Jun 11, 2008

The Fruits and Nuts Section

My partner came home from shopping at Trader Joe’s this evening with an interesting story. He’d been perusing the cheap wine when a stranger approached him and asked “Have you been following what’s going on?” And without further ado, launched into conversation about the global elite, NWO, alien technology, current events, secret bases and detention centers, etc. He said “I feel like I’m talking to my partner!” I still don’t know how I feel about that. ;-)

She was middle aged, dressed well (in black), and appeared fairly “normal” except for the subject of the conversation and her eye makeup: a heavy horizontal black line, above and below each eye. He said they talked for about 20 minutes in the middle of this very busy market, and he asked her, “why me?” She didn’t know, she just felt compelled to go talk to him.

He ran into her again at the checkout line - she was pushing an empty cart. She said she had decided not to get anything after all, and left.



aferrismoon said...

Maybe it was Britney in disguise

Great story. Did your partner manage to buy anything after all , or come home with a bunch of stuff he didn't need.


JB said...

I've had encounters with Men In Black before.

Once, they followed me around, passed in front of me to open the doors for me, waited near the doors looking straight at me until I had finished my shopping, reopened the doors for me as I left, and then simply watched me walk away.

They also seemed "normal", except that they were wearing black, had very pale skin, and their eyes were red, like a rabbit's eyes, but I only realized how strange this was minutes later.

This is quite frequent with the Men In Black (whom I suspect to be interdimensional agents like the Mothmen), there is always something very strange and inhuman about them, but people only notice it once they're gone, as if they're able to "suspend disbelief" or something.

Christopher Loring Knowles said...

Holy smokes! A woman in black bursts forth from your Anima and accosts your boyfriend in the wine section, of all places? That was absolutely, 100% for your benefit, Michael. As the line goes- "you noticed them and they noticed you noticing them."

And for mine- I just heard about the wine section at Trader Joes (and Trader Joes, for that matter) this past week.

kean said...

thats quite strange, and fun, and interesting

Michael said...

The MIB interpretation is great JB! I'll go with it.

Lots of strange rabbit syncs this week, I say as I'm munching down a bowl of Annie's Mac and Cheese for lunch. I'm looking up wascally wabbits in myth and legend, the trickster.

It also happened on 611, which is a bit too close to 911 for comfort.

Trader Joes - beware the two buck Chuck, you'll be tempted to drink yourself into a profit.

The Sister's Son said...


as far as looking up Rabbits goes, you should check out the short film "Rabbits" by David Lynch. I link to it on my first post. Very interesting and bizarre.

Great story by the way.

Anonymous said...

I can dig the "Fruits and Nuts"...I was in the Big "K"-Mart on 6/11 and a way too friendly guy in line behind me at the checkout, out of the blue, commented on my only purchase...two bags of fresh kale. It was very uncomfortable and more unusual because I'm usually the talkative one in lines. The guy creeped me out and I couldn't see him anywhere in the parking lot after we left the store. He commented that "that kale is really good stuff, I love it" It's weird even just thinking about it.

Oh and the kale was for our pet rabbit!

As for Men In Black and Helicopters! A huge military chopper flew over us today...but then Fort Brag is having their "Games" called "Robin Sage"? as a graduation exercise for Green Berets.

The odd thing local news reports noted the games today on the news and that they would begin Friday 6/13. Nothing too unusual? Except that Fort Brag is in eastern North Carolina and news reports showed a map outlining my county and a few surrounding counties as the games location...we're way away from Fort Brag in Northwestern central North Carolina. We've never heard of games here in our heavily civilian populated counties and so far from Fort Brag.

The President did make a quickie visit to Fort Brag about two weeks ago and there was very little about it on the local news and none on national scene. Whew! Odd indeed!

Keep up the good work and I hope paranoia is not contagious in the blog-o-sphere.


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