy. Who happens to be a cute hybrid Anglo/Asian kid (Judge Bardwell would not approve) Who's dad (Richard Heene) is a follower of David Icke (trans-dimensional reptilian aliens and their secret agenda) who enacted (accidentally or deliberately) a symbolic "alien abduction" via mushroom/saucer shaped home-made balloon. Or maybe just a giant tinfoil chef's hat.

To Serve Man

The Secret Sun wonders if Balloon Boy's dad isn't the new Wilhelm Reich, the orgone-powered cloudbuster and spiritual father of tinfoil hats. You'll note that Sherry Shriner has a link to orgonewarriors.com.

Balloons represent transcendence and spiritual enlightenment, as do mushrooms. Being engine-less, they also represent a certain amount of trust - the hope of fair winds and a good landing. A successful balloon flight is traditionally celebrated with a bottle of champagne, and the tradition has a charming beginning: the first balloonists would often land in the field of some Provençal farmer, who would take them for aliens or demons. They would offer a bottle of champagne as proof of their humanity/Frenchiness.

One bolder than the rest stabbed it with a pitchfork.

Richard Heene is also keen on the solar apocalypse theory that would take place in 2012.

We're running out of time, we're running out of time, the end of the world is coming.

This all comes back around to Star Trek (as all things do) and we recall that August Piccard was the name of a pioneering French balloonist. Captain Picard often found himself landing his "balloon" on some backwards little provincial planet, desiring to prove his good intentions to the "farmers". Perhaps he would offer a bottle of champagne, easy enough with his replicator technology. Or perhaps... a sample of DNA for the scientists and for the rest of us, he'd wear a discrete cross on his lapel.

Oct 17, 2009

The Well of Desire

A sexually explicit illustrated Book of Genesis by controversial artist Robert Crumb, which features Bible characters having intercourse, has been condemned by religious groups.

The book, which is released this month, carries the warning "adult supervision recommended for minors", and is described as "scandalous satire" by its publishers. It includes graphic illustrations of Bible characters having sexual intercourse, and other scenes depicting naked men and women as well as "gratuitous" depictions of violence.

A spokesman for the Church of England said: "I haven't seen the book but I think trying to sell something by emphasising the sexual nature of some of the scenes doesn't seem to be a good way to pass on the message of the bible." --the Telegraph

I don't think I could find better Gosporn fodder - the blog that spends much of its time emphasizing just that. Robert Crumb created Fritz the Cat, the notorious X rated graphic novel. Obviously a man with a better understanding of the Torah than most - it's all ABOUT sex and violence!

Speaking of sexual symbolism in the bible, I'll never forget Jeff Fairhall's unique interpretation of Jesus' encounter with the Samaritan woman at the well:

When a Samaritan woman came to draw water, Jesus said to her, "Will you give me a drink?" (His disciples had gone into the town to buy food.)

The Samaritan woman said to him, "You are a Jew and I am a Samaritan woman. How can you ask me for a drink?" (For Jews do not associate with Samaritans.)

Jesus answered her, "If you knew the gift of God and who it is that asks you for a drink, you would have asked him and he would have given you living water."

"Sir," the woman said, "you have nothing to draw with and the well is deep. Where can you get this living water? Are you greater than our father Jacob, who gave us the well and drank from it himself, as did also his sons and his flocks and herds?"

Jesus answered, "Everyone who drinks this water will be thirsty again, but whoever drinks the water I give him will never thirst. Indeed, the water I give him will become in him a spring of water welling up to eternal life." --John 4:7-14

Jeff believed that Jesus was a Fly Agaric eating shaman, and in shamanic ritual the entheogenic properties of the mushroom is often transmuted - "turning water into wine" - via an intermediate mechanism/facility. This is done because the mushroom has negative (poisonous) effects on a person who takes it directly. That is why Nordic shamans would eat reindeer meat, because the reindeer would graze on Amanita, absorb the entheogens in their flesh, while the poisons were excreted through the deer's metabolism. Reindeer meat was "pure Amanita". Likewise, early Christians would eat snails that ate the mushroom, rather than eat the mushroom directly.

The human body has the same ability to transform the poison of the Fly Agaric into pure entheogen, through metabolism. The purified extract is available via the urine of a shaman who has eaten the mushroom. His urine had become "living water". Jesus was offering the Samaritan woman the "bong of life", and she completely misunderstood his meaning. In a classic reversal of roles, the Samaritan had become a Jew, who then became a Christian - a people who listen but do not understand.

Remember that an entheogen is simply a mechanism of the Dionysian Mysteries - a catalyst for ego-death. And it is difficult to imagine a more profound strike at the ego than willingly taking the piss out of some high priest's dick. Takes humbling yourself to a whole new level, doesn't it?

