Jun 26, 2011

An Empire State of Mind

Pride 2011 was the 42nd Gay Pride Day, the 42nd year since gay consciousness was birthed via the Stonewall Riots in Greenwich Village, NYC. Since the number 42 is associated with rainbows, it seems like a double rainbow kind of day.

A few days ago the Empire State went officially for gay marriage by a 33-29 vote, and I’m not really sure how I feel about gay marriage becoming legal in the death star, since well, aren’t we supposed to destroy the Empire? Maybe we destroy it from within, or maybe it can never really be destroyed, and even Eros, like every other archetype, is just joining his place in the collective consciousness, now subject to taxes, child support and bankruptcy lawsuits like all the rest. An outlaw no more.

Back in the 70’s, Harry Hay and the radical faeries dreamt that homos could be a source or catalyst of spiritual change and they had real issues with integration into the straight or even lesbian/feminist political spectrum. He saw it as capitulation and an eventual road to ruin, and of course he was right. Most gay men are not really interested in overthrowing the empire, we just want to get along. I mean, if I can get married according to Empire laws with all the benefits therein, and if corporations like Starbucks, Macy’s and Absolut Vodka officially march in our parades and sponsor us, well... that can only be a good thing, am I right?

Harry Hay would shake his head like Yoda and say “Little one, do you not see the snares that are laid all about you? You were born with one hand free of the Emperor’s shackles, do not be so quick to give it back.”

While I find the 42 year old history of modern gay consciousness to be personally fascinating, I don’t think homos are special, or Jews, Christians, whites, blacks, reds, blues or anyone. Or more accurately, I think we’re all pretty damn special, and we're all playing a role in this saga of humanity - the story of us re-membering who we really are.

In Class of the Titans, it took 7 teens and 7 gods/archetypes (7+7=14) to finally defeat Chronus, AKA Saturn, Time, Death. The seventh teen was Neil, AKA Narcissus. Neil is of course, gay, self-absorbed and annoying as hell, but he has the gift of luck, so he’s good to have around.

So here we are. At the end of time, finally re-assembled. All fourteen parts, gathered together by Isis. The butterfly trembles...

UPDATE: I guess I wasn't the only one in Seattle with doubts about integration into the empire.

'Anarchists' create overnight havoc on Capitol Hill

Jun 24, 2011

Float Like a Butterfly

Var had another MIB (Men in Black) incident last week. He was walking through the Crossroads Mall parking lot and a woman pulls up in her car, rolls down the window and asks to talk to him, and he realizes she’s the same exact woman who approached him in Trader Joe’s three years ago! The strange black eye makeup gave her away. (See The Fruits and Nuts Section)
“The MIB, is a top-secret agency that polices, monitors and directs alien activity on Earth, has established the Earth as an apolitical "neutral zone" for alien refugees.”
Their main function is to keep humans in the dark and in denial about this alien presence, and will even erase our memories in case we have an inexplicable close encounter.

I’ve been "going to school" by watching the Class of the Titans on Youtube and episode 29, “Star Quality” featured Orion, the hunter, but this episode reminded me of the MIB and their memory erasing skills. There was a reporter - Cassie (Cassius or Longinus, a name in Christian tradition for the Roman soldier who pierced the side of Jesus Christ on the cross) doing a story about Neil (Narcissus) and she eventually caught wind of all the weird goings on at Olympus High. The “story” she uncovered was that ancient gods were alive and secretly living on planet earth, and she exclaims: “if the world is really turning into a comic book, the people have a right to know!”

The teens aren’t very happy about this news reporter sniffing around, Jason says: “Do you know what happens if the world finds out that Greek gods and monsters have come to life!?” Fortunately, she was stopped and both her video camera and her memory were erased of any weirdness she had witnessed.

