Dec 13, 2008

Sol Food

I read some fascinating homoerotic superhero fantasy fiction last week: 'The New Supermen', by Absman420. Until now I've avoided it because of the title. Superman slash fiction is about as retread as it gets, and isn't it taboo for someone of German descent to dream about being a Superman? Despite my misgivings it was a great imagining of what it might be like to be a gay solar-powered super hero - as well as letting me get in touch with my inner Nietzsche.

The plot revolves around Superman deciding to leave earth for a while, "seeking answers to questions", so he creates a formula that turns ordinary Terrans into solar Supermen by sending them into his Super Tanning Bed! It's hilarious and wise all at the same time and it's one of the things I love about Absman's stories.

Secret Synch Confession: I jerked off once in a tanning bed.

One of the things Absman examines is the concept that Superman is "good" simply because he is Superman, and how that goodness manifests in the Terrans. The reason Superman is good is that he gets his solar energy directly from the source, no middleman. Everyone is technically solar powered, except the solar energy is sent first through plants and animals and then to our bodies via food. Which opens us up to corruption from all sides because we all have to eat, and the builders of civilization figured out a long time ago that he who controls the grain controls the nation. Anarchy 101.

Farming was the germ of civilization, and remember that Cain was a farmer. As was Pharaoh, and Monsanto, and Prince Charles. All in the family?

I imagine who might be put out of "work" if suddenly we all got our food direct from the Sun/Son...

Revision 12/16: I changed the title from Superfood to Sol Food.


Devin said...

Michael, this was an interesting view-the way that food is produced now really makes you wonder-I swear if you get produce from a regular grocery chain-a lot of it has no taste-or a very 'off' taste.In the last 50 years and accelerating into the extreme I have noticed that everything is becoming commodified-your final question really makes you think as agribusiness, like everything else is so much a machine-just to make bucks. Sometimes I wonder if the next step is to commodify the human soul? Peace and blessings to you and yours-hugs too!

Michael said...

According to Matthew Delooze, the commodification of human worship energy for sale "overseas" (the trans-dimensional market) is the oldest business on earth. Modern food has no taste and no nutrition, leading to all kinds of disease. Trying to eat healthily these days is a MAJOR struggle and expense, which leads me to solar collector Superman fantasies.

It's interesting how on the one hand we see this amazing surge in solar symbolism (from Obama on down) well documented at The Secret Sun, and on the other hand we have a concerted effort to create fear of being in actual sunlight. The conversion of reality into a symbol?

Cheers, Michael

Newspaceman said...

I grow my own Michael, but see where you are coming from.


Devin said...

Thanks so much for commenting back Michael-I think I have seen his site-the last time I was there it dealt with erg transfers by architecture and also had some info on ferris wheels doing much the same thing-I will have to go back to his place. My body is telling me to rest and take it easy but my mind never listens-but I am definitely going to try to keep my OCD symptoms at bay! Best as always to you and yours, hugs too!

Esperanto Grrl said...

Hey Mike, why don't you give some of my muscle growth fiction a read? (Apologies in advance for the shameless plug, but I am curious what you'd think.)

I post at under "Esperanto Lives." I have a pretty good sense of humor, you might get a kick out of it, especially "Big Dragon," and you might like the mystical/weird elements of my historical "Arms of Steel: the Lost Crusade." (That one was undeservedly unpopular, but I think you might find it intriguing for its weirdness).

Esperanto Grrl said...

A good friend was kind enough to host my stuff.

Michael said...

Hi EG, thanks for the note. I'll check them out, thanks.

aferrismoon said...

What dya want for Dinner, Clark?

Soup or man!

Devin said...

Michael-I was trying to add a blog and deleted one from my list-I accidentally deleted the whole damn list-it will not let me add your blog-I do now know why. I hope you and yours are doing great!-hugs!it keeps on saying illegal url or some crap? i will try later

Jake Kotze said...

New Rob Zombie film for your consideration...


Thuth said...

Soup or man. That is funny stuff. Good connect with the sun/energy/food thing.

Sun is big right now. With the recent crack in the ozone (or whatever) letting the sun in.

Check out my latest two features on Conspiracy Grimoire. Especially the one about Paw Paw and the heart. This is a big Sun ritual. Maybe you're picking up on that. For real, check this one out. I'm pimping it in comments because the story is so weird.

Also, I'm german as well, but am continually trying to get OUT of touch with my inner nietzsche.



Michael said...

Mr. Moon - "To Serve Man" is an alien recipe. Reminds me of Superman playing the Atlas archetype, who is "holding up" the world.

Jake - thanks for the H2 synch. Oh!

Hi Thuth, will read ASAP. I think am a little more than picking up on it. Crazy week.

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