Dec 23, 2008

Savior of the Nation

Solar rays: check. Humble servant: check. Worshipful hands: check. GIANT CROSS THAT COULD ALMOST BE A COFFIN: CHECK! My anxiety about this business continues to ratchet up. I mean Jeezus, Michelle dressed like a black WIDOW spider at his acceptance speech!

Then one of them, named Caiaphas, who was high priest that year, spoke up, "You know nothing at all! You do not realize that it is better for you that one man die for the people than that the whole nation perish." --John 11:49-50


Devin said...

Michael-i cant thank you enough for talking about this-short and sweet (although I dont like some things too short-wink) For months now I have had the feeling/misgivings that something-I have no idea what is going to happen to derail Obama-either in office-and thinking on Blago-who knows maybe before-thats all the US needs now is a constitutional crisis if there is some scandal out there that means he cant be prez-and as if things werent nerve racking enough-there is all of the background geopolitics between Russia and the US heating up-and if Zbig has any say in an Obama admin or any other -things could get real itchy-scratchy as Zbig is a huge Russophobe-to the Russkies he would be kind of like our former-o whats his face so many of them-Jerry Falwell-best as always to you and yours-hugs too!

Michael said...

Hi Dev, I dunno, I just had this feeling a long time ago that Obama is being set up as some kind of Messiah figure, and we all know where that goes. It just turns my stomach, because I know my gay bros love him and hate to see anything happen considering the razor's edge the country is on.

Anadæ said...

Warm, balmy, ever summery, bright Yuletide blessings, Michael, to thee & thine, from high atop the (currently) cold, windy, wintry, gray moorings of Apple Mountain. Forget not to observe that the banner of the anarchists is black & red. Too, that in color psychology, when pairing those two colours as ones personal faves, the individual is prognosticated as having a morbid personality. What I immediately thought when I saw Mrs Obama in raiments of those colours was, "WTF? Who is her personal wardrobe technician?" Check, check, and check. See Mikhail Bakunin & Emma Goldman, the veritable Lord & Lady of anarchism. Take it from there, my friends, take it from there ( :-)}

Christopher Knowles said...

Holy smokes- where did you see that?
The Obamemes get creepier with each passing day.

Michael said...

Hiya Anadae, thanks for winging by. Wintry here too, we've been snowed in for almost a week - hence the many blog posts. However today it's warming and we should have slushy mess on our hands by Christmas.

Anyway, the right wing calls Obama an anarchist (which I would actually be thrilled by that, I mean, REAL anarchism, not the bomb throwing Bolshevik kind...) and they think anarchy means chaos in the streets, and that would be the result if Obama was shot, I think. So I'm fairly concerned about all this creepy solar sacrificial symbolism.

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