It’s easy to place the MIB aliens along side or even homogenous with the ancient gods, and also with fairy folk, goblins, elves, nymphs, leprechauns, mothmen, or any number of characters who appear to operate in spaces beyond normal human consciousness. We note that all of these creatures shun humanity for the most part, and even appear to have strict rules about “non-engagement”. It is the rare mortal who happens to catch some fairies dancing in a grove by the light of the full moon, or who witness a UFO. Most that do are smoking something.

The thing is, if you have a MIB encounter, you’re not going to remember it. That’s the whole point of the MIB, to be the “gatekeepers” of this unseen realm, and make sure that if and when you do break through, your reasonable mind chooses to discount or forget it... “it was all just a dream”. In fact, the true MIB might just be our analytic, egoic minds that can’t understand anomalous events, visions or experiences, and is only too happy to have the experience “erased” from its memory, and if it can’t be erased, then the experience is “interpreted” as a silly dream, crazy nightmare or a weather balloon.

However, Var DID remember the MIB, and people ARE seeing UFOs now, all the time. This “unseen” realm is practically dropping the curtain right in front of our very eyes.

In MIB 1, Agent J is given a gun and told to shoot all the threats. He’s shown a scene that is basically a diorama of the subconscious - threatening monsters, fangs, claws, etc. But it was the little girl who was the real threat. The little, book carrying, school girl. In other words, the real threat to this unseen realm, to this “secret agency”, is a studious child.

Perhaps we are that “studious child”, and what we study is synchronicity. Synchronicity are the tracks left by the aliens - the gods and the monsters. The syncs are our clues that something under the surface is going on, something that really cannot be explained by science or the rational mind, indeed, science would say it doesn’t exist. Somewhat like Orion, we are hunters, who are stalking an invisible prey.
“An agent named Ecks (Agent X) went rogue after learning the truth behind the MIB: they seek to manipulate and reshape the world in their own image by keeping the supernatural hidden.”
Mulder and Scully were on the right track, but maybe they never really got it. The truth isn’t "out there", the truth is "in here". Maybe the truth is coming out... like it or not.
What the caterpillar calls the end of the world, the Master calls a butterfly -Richard Bach

"Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee" -- Cassius Clay

"Like a butterfly, a wild butterfly... "

Jun 19, 2011

The True Name of Gawd

You know what drives me crazy is the idea that G*D has a true name. And if you know it, you can then summon the supreme force of the universe and he’ll do your egoic bidding like a happy puppet. I don’t know where this idea that uttering the awesome NAME has awesome power but AFAIK it was the Jews who popularized it, by forbidding its utterance.

Modern voodoo Christians have picked up on this and have conniption fits about the true name of Jesus, which is actually YESHUAH? Apparently the letter “J” is a modern invention and the ending of the word reflects the pagan infiltration of the church to make the true Son into the son of Zeus, who is really Satan, or something...

Of course, even armed as they are with the True Name, we don’t see mountains moving at their command, cool as that would be.

Back in the day, my own ego-death experience included the uttering of the NAME, and lo, it was powerful. Never mind I could have chosen “doorknob” as the NAME and it would have been equally powerful in my altered state of consciousness but for me, the name of Gawd was F-U-C-K. “Holy fuck!” “Fuck me!” Oh God... Fuuuuck!” Mountains (and planets) did indeed move.

So, you know, try not to say the Name in vain and have a little respect. It’s pretty f*cking powerful.

Jun 16, 2011

The Enemy Within

Did you see the lunar eclipse last night? I did, in a dream. That bloodshot eye.

This afternoon I was working in the office and there were these choppers buzzing in the background for at least an hour and finally went out to see what they were on about, and saw them hovering around a dark “pillar of smoke” about a mile away. Apparently an electrical substation blew up in REDmond, and for some reason it reminded me of the dramatic appearance of the Wicked Witch of the West in Munchkin Land - all billowy fire and smoke!

