Jun 13, 2008

As It Was In the Days of Noah

As it was in the days of Noah, so it will be at the coming of the Son of Man. --Matthew 24:37

I rented 'Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow'... again. I’ve seen it four times. Something (everything) about this movie fascinates me: the 40’s film noir, the giant robots, Manhattan, Jude Law. Sky Captain takes place in an imaginary past/future, something close enough to the collective imaginary past to seem virtually historical, but with the gorgeous opening scene of the Hindenburg III docking to the mooring mast of the Empire State Building, it clearly, is not. For background on the Hindenburg, see The Hindenburg Star Gate Ritual.

The plot revolves around a mad scientist’s (Totenkopf) plans to build a giant spaceship, collect flora and fauna two by two, shoot them safely into space, and then destroy the earth below. Noah the Super Villain. As I watched, I had the feeling that this really WAS the story of Noah, or at least a version of it. This version has Manhattan playing corrupt Atlantis at the close of the Golden Age. Hmmm... the shoe does seem to fit.

In the first seven minutes we see the Hindenburg III (a stargate image evoking the three ages: Gods, Heroes and Man), the Brooklyn Bridge, the Masonic Temple of the Sun, a fly over of Hermes, Isaac Newton’s ‘Mathematical Principles of Modern Philosophy’, and a screening of The Wizard of Oz at Radio City Music Hall! It's a synchropalooza.

Noah as the genocidal egomaniac who destroys the earth is a considerable biblical revision, but one that Hollywood presents with regularity, as we will see in the next episode. I admit to a fascination with the subject. What really DID happen back then, in the time before history? I have a feeling we’re about to find out. The World of Tomorrow, same as it ever was.

The face of Noah/the Wizard/Lawrence Olivier.

The ark departs, storms a brewin'.

An angel of death carrying the Sword of Damocles rides the rocket.

Angelina plays "Frankie" Cook... an angel of rescue. The angels always speak with British public school accents.

What happened to the right eye, Frankie?


JB said...

Did you know that movie only cost about $19 million? The studio says more like $70 million, but that's typical studio bulls**t. A bunch of very dedicated people did this with their own computers at home.

aferrismoon said...

As a Boarding schooler [ the full 11 years , 7-18] and having a year at a State School I can tell the education system is vastly different.
The whole relationship with teachers plays out quite differently, as they are paid by the parents.
U get to go to school with a variety of foreign students and wierd British families.
One guy at our school has the name Howard Hughes [ u have to type in Howard Hughes , Murderer to find him on wiki] . He was 5' 9" at age 9.
Another boy was kidnapped by Maoist rebels in Columbia [ with his parents] but arrived back at school apparently none the worse 2 weeks after the beginning of term.
See various Old Boys popping up in the news now and then
The style and manner of speaking opens many doors and one doesn't need money, power and position. I get most of my English teaching jobs as I can speak like that. As I also lived on a council estate [ projects] I also learnt a variety of accents. Spent time in Nigeria and Jordan too which extends the 'speaking styles' . Amazing stuff - check out those old British movies [ Ealing Studios] , great reference material.
Learning Latin, Greek and French at age 7 adds certain 'talents'. I spent most of my time in classes rarely more than 15 people, often 6 - 8. We often had to take prospective parents round the school and had to chat with them at an 'adult' level.
" Will your son be coming to study here'
'Well once the kidnappers release him'
' Oh, he's kidnapped, by which particular organisation'
'Oh Peruvian Maoists, but I rang Guzman last week. He went to school with my wife's brother and will take the little one to Macchu Pichu to make up for the inconvenience of missing the 1st couple of weeks at school'

Cheers or perhaps Tally-Ho

Christopher Loring Knowles said...

Frankie's eye was put out in a dildo accident. Angelina Jolie's- and her brother's- bisexuality is often overlooked but its interesting to see it cited in this film. She's too bony these days to turn me on- my tastes run more to the Kim Kardashian "end" of the spectrum- but she has animal magnetism in spades.

The Sister's Son said...

Excellent synch-ing with Noah and a Star Gate ritual. In Turkey outside of Istanbul and in particular in the area Cappadocia there is a group of Janissaries who claim to be protecting the location of Noah's Ark from being found until the appropriate time. They translate the Bible literally when Jesus says that the End of the World will come "As It Was In The Days of Noah."

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