Jun 23, 2008

Stop the Invasion

Kirkland is being invaded, and it's happening right under my nose - in plain sight! Star gates, grails, saucers and other consciousness raising devices are springing up like mushrooms - a bumper crop this year. Grail seeking is a bit like a mushrooming; you have to know what you’re looking for, do your research, and of course, be discriminating.

Starting in the beginning, this is our oldest building, called the Peter Kirk Building, after our founder. Kirk = church, and Peter is the rock upon which it was founded. The cupola over the entry is obviously a thinly disguised rocket ship/vehicle of ascension - a steampunk Tower of Babel. Directly across the side street of the PKB is the discrete doorway to the Kirkland Masonic Center.

A block from the Peter Kirk Building is Waverly Park, on the grounds of a former school. All that remains of the school is this impressive entry portal/gate, synching again with Peter, the gatekeeper. I can’t help but think of a certain Battlestar Galactica episode every time I walk through this gate, half expecting to walk into the school as it was 80 years ago. Instead, I walk onto a grass playing field hosting a serious game of Ultimate FRISBEE.

Halfway between Waverly Park and PKB is this monolithic “white house”. It was built in the 60’s, and is perhaps the purest modern structure in Kirkland (the land of the Craftsman mini-mansion). In plan it forms a perfect triangle, and sits on an odd triangular slice of land. It’s always been a private dwelling, and is always immaculately painted. The style of the grounds (a severe green lawn, not one flower) has never varied, and I don’t think I’ve ever seen a person come or go. My mysterious white monolithic slice of pi.

Down the hill from Waverly Park is the Kirkland waterfront and Marina Park. No messing around with names in Kirkland, Marina Park has a small public marina, and as luck has it, a ship of the Argosy line docks there.

Marina Park has two built structures; the octagonal toilets and the hexagonal gazebo, which happens to be built on a shallow rock. The gazebo is a common site for ceremonies and other energy creating/robbing rituals. To be double sure, we have an eight pointed star inside a six pointed one at the park’s entry, nicely crafted.

Marina Park also has a boat ramp, and this is where I first found out about the invasion: a poster alerting citizens to the alien zebra mussel threat! (See Z is for Zebra at The Blob). Maybe I should enlist in the Army Corps of Engineers to help. I fear it may already be too late.

A few months ago my partner brought home a new kitchen light from the Home Depot clearance aisle, and last week we finally found an electrician who works for bud to install it, along with five small recessed lights called “cans”. You’ll note the central light is shaped like the holy donut: a TORUS. The “cans” are brand name HALO, so we have five cups/angels circling the mother ship. The cans are incandescent, emitting a warm, sunlike yellow light, but the mother ship is fluorescent, glowing with a distinctive tint of GREEN.

Note: Ceiling awaits proper repair and painting.


dedroidify said...

I love it, I was thinking about doing a tour around the places I grew up in for a symbolist tour and see what may be lurking here.

Christopher Loring Knowles said...

Is this off of exit 18 or 17?

Just Me said...

Your "holy donut" lamp looks like a cervix to me.

anadae said...

Yikes, that was deep, Mike! Whoa. As you well "gno", many a significant sacred site, even modernday, encode certain pointers in their surrounding architecture. Please visit here:


About a little place in the Lower Hudson Valley with a notorious history all its own, Untermyer Park. Why, even "science fantasy" authoress, Elizabeth Hand, rendered it (albeit routinely mispelled throughout) as a place that had become a post-Apocalypse shanty town in her novel "Glimmering", well B4 she awoke a humongous vengeful goddess in her later "Waking the Moon".

Not only had the homicidal Son of Sam cult, so well documented by journalist Maury Terry in his "The Ultimate Evil", operated out of a long since discontinued pump house there dubbed "Satan's Cave", that controlled the sprawling Græco-Roman fountains in its walled Garden of Artemis (now sealed shut, thanks to the muscle provided by mechanical earth-moving vehicles, thus keeping the morbidly curious from harm's way) but there are remaining vestiges of many an architectural morsel retaining a cryptic message for all with keen eyes.

Take for e.g. the Eagle's Nest. It is a miniature columned temple with a cast iron open aired dome retaining a solar motif. It is perched high atop one of the most amazing technical feats of the Victorian era, many tonned rocks, piled high, formerly hosting running water falls and a reflecting pool. A line of standing stones disappears on its east property into the overgrowth.

BUT! Facing it directly across the Hudson River, in the very face of the ancient cliffs of the Palisades in New Jersey, one can detect a cyclopean door, which leads to ... where?

Curiouser & curiouser, Mike! I'm tellin' ya, man, it just keeps getting stranger the further in you go. Cheers back atcha ( :-)}~~~~~ Oh! And I like your having dropped the movie bill for the interplanetary insect invasion epic, "Starship Troopers", also a song, but in the singular, by the acid-head Prog rock band, Yes, from those psychedelic pseventies, long B4 the film's idea was ever, erm, hatched.

Oh yeah, BTW, today's the Nativity of John the Baptist. Check THAT out! Yoss!

Michael said...

Hi Anadae, I'm well aware of the mystical nature of the Hudson, and of course, my partner was born and raised in Alpine - directly above the Palisades.

See The Hudson River Virus.

The Hudson is to NYC as the Jordan was to Jerusalem. In other words, very fucking important!!!

Anonymous said...


I will write blog posts for bud!

You've inspired me once again, so I am going to do a tour of illuminati symbols from Traverse City, Michigan.
Oh, they're here.

I love the gate in the park. Perhaps someday you will walk through it and end up in a different world. Or perhaps you did, and you now live in a world where something minuscule, that you haven't yet noticed, is different.

aferrismoon said...

Maybe they're all moving under the influence of PK - Psycho Kinesis

The Sister's Son said...

So fascinating that the synching can be present in seemingly any environment. A note about the FRISBEE in Waverly. The God Vishnu is constantly depicted with a discus in his hand which is said to erase all of a man's karma. In connection with your Battlestar Galactica gateway, walking through the gate to see the ultimate frisbee team may in fact have been the rebirth cycle, or at least represented something similar to it. Your sins have been washed away.

Anonymous said...

YOUR sins are washed away my Sister's Son, my nephew. The synchs are everywhere because they are the patterns that underlie the universe, they are the spaces between the threads of the grand fabric.

Also, you bring the synchs with you. The observer is inseparable from the world. Our minds are opening to a Schrodinger inspired madness that many of us are turning onto like a good drug.

Party on, nephew, it only hurts a little, party on. . .


Michael said...

Thanks for the comments. It's interesting (and infinitely more powerful) to take these symbols home with you - they're not just for the movies, anymore...

Sister's Son - fascinating about the Vishnu disk - many thanks.

Thuth - Party on? I say let's get the party started!

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