Readers will recall my syncing the “death” of Osama bin Laden with the death of the Wicked Witch of the East (Ding Dong the Witch is Dead), and how I'm sort of expecting her to “transform” from “Miss Gulch” into the Wicked Witch of the West any time now. And then I saw this pic of the cops surrounding Grandma's (or perhaps Dorothy's) house:

Massive manhunt in Montana for militia head David Burgert; radical is armed, ‘extremely dangerous’
“Montana authorities are on a manhunt for an ‘extremely dangerous’ former militia leader who triggered a shootout with cops and fled into the wilderness with a cache of weapons,” reports the NY Daily News. David Burgert, 47, a former head of a violent anti-government militia group, traded gunfire with Missoula County deputies along a logging trail after a slow speed car chase near Lolo, Mont., on Sunday, cops said. According to the FBI, the former Marine and Project 7, a Montana militia, plotted to assassinate local officials, kill cops and ultimately topple the government. Feds labeled the crew a domestic terrorist group."
The non-reflective ego, once it has destroyed all exterior threats, in the end, eventually turns on itself. Osama ben David, like David Koresh, plays the “Last American”.


Operation Endgame is a 2003-2012 plan under implementation by the Office of Detention and Removal Operations of the U.S. Department of Homeland Security Bureau of Immigration and Customs Enforcement to detain and deport all removable aliens and “suspected terrorists” currently living in the United States by 2012.

How bin Laden emailed without being detected by U.S.
Bin Laden's system... LEFT BEHIND an extensive archive of email exchanges for the U.S. to scour. The trove of electronic records pulled out of his compound after he was killed last week is revealing thousands of messages and potentially hundreds of email addresses, the AP has learned. It was a slow, toilsome process. And it was so meticulous that even veteran intelligence officials have marveled at bin Laden's ability to maintain it for so long. The U.S. always suspected bin Laden was communicating through couriers but did not anticipate the breadth of his communications as revealed by the materials he left behind. Navy SEALs hauled away roughly 100 FLASH memory drives after they killed bin Laden, and officials said they appear to archive the back-and-forth communication between bin Laden and his associates around the world. Al-Qaida operatives are known to change email addresses, so it's unclear how many are still active since bin Laden's death. But the long list of electronic addresses and phone numbers in the emails is expected to touch off a flurry of national security letters and subpoenas to Internet service providers. The Justice Department is already coming off a year in which it significantly increased the number of national security letters, which allow the FBI to quickly demand information from companies and others without asking a judge to formally issue a subpoena.
That is crazy. The fantasy bin Laden who was ritually "killed" on Beltane is still talking from the grave, the puppet pointing his finger at whoever the ego state wants to finger. Has the United States government become the collective expression of the Omnidroid 9000?

The Omnidroid is a series of intelligent and destructive robots developed by Syndrome to fight and kill Supers. Syndrome made many different versions of this battle robot. Each were designed to fight and kill Supers, and each subsequent model improved upon the previous one by correcting flaws found during fights. The Omnidroid's only weakness is ITSELF.

Jun 12, 2011

A Footman's Holiday

I just told my sis to go f*ck off, in so many words. So this is one of those personal posts.

I had a weird dream last winter about a tsunami that struck Seattle and left it in ruins, and my family hardly noticed because they were so focused on getting my sister all prettied up to go the royal ball, and for some reason it was up to me to get her there, because I was the only one with working transportation (a cool little motorcycle). So off we went into the devastation, me in my goggles and she in her ball gown and glass slippers, and then I woke up.

Since then, sis has broken her hip, and she needs frequent trips in to see the doctor, and I’ve become her designated driver when her boyfriend isn’t available (during the day). So I’ve been doing this four hour taxi service for months, and when I pick her up she needs her shoes put on because she can’t bend over to do that, and so I’m kneeling in front of her, putting on her “slippers”...

Sis has an old Cannondale mountain bike she inherited from our brother, which she was storing at my house, and I’d sort of gotten to coveting the sleek aluminium frame and knobby tires, and asked her if I could have it, and she would “yes” or “maybe” depending on her mood, but last week she called to tell me that she was sending over her current boyfriend to pick it up because she’d given it to him, and I admit to not reacting very well.