The rains have begun again in the Pacific NW, which means the peculiar leopard slug is everywhere. Dionysus and his snails? Here's David Attenborough narrating slug porn. I've personally witnessed this - by the light of a full moon.

Oct 11, 2009

A Preemptive Strike

You are being given a medal for acts you are about to commit!!

For eight years the crafty Neocons have practiced the doctrine of preemptive war against potential enemies, and now we have those crafty Swedes doing the same thing, only in reverse! Totally brilliant, and suggesting once again that the world really IS in a Philip K. Dickian time loop.

The Hawks are already shrieking about the bloody removal of their talons:

Will Peace Prize handcuff President when time comes for an air strike?

Oct 4, 2009

The Cat Came Back

I had the wildest dream last night:

I was re-living when Var and I first met, and our first few dates. It became apparent (in the dream, not real life) that Var had been seeing someone else when we met, and it turns out that Var dumped him for me - he was Varen's Ex. The odd thing was that this other guy would often appear at the same social venues as us, and it soon became apparent that he hadn't quite figured out that he'd been dumped. He was sexy in a pale, scruffy, wolfish kind of way, obviously NOT the sharpest knife in the drawer, if you get my drift.

But eventually he did figure it out, and he wasn't happy about it. In fact, he soon began stalking us, and he would suddenly appear out of nowhere, taunting us with some stupid/lurid joke that was entirely inappropriate (even mortifying?) for the social situation.

The jokes went from distasteful to sick, and the appearance of this "Ex-man" gradually changed into... you guessed it, Heath Ledger's Joker. White skin, blacked out eyes, long, oily, unkept hair. His jokes soon became lethal, and suddenly I was in a slasher movie, with the Joker lunging at me from dark corners with a dangerously big and sharp knife! Lots of dodges and near misses. I became an Artful Dodger.

This dude was clearly insanely jealous, and there was no reasoning with him. He wanted me dead, and if Var wouldn't see things his way, then Var would die too! The odd thing about this particular dream, was that I had "awakened in the dream" and I realized that this was a "re-enactment" of our courtship, and I figured if we just played it cool, re-enacting all the acts, then everything would work out, because somehow Var had gotten rid of this Joker character before.

Except, this time, the Joker was on to us, and he realized he had to do something different, something radical! He had to change his appearance. So he got under a shower and the oily hair and oily makeup was streaming off of him, and I was watching, anxious to see who he would become... and then I woke up! Dayumn!

But after I woke up, I realized I've dreamed about this guy before, I've just never held any conscious memory before. Because I realized that when the makeup came off, this deranged, insanely jealous killer was actually me. My Dark Side. And I.

As many have noticed, the relationship between the Batman and the Joker is sexual in nature. The Joker is in love with Batman, and he sees everyone else in Batman's life as a threat, from Catwoman to Robin, but especially Robin. He is an extremely ancient archetype, something from the pit of our subconscious. In the dream, I got the sense that he wasn't necessarily evil, but more that he had been deliberately ignored, and that was the reason for his jealousy.

If you look at Heath Ledger's progression from Ennis Del Mar to the Joker, you can see a jilted lover coming back from the dead - with a vengeance. He has become another Freddy Kruger... a subconscious "Dreaming Mind" entity that cannot be killed, and simply will not go away. He's the cat that came back.

The cat came back, it wouldn't stay away, the cat came back, he thought it was a gonner, but the cat came back, it just wouldn't stay away.

So I've been trying to come up with what to do with him. That Joker cat isn't going away. He's a PART of me. A part that is tired of being apart. Integration is where it's at, all the cool cats are doing it. How do I invite the Joker to the table? The Wedding Feast is for everyone.

Oct 1, 2009

Bodybuilder Prophets of Doom!

Getting to gno you...

Sometimes I run across an image that just... says it all. I found this video via buffmuscles.com, and I clicked because it features Armon Adibi, the hunk who kindly stood in for Dionysus in the Et Tu Dionysus? post. Armon and another bodybuilder are oiling each other up for a bodybuilding competition, and tacked to the wall behind them, a movie poster for 48 Hours to Live: "Count Down to Oblivion!!!"

But it gets even better, because the other bodybuilder has a biohazard tattoo on his back! The biohazard symbol has come to represent the trident of Shiva - that rotating, triple-pronged weapon of ultimate destruction - the destroyer of all illusion.

Here's the poster for 28 Weeks Later - an artistic vision of the aftermath of Shiva's weapon on the modern Demonic Citadel known as London.

And here's the same symbol, nicely presented on the beefy deltoid of bodybuilder Steve Christman.

Which gives us "Lord Shiva", AKA the Christ Man, oiling (anointing) "Dionysus" in a mutual ritual of undeniable homoerotic subtext - with an apocalyptic poster looming in the background. God... isn't religion great!

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