Jun 12, 2011

A Footman's Holiday

I just told my sis to go f*ck off, in so many words. So this is one of those personal posts.

I had a weird dream last winter about a tsunami that struck Seattle and left it in ruins, and my family hardly noticed because they were so focused on getting my sister all prettied up to go the royal ball, and for some reason it was up to me to get her there, because I was the only one with working transportation (a cool little motorcycle). So off we went into the devastation, me in my goggles and she in her ball gown and glass slippers, and then I woke up.

Since then, sis has broken her hip, and she needs frequent trips in to see the doctor, and I’ve become her designated driver when her boyfriend isn’t available (during the day). So I’ve been doing this four hour taxi service for months, and when I pick her up she needs her shoes put on because she can’t bend over to do that, and so I’m kneeling in front of her, putting on her “slippers”...

Sis has an old Cannondale mountain bike she inherited from our brother, which she was storing at my house, and I’d sort of gotten to coveting the sleek aluminium frame and knobby tires, and asked her if I could have it, and she would “yes” or “maybe” depending on her mood, but last week she called to tell me that she was sending over her current boyfriend to pick it up because she’d given it to him, and I admit to not reacting very well.

I told her she could find her own damn pumpkin to the doctor from now on.

I think I have Cinderella issues. And I pity the fools who are associated with synchromystics, because you never know what role you’re about to play.

Concerning the above image, that's what you get when you google Disney + footman, I have no idea why he's a frog.


JB said...

And here I was about to ask you how to get a girl to like me. ;)

But seriously, my Little Miss Scarlet came back to town a few days ago, and as soon as I tried to talk to her she called me a freak and told me to f**k off, several times. I really don't understand women.

Alan Abbadessa-Green said...


Michael said...

JB - as far as I can tell, pretend you're gay. The girls seem to like that. Sorry to hear about your Scarlet Lady blues.

Alan - OK. So the invitation through the looking glass or into the subconscious comes via a dagon and a magical toad? AKA entheogen. That big invitation reminds me of the many letters that Harry Potter got when he was invited to attend HogWARTS.

Alan Abbadessa-Green said...

See also "Livery" as another word for "Taxi Driver" (Jodie Foster again).
The driver of the stargate (Foster or Tori [Torii] Spelling)

Note the fish in the underwater car: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gvarxGzIU3M
"Get out of my dreams, get into my car. Get out of my mind, get into my life"

A lot of your syncs lately are referring back to driving a car (or chariot etc). It seems like you are taking over the reigns....You've got an open road ahead of you. Where are you going? That's up to you.

Michael said...

Alan, you are way too young to be syncing 80's dance videos? This one is from the '88 album "Tear Down These Walls", an obvious Reagan reference (and through the magic of synchronicity, a reference to Jodie Foster, since Reagan's assassin was infatuated with her via the film Taxi Driver). Video runtime? 4:41, of course.

I know Eleleth has a rather negative opinion of the charioteer card but I agree with you, I think it's one I need to be playing right now.

Anonymous said...

The footman is a character in one of Lewis Carroll's "Alice" stories. Either "in Wonderland" or "Through the Looking Glass". Can't remember which. He is collectable.

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