Jun 20, 2008

In Just Seven Days...

I can make you a man.

Tell us about it, Janet. Let's open the stargate... again.


What if star gate opening instructions were posted on the internet, for all to see. "It's just a jump to the left..."


aferrismoon said...

Happy Homunculus!
I imagine the skinny guy saying ' I'll get you guys, I'm gonna invent steroids!'

Anonymous said...

Dude, keep it on syncro mystic channel. Enough of you phantisies. Dennis from Oregon.

Michael said...

Mr. Moon: In my synchromysto universe, a horror movie with a created being is just another bible story. Homunculus = Adam, clay, red beans, etc.

Mr. Dionysus: This blog began by noticing syncs between gay sexual fantasies and biblical/cultural myths. It's not likely to stop any time soon.

aferrismoon said...

Certainly go for that. I had criss-crossings of Charles Atlas and Homunculus from Mad Max . The Homunculus gets sand in his face and embarks on suprcharged/apokobiblical wevenge


anadae said...

Hey Monsieur Gosporn, nice postingggggg. I my(s)elf was the gets-sand-kicked-in-his-face-by-musclebound-lugheads-on-the-beach (or, punches to the back in the junior high school gymn locker room, or piss rags in the face at my homeroom locker, for that matter) ...gasp!... and I never sought to become one of "them", always equating a high testosterone count with boorish, unintelligent, subpar behavior. Thank you.

But I'm certain, Mike, that whether "It's just a jump to the left!" or not (LOL!) there ARE steps already offered on the vast & sprawling intergalactic information superhomohighway on how to become ... erm, uh ... I meant, how to OPEN a stargate. Wm Henry, yes, named after the Revolutionary War era fort up in Lake George, NY, often entertains musings over stargates, bue apples, stairways to heaven, and the like.

Say, when're ya gonna make Michael "Taroscopes" Tsarion, the cantankerous Irishman whose writings emphasise a most magnificent past & glorious future, as one of your Prophets?

Michael said...

Yea, I always thought muscles were wasted on the well-built, sorta like youth is wasted on the young. Upstate NY - seems like all manner of interesting things go on there.

The prophets blogroll is more a list of friends and online acquaintances than a complete reference to the synchromisty mountains. The web is so wide, and I am so small...

Cheers, Michael

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