Oct 30, 2009

Grail Racing - A Breach of Fiduciary Duty

Reckless and repeated disregard in its stewardship of the America’s Cup by the Société Nautique de Geneve (SNG) has prompted the Golden Gate Yacht Club (GGYC) to ask the New York Supreme Court to remove the Swiss yacht club from its position as Trustee in a Breach of Fiduciary Duty complaint filed today.
The 33rd America's Cup continues to be a gold mine of esoteric significance, see America's Cup for backstory. The Swiss and their white cross on red are the home of the Swiss Guard, the guardians of Vatican City - the church. Symbolically standing in for the Catholic church, the SNG is defending not only a trivial cup, but the church's claim of divine authority!

The challenger is the ominous black trimaran - BMW Oracle - trident and Shiva resonator.

The "church" is a multi-dimensional concept that on one hand is a very old and corrupt power structure that is probably far older even than the church in Rome. On the other hand it is a spiritual concept - the Bride of Christ - the "true" Church. Has the Catholic church been a faithful steward on earth for this heavenly bride? Or has there perhaps been a breach of fiduciary duty?
The America's Cup is interesting because it is a race where the rules, boats and venue are all decided by the defender. This all goes along well enough until occasionally someone decided to make a "Deed of Gift" or "DoG" challenge, which is essentially a glove across the face duel, a challenge that seeks to throw out the defender's rulebook as corrupt, and appeal to a higher authority, which in the case of the America's Cup is the the New York Supreme Court. Playfully reversing some letters we could call it an appeal to GoD. Martin Luther's Ninety Five Thesis come to mind.
Perhaps sensing the apocalyptic meme of the challenge, the black trimaran was nicknamed Dogzilla - a playful reversal on the name of the Japanese monster of divine nuclear retribution. The black weapon was actually "forged" in the Pacific NW, site of the Trident nuclear submarine base. Makes me wonder if Mt. Doom isn't to be found nearby.

If the SNG represents the Vatican (representing Babylon) then I wonder who is represented by the trident. Or rather, who is wielding it. The Golden Gate Yacht Club is the flag on this trident triple missile - San Francisco, home of the golden star gate, and namesake of St. Francis:
He is known as the patron saint of animals, the environment and Italy, and it is customary for Catholic churches to hold ceremonies honoring animals around his feast day of 4 October.
Animals... the environment. Hmmm. Kinda like Pan - the God of goats, animals, and everything.

St. Francis (Francesco) of Assisi was born rich and lived the life of a carefree Italian playboy in his youth, but the cares of the world weighed upon him to the point that he eventually forsook his birthright for a higher calling. He eventually had a mystical vision in the church of San Damiano in which the Icon of Christ Crucified said to him (what the hell was he smoking?):
"Francis, Francis, go and repair My house which, as you can see, is falling into ruins".
This was way back in 1200 or so. How much further has His house fallen since then? It makes me wonder. Perhaps St. Francesco has realized that real change won't be coming from within the Catholic church - at least not without some serious remodeling.

Which brings me to my modern Italian pornstar alter boy: Francesco d'Macho, he of the golden jockstrap. Francesco finally tied the knot this year with his boyfriend Damien (Damiano) Cross, in a marriage that almost seems preordained. Francesco is openly critical of the Catholic church:
I grew up as a Catholic boy and I have to say the Church has let me down, there is so much hypocrisy that surrounds religion - I truly hate the Pope, and I hate the Church itself and what it represents; it's a lot of bullshit. Now, having said that, I was raised as a Catholic so it's really hard for me to say that there is no God - for me, I cannot do that.
Interesting. Is St. Francis still trying to repair the house of the Lord? I'm thinking yes, and he's not above using the trident and a gay pornstar to accomplish it! Sometimes you have to destroy something in order to save it.
Bonus synch: we made pasta tonight with red swiss chard in it.


John said...

Teh crazies... One thing for sure, the AC delivers. And, doesn't the current Pope have the craziest eyes you've ever seen? :-)


In a lot of Moslem iconography, Mohamed is depicted with a head of flames, and sometimes those flames are painted in the form of a trident:



In this Moslem image of Mohamed (with his face exposed, currently a no-no), the Archangel Gabriel is depicted with a trident crown:


Mohamed is often depicted with a red cap atop his white, mushroom-shaped turban:


"On the other hand it is a spiritual concept - the Bride of Christ - the "true" Church."

Christ = 'chrestus,' the "annointed one;" 'coincidentally' one of the many titles of the Sacred Mushroom, the fly agaric. The Bride of Christ consummates the marriage by absorbing the Christ, the chrestus, the Flygod, into the body?

The colors of the Sacred Mushroom are black, white, and red; when the mushroom is dried, it turns gold. Gogzilla, the black trimaran, is trimmed in white, with a white mainsail. The word "Oracle" (!) is printed in red. And that (Kevlar reinforced?) jib definitely has a gold tinge to it...

The Oracle of Delphi is now believed to have prophesied under the influence of entheogens, which perhaps were supplied naturally by gases seeping from cracks in the rocks of this geologically active area.

As to Mt. Doom; you already know of several in your neck of the woods; occasionally one goes off with a big bang. :-D

John said...

Shee- as they say in Texas- it! "Gogzilla" should be Dogzilla- but now I think about it, Gog (+ Magog) works too... :-D

Michael said...

Hi John, thanks for the comments! The trident flame enveloping Mohammed's head is certainly interesting. Perhaps a symbol of ego destruction via mushrooms?

The Oracle would also chew laurel leaves, aka bay leaves, as she sat upon here three legged stool. The city by the "bay". Frisco is not only the gay capital of the U.S., but also the hippie capital. Drugs, sex and R&R.

Another interesting synch is that Oracle is the crosswalk of the Linux penguins. Penguins represent poles, pole shift, the underworld. Teh crazies, for sure! And yea, the pope creeps me out. All of them do, but this one especially.

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