Jun 24, 2011

Float Like a Butterfly

Var had another MIB (Men in Black) incident last week. He was walking through the Crossroads Mall parking lot and a woman pulls up in her car, rolls down the window and asks to talk to him, and he realizes she’s the same exact woman who approached him in Trader Joe’s three years ago! The strange black eye makeup gave her away. (See The Fruits and Nuts Section)
“The MIB, is a top-secret agency that polices, monitors and directs alien activity on Earth, has established the Earth as an apolitical "neutral zone" for alien refugees.”
Their main function is to keep humans in the dark and in denial about this alien presence, and will even erase our memories in case we have an inexplicable close encounter.

I’ve been "going to school" by watching the Class of the Titans on Youtube and episode 29, “Star Quality” featured Orion, the hunter, but this episode reminded me of the MIB and their memory erasing skills. There was a reporter - Cassie (Cassius or Longinus, a name in Christian tradition for the Roman soldier who pierced the side of Jesus Christ on the cross) doing a story about Neil (Narcissus) and she eventually caught wind of all the weird goings on at Olympus High. The “story” she uncovered was that ancient gods were alive and secretly living on planet earth, and she exclaims: “if the world is really turning into a comic book, the people have a right to know!”

The teens aren’t very happy about this news reporter sniffing around, Jason says: “Do you know what happens if the world finds out that Greek gods and monsters have come to life!?” Fortunately, she was stopped and both her video camera and her memory were erased of any weirdness she had witnessed.

It’s easy to place the MIB aliens along side or even homogenous with the ancient gods, and also with fairy folk, goblins, elves, nymphs, leprechauns, mothmen, or any number of characters who appear to operate in spaces beyond normal human consciousness. We note that all of these creatures shun humanity for the most part, and even appear to have strict rules about “non-engagement”. It is the rare mortal who happens to catch some fairies dancing in a grove by the light of the full moon, or who witness a UFO. Most that do are smoking something.

The thing is, if you have a MIB encounter, you’re not going to remember it. That’s the whole point of the MIB, to be the “gatekeepers” of this unseen realm, and make sure that if and when you do break through, your reasonable mind chooses to discount or forget it... “it was all just a dream”. In fact, the true MIB might just be our analytic, egoic minds that can’t understand anomalous events, visions or experiences, and is only too happy to have the experience “erased” from its memory, and if it can’t be erased, then the experience is “interpreted” as a silly dream, crazy nightmare or a weather balloon.

However, Var DID remember the MIB, and people ARE seeing UFOs now, all the time. This “unseen” realm is practically dropping the curtain right in front of our very eyes.

In MIB 1, Agent J is given a gun and told to shoot all the threats. He’s shown a scene that is basically a diorama of the subconscious - threatening monsters, fangs, claws, etc. But it was the little girl who was the real threat. The little, book carrying, school girl. In other words, the real threat to this unseen realm, to this “secret agency”, is a studious child.

Perhaps we are that “studious child”, and what we study is synchronicity. Synchronicity are the tracks left by the aliens - the gods and the monsters. The syncs are our clues that something under the surface is going on, something that really cannot be explained by science or the rational mind, indeed, science would say it doesn’t exist. Somewhat like Orion, we are hunters, who are stalking an invisible prey.
“An agent named Ecks (Agent X) went rogue after learning the truth behind the MIB: they seek to manipulate and reshape the world in their own image by keeping the supernatural hidden.”
Mulder and Scully were on the right track, but maybe they never really got it. The truth isn’t "out there", the truth is "in here". Maybe the truth is coming out... like it or not.
What the caterpillar calls the end of the world, the Master calls a butterfly -Richard Bach

"Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee" -- Cassius Clay

"Like a butterfly, a wild butterfly... "


Anadæ Quenyan Effro said...

Tedeb is the captcha … Hmmmmm … Beats me … But, hey, michael! If you've not yet heard of a certain slab of vinyl from, no way, already over 30 years ago, please do give a listen to The Stanglers' Waiting for the Meninblack track from their The Gospel according to the Meninblack. Music to control your thoughts by. Have fun & safe journeys to all this Independence Day weekend ~ (•8-D

Michael said...

HD, thanks for the end of the world syncs. May your 4th be enlightening, but not cost any digits.

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