I told her she could find her own damn pumpkin to the doctor from now on.

I think I have Cinderella issues. And I pity the fools who are associated with synchromystics, because you never know what role you’re about to play.

Concerning the above image, that's what you get when you google Disney + footman, I have no idea why he's a frog.

Jun 8, 2011

Listen Up

Of all the characters currently acting out on the global stage, my personal favorite is Steve Jobs. From his priestly black mock-turtleneck and 501 jeans to his adoption of the Fruit of Knowledge as a corporate symbol, to the fact that Var actually got a personal phone call from him way back in 1999 - because back then Steve/Hermes still answered emails with personal calls when so moved.

Steve is looking a might specterish these days, and for me he’s beginning to resemble S. R. Hadden, the “eccentric and reclusive billionaire industrialist who is fundamental in deciphering the alien's message” from the movie ‘Contact’. The alien “message” comes via the 'Very Large Array' in New Mexico, so of course Var is visiting there this summer, around July 4...

The VLA are really Very Large Ears. Let's eavesdrop...

Steve, or Prometheus, who is more or less responsible for giving us the “forbidden fruit” or “stolen fire” of machine intelligence (VALIS) by creating an interface that even apes can understand (and was struck in the liver for his gift) is now presenting his vision for the next Apple HQ, which is either a spaceship, the Ring, Atlantis, or one element of Ellie Arroway’s stargate... you decide.

The Pentagon is a 5 pointed star, which is the the number of Venus, Isis, or Mary, the divine feminine. The “soldiers of Venus”, AKA the “Marines” would live in a 5 pointed star, except that “death star” was “destroyed” during the 911 terrorist attack. Almost like the first Contact Device was destroyed in a terrorist attack in ‘Contact’. The apple is associated with Venus because when sliced in twain, the pattern of the seeds creates a pentagram. So really, a ring named Apple = Pentagram.

Of course, Israel also has a certain recognizable shape:

In ‘Contact’, the first stargate was destroyed by fundamentalists (who see only the material or 'fundament'), but a second was created. Hmmm. New Jerusalem? Dare I take a bite of new stargate pizza? Hell, I already have. Tasty!
So it is written: “The first man Adam became a living being” ; the last Adam, a life-giving spirit.” --1 Corinthians 15:45

Jun 2, 2011

Fly Like an Eagle

Have you tried to fly lately? Buying a ticket from Expedia is insane...

When you click “Buy Now” you get “We’re sorry, but that ticket is no longer available at this price, the fare has increased by $100. However, if you opt for our credit card, you are instantly eligible for a $100 bonus.” Expedia tell you “only 3 tickets left at this price”, and if you go back the next day, the price goes up and “only 1 ticket left at this price”, but if you delete the cookies in your browser, the price goes back down to what it was and still “only 3 tickets left at this price”.

It’s remarkable to me how, these days, big-time corporations act with all the finesse of small-time hoodlums. I mean, I know that capitalism is all about profit, but back in the day a company had to at least PRETEND it was interested in your well being to get your dollar. These days, the pretending is only in the advertising, and if you spend even one minute trying to actually use the product you quickly get the real picture.

It sort of reminds me of the Bush administration when they figured that the war for the “hearts and minds” of the Iraqi people was really a public relations failure, because they just hadn’t figured out the right advertising message, never considering that the depleted uranium shells and cruise missiles landing on weddings might be sending a pretty clear signal. Obama is much the same, though cleverer.

Today I saw an eagle fly directly overhead with a crow clutched in its talons, and a pack of crows in hot and noisy pursuit! In these parts, eagles are pretty cool. They catch their own fish and they don’t steal from other birds. On the other hand, crows are bullies and thieves, and flocks will often be seen tormenting an eagle in the sky. I always wondered why eagles never seemed to give payback, but apparently even eagles have their limits.

It’s funny because even though the US uses an eagle as the national symbol, I have no doubt he’s just a black bird in disguise. That raven, he’s a trickster.
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