Oct 11, 2009

A Preemptive Strike

You are being given a medal for acts you are about to commit!!

For eight years the crafty Neocons have practiced the doctrine of preemptive war against potential enemies, and now we have those crafty Swedes doing the same thing, only in reverse! Totally brilliant, and suggesting once again that the world really IS in a Philip K. Dickian time loop.

The Hawks are already shrieking about the bloody removal of their talons:

Will Peace Prize handcuff President when time comes for an air strike?


Devin said...

Haha;-) someone said on another site that this is the only time a Nobel Prize has been given to a person prosecuting two illegal wars!! best to you and Varen as always!!

Anonymous said...

The Right in the US objected to Obama getting the peace prize on the alleged grounds that he had not yet done anything to deserve it. But the Right in the United States is to peace as velociraptors were to vegetarianism. They don't believe in the ideal for which the award stands in the first place. And they find President Obama laughable, so they can't imagine him getting any awards. They have underestimated him badly and will probably pay a price for that. They misunderstand the Nobel Peace Prize and its history, and the Rupert Murdoch Right (he pays for a lot of this pollution of our airwaves) would not have agreed with any of the past awards.

Alfred Nobel outlined in his will the grounds on which the Peace Prize was to be given, saying it should go annually to the person who "shall have done the most or the best work for fraternity between nations, for the abolition or reduction of standing armies and for the holding of peace congresses." The modern committee considers work toward the reduction of nuclear arsenals in the same light as the reduction of standing armies, hence its award to Linus Pauling.

Michael said...

Hi Dev, I hear things are getting cooler down there!

Anon - Yes indeed. The infantilization of the American right wing has gotten to the point where they call Obama a socialist and a fascist, and they have no idea what any of these words actually mean. In a way, I am pleased that they seem to be so completely undone by him, considering all the angst that Bush and Co. put me through for eight years.

Devin said...

Hi Michael !! first I wanted to thank you for your wonderful Lovecraft comment! that was a beauty to say the least -I am so glad (i was gonna mention it in the series-now i am kinda sad i didnt -didnt realize i was seeing something someone else was seeing)
about lovecraft and his "repressed" friends haha! I enjoyed anon's comment and your response and wanted to say that my thing with obama getting the prize wasn't coming from the right to say the least -i am however sorry i wasted my vote on him-and yet-sometimes i think of john mccain and his "Cthulu" wife (a class a c**t if you ask me) being our first couple and am relieved that since that was the only choice we were going to get -that it is the lovely Michelle and his darling kids!!
ps my thing with obama isn't coming from the gay angle either -at least so much at all -5 percent maybe haha! Speaking of the infantilization of the right -Joe Klein who i guess is an MSM reporter -did a wonderful piece on the new Republicans being a party of nihilists -couldnt agree more-as the repugs turn more to out and out fascism i would expect to see more.
We have had a lovely October so far-really nice-"hottin up" a little this weekend but i dont think it is supposed to last long-never worry about being in the land of maya-i know most are stuck there sadly and i would be also if i was still working!
In my life continually I go through this thing with Fernando especially where I am alternately glad a phase is over -and then in the next minute wanting him back so bad it hurts-I need a new bf badly to say the least but don't feel i am very "marketable" right now to say the least;-) I often think how sad it is -as in the expression that i used -that capitalist thought has entered our language etcetera-I must be more careful! I think the final goal of capitalism is indeed the destruction and consumption of everything-whether capitalism knows it or not:-)
it is rather funny to see the reich wing get its panties in a wad (literally-with that crew talk about repression) over some things Obama has done-I intentionally listened to 550 KIAR (our local fascist radio starion)the time when Obama cancelled the missile radar in Poland and Czechoslovakia-funny and enlightening -altho in a sad way to say the least!
sorry to go on and on so-i am rarely on the puter this late anymore-i can feel an insomnia night coming on and thought i may as well stay up a bit on the 'puter-and now so glad i did as I caught your fantastic comment at the last minute!
best to you and Varen as always!!
sorry for horrible capitalization (haha an unintended pun there) and grammar-when i am tired i just dont care-and ive got 12 more hours of tired to do;-)WV=sophon

John said...

Hey Michael,

This still blows me away, even with several days to get used to it. Mention of the fascists brings up the weirdest synch of all in this: the more recent news that in 1917, the British Empire was paying Benito Mussolini £100/week (~£6000 current value) to sabotage the peace movement in Milan. Timing of the announcement couldn't be more appropriate... :-D

Michael said...

Dev - I already know you're red star leanings, so no sweat. Me too. Obama is like a fascist in socialist clothing - always saying the right things, but doing the other.

John - whoa. "paid to sabotage the peace movement"...

Esperanto Grrl said...

A while ago, I joked that the next U.S. President should get the Peace Prize just for not being Bush.

I was just joking, everybody! Joking!

Jimmy Carter got the peace prize for negotiating peace between Egypt and Israel - something, I should point out, that has lasted to this day.

Seriously, though, there is one thing Barry Obama did that might merit a peace prize: the removal of the Star Wars shield from Western Europe. It's often not listed as such, but that was easily in the top five biggest blunders of his presidency.

There was a great 2006 article in "Foreign Policy" that identified how the sole purpose of a missile shield in Eastern Europe wasn't defense, but to give the United States first strike capability.

And in the ten years required to set the shield up, Russia has moved away from being a U.S. ally into a permanent rival, undercutting us everywhere, even training anti-U.S. regimes like Venezuela. This didn't need to happen.

Anthony said...

Peace prize or Piece prize? Obama-lama-ding-dong is following the same script as Bush-wack-o was. When 'bama got elected to the post of Waterboi Grand Master Puppet of the Novus Ordo Seclorum / TriLateral playground his only task was to "harmonize" the US with the rest of the world's treaties. I was gonna vote Rockafeller for antichrist, but now I'm not sure who's on the ballot. Blair, Rothschild, Jebusiah Bush-wack, the next Pope, Prinze Wills, or a Bi-lateral king of Jordan / Jerusalem.

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