Jan 14, 2016

The Immovable Race

Now I have come to teach you what is and what was and what will come to pass, that you may know the things which are not revealed and those which are revealed, and to teach you concerning the unwavering race of the perfect Man. Now, therefore, lift up your face, that you may receive the things that I shall teach you today, and may tell them to your fellow spirits who are from the unwavering race of the perfect Man." 
"And behold, now I shall go up to the perfect aeon. I have completed everything for you in your hearing. And I have said everything to you that you might write them down and give them secretly to your fellow spirits, for this is the mystery of the immovable race."
The Apocryphon of John 
Homosexuality therefore undoes in the state every merit, every basis for merit, and destroys the state in its foundations. That is not all: the homosexual is a thoroughly mentally-ill man. He is soft, he is in every crucial regard a coward. I believe that he can be brave here or there in war; in the field of civil courage however they are the most cowardly men that there are. 
The homosexual is of course the most appropriate object for every kind of extortion, firstly because he is himself liable to arrest, but secondly also because he is a soft fellow and thirdly because he lacks will and nerve.
Heinrich Himmler

2015 was the year of the race card. From the Ferguson riots to the Charleston shooting, from illegal aliens in the USA to the refugee invasion of Europe, from the rise of Donald Trump to the Oregon Standoff. Race, race race.

So it was a curious sync to find this speech transcript by Reichsf├╝hrer-SS Heinrich Himmler (Mr. Racial Purity himself) and this wild ecstatic religious text called the Apocryphon of John, or the secret gospel of John, which mentions “race” seven times, both on the same day.

Heinrich may have been the archetypal “Bad Nazi”, but he wasn’t stupid. He caught on that Christianity was some kind of secret homo sex cult long before the revelations of the past few decades. We can blame Constantine for turning a cult that was never meant for mass consumption into the official state religion, perhaps the biggest “oops” of the last 2000 years.

The Germans were obsessed with survival of their race, and Heinrich considered both Christianity and homosexuality direct threats to his beloved gene pool. Meanwhile, early Gnostic revelations talk about the “immovable race”, which is… drum roll please… homosexuals!!

I mean, which “race” is always present, in every race? Which race has been demonized, scandalized, euthanized and genocided, and STILL keeps coming back to life? Homosexuals are the zombies of the genetic pool, you can’t kill us. We are “immovable”, despite lacking both will and nerve.

Why this is so is a question probably best answered by communing with mushrooms, and I’m not saying it was aliens, but…

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