Oct 22, 2015

Pluto Rising with Marty McFly

According to the Back to the Future film trilogy and sync tarot, Marty McFly arrives in “the future” on October 21, 2015, or in other words, yesterday. It’s a date prophesied for 30 years and much looked forward to by synchromystics the world over, and so quite naturally it was also the date that sync hit the headlines, thanks to a wonderful sync video of Joe Alexander that links the plot of BTTF to 9/11.

I’ve long considered BTTF a sync gold mine, even before it was cool, with plenty of odd personal coincidences with the movies and the characters that I won’t bore you with now, except the most recent one, which was a road trip down to Phoenix, Arizona last week. Our route took us through Hood River, Oregon, the shadow of the Overlook Hotel brooding over us from atop Mt. Hood in the distance. We passed through Twin Falls, Idaho, and then on down to Zion National Park, the home of the Latter Day Saints. Our last day on the road found us driving through Flagstaff, Arizona, a node on the devil’s own Route 66.

We arrived on Saturday, Oct. 10, the day after the Northern Arizona University shooting. Traffic was nuts. Varen was looking up the Flagstaff wikipedia entry on his phone when we discovered that Flagstaff was built around the Lowell Observatory, which discovered the dwarf planet Pluto in 1919.

The curious BTTF sync is that Joe made a fantastic video outlining Marty representing the Greek God Pluto and this has really resonated for me. Pluto is Hades, the God of the underworld, and the dead. He is akin to Osiris, the God of the Dead in the Egyptian pantheon. Over time he became associated with the Christian devil, being the gatekeeper of Hell, or Sheol, the Jewish version of Hades.

The idea of casting Pluto as the hero of a time travel epic is suitably counter-intuitive to draw my interest. In the Greek myth, the brothers Zeus, Poseidon and Hades combine to defeat their father Cronus, or the God of Time. One way to “defeat” time is to know the future, or to prophecy. This is exactly what Joe sees in the BTTF trilogy, a prophecy of 9/11.

So anyway, we took the tour at the Lowell Observatory and heard all about the discovery of Pluto, and I began thinking that this was a symbol for the discovery of Plutonium, the magical ore of Pluto. The curious thing is that Pluto is also known as the “the wealthy one” and is the source of the word “plutocrat”. The discovery of the treasury of the dead. That’s heavy.

I wonder what the “treasury of the dead” might mean? Perhaps DNA encoding - a library of wealth. Doc Brown’s theft of Plutonium occurred on Oct. 11, which is also my birthday. Birth, death, theft - presents!

My souvenir was the black mug. It might represent the container of plutonium, or in a later version, Mr. Fusion. Or perhaps it is the Holy Grail.

Lift operator had a visible tat on his arm "SON OF..."

The other odd aspect to the trip was of course, the Phoenix resonator, the fabled bird that dies on a flaming pyre and is born again. Just before we left for Phoenix, the schooner Phoenix arrived and anchored offshore. While we were on the road to Phoenix, the schooner was caught in a sudden wind storm, dragged anchor and was sunk on the breakwater, holed by the rocks in its side. This past Sunday, the schooner was recovered and raised to solid ground by the Travel-Lift. Born again from the underworld or not, the timing of the local maritime drama was fascinating.

I think something is shifting, something big. Pluto is giving up his treasure, and the Phoenix is born anew. What better timing than October 21, 2015? The day that time stood still for synchronicity.

"It has to start somewhere. It has to start sometime. What better place than here? What better time than now?"
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