Jun 1, 2008

Comrade X

An artist after my own heart... Comrade X. The ongoing renaissance of homoerotic religious art.

And with a big bang God created the universe...

Jesus he's hot!


kean said...

those are fantastic

anadae said...

Whoa ... yoss! A resurgence in homo-erotic Tantric (religious) art, whether Christian-themed or Neo-Pagan, does, indeed, appear to be au courant. Thanks for posting this, Mikey! Now? I have to answer my calling (cauling?) Might I remind you & all of our ilk of the one website whose, excuse the pun, cup runneth over with just eggs-sack-tickley such imagery? Its name is Pagan Men For Men, its addy here:


I reaffirmed, oh happy tale of modern androphiliac love, a connexion to my One True Chosen, initially "met" on the site for hot, horny, homo hippies, Gay Longhair. Aaand, despite my Episcopalian beginnings, my extensive Lamb of Revelation ink (that'd be the same seven-eyed, seven-horned guy made famous to all ye of little faith in the Ken Russell phantasmagoria, "Altered States", about an anthropologist, Dr Jessup, played by Wm Hurt, Blair Brown depicting his increasingly exasperated wife, whose jaunt into the Ayahuasca religion of the Amazon River basin truly has long-lasting transformative effects on him), my former fling w/ Eastern religion, and my presentday elfin/faery/UnderWorlder-identified praxis & outlook, my Lakota betrothed goes by the monnicker there of, get ready, Rhed666